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I have been doing a bunch of thinking about what @Beloch Shrike 's post at "A Place for Games" forum:


I got a chance to really think again on the fediverse platforms out there.

I think I am really wondering about #plume or #zot (the big gun!) as a space needed.


It would need a good collective of people.

Also, I will say whatever software the forum is based on is kinda G+ ish.

#RPG #OSR #indiegames #dnd
Does AP is secure, spam resistant, nomadic and private? No. Hence the need to use #Zot
The way to fix #ActivityPub in #Zap is through usage (like you could say "limit your car speed in town"), but it won't prevent another software to use Activitypub its way with all flaws.
But with Zot6, all this concepts are inside the protocole.
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