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NASA Says Earth Is Greener Today Than 20 Years Ago Thanks to China, India

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One player spent 10 years exploring every corner of Eve Online

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Why the C++ standard ships every three years

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For 40 Years, Crashing Trains Was One of America’s Favorite Pastimes

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C. Hoare and Co., a British banking dynasty in business for more than 300 years

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Ten Years of Erlang

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Strongest earthquake in years rattles Southern California

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The First Sony Walkman Was Released 40 Years Ago

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Jony Ive is departing Apple, but he started leaving years ago

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Europe has had five 500-year summers in 15 years

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Finland’s weekly news show in Latin cancelled after run of 30 years

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Posted by situationista (karma: 396)
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I’ve spent five years writing a JavaScript framework

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The insulin racket: why a drug made free 100 years ago is recently expensive

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Posted by wallace_f (karma: 5196)
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Two years of postmarketOS

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Millionaire hacker gets 9 years in death of man building nuclear bunker tunnels

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France Bans Judge AI Analytics, 5 Years in Prison for Rule Breakers

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France Bans Judge Analytics, 5 Years In Prison For Rule Breakers

How Qualcomm shook down the cell phone industry for almost 20 years

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Posted by headalgorithm (karma: 4620)
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A Sealed Garden That Was Watered Once in 53 Years (2017)

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The Sealed Garden That Was Only Watered Once in 53 Years

Seattle police use family DNA, latest science to identify killer 52 years later

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Posted by curtis (karma: 23903)
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Banned from PayPal after 12 years of business

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We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business

Rose Marie Bentley lived for 99 years with organs in all the wrong places

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Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession

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The New York Times: Why Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession (By BEN CASSELMAN)


World of Goo Update, 10 Years Later

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World of Goo Update, 10 Years Later

Facebook documents show plans to sell access to user data discussed for years

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Reddit's /r/Piracy is deleting almost ten years of history to avoid ban

Under pressure from Reddit's administrators over copyright issues, the site's largest forum dedicated to piracy discussion has opted for "The Nuclear Option". After voting by its contributors, all…
Article word count: 1077

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\#HackerNews #almost #avoid #ban #deleting #history #piracy #reddits #ten #years
Article content:

With around a quarter of a billion monthly users, Reddit is one of the most important sites on the Internet.

The site plays host to millions of live discussions on countless topics ranging from the mundane to obviously controversial.

Recently we’ve reported on the troubles being faced by /r/piracy, Reddit’s most popular sub-Reddit focused on piracy discussion.

In an article published mid-March 2019, we reported how the moderators of the forum were [1]making best efforts to keep content on the right side of the law and within Reddit’s rules. Just a handful of days later, however, the moderators received notice from Reddit that they were receiving [2]too many copyright complaints from rightsholders.

For a sub-Reddit that has strict rules forbidding anyone posting links to infringing content, the notification came as a disappointment. While some complaints were legitimate (some people simply won’t abide by the rules and some posts do get missed), many were not. This placed the forum’s moderators between a rock and a hard place.

According to some of the copyright notices filed with Reddit, simply posting an alleged pirate site homepage URL warranted a complaint, even when that URL didn’t link to any infringing content. We’ve seen the same kind of issues before, when copyright holders have made attempts to have [3]site homepages delisted from Google, despite their content never appearing there.

Further complicating the process is that the moderators of /r/piracy have no ability to respond to potentially false allegations. If a user makes a post that results in a copyright notice, only that user (or Reddit’s admins) are in a position to dispute the claim with the notice sender, so that rarely happens. Even if it does, nothing is made public.

Meanwhile, the notices keep building up, despite best efforts and whether they’re valid or not. Even people simply posting names of releases are being flagged for copyright infringement, something that isn’t illegal in any form. As a result, those posts too are now being removed, as quickly as the mods can reach them.

“I have begun unofficially removing release posts and it’s quite sad considering that a rather large bulk of our users look forward to them every day, I know I did,” moderator ‘dysgraphical‘ informs TF.

“We have had days when releases were the highlight of the day filled with hundreds of comments of excited people discussing the film. This has all been scrubbed now. We recently had an April Fool’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ release post hit r/all and while the community was happy to meme on being fooled, a few users were concerned that copyright holders might act on it and have it removed.”

It’s nothing less than self-censorship in response to sloppy and/or fraudulent claims, but these are testing times.

But the really big issue here relates to the huge archive of posts already present on /r/piracy – some ten years’ worth of discussions. Is there anything in there that could warrant a surprise complaint? Apparently so, since rightsholders have been digging up issues from the past and complaining to Reddit.

This left the moderators of /r/piracy with a huge dilemma. Uncertain of what lay in the archives and only being in a strong position to be absolutely certain of the state of play more recently, they asked the community for input on the ‘[4]Nuclear Option‘ – deleting every post older than six months old, just to be sure.

After the votes were counted, those in favor of deleting the archives outnumbered those asking for preservation by [5]ten to one. All that was left was to find a way to begin deleting history, around 9.5 years of posts. A [6]script was created and put into motion and the purge began.

“Given the speed, this might take weeks,” says moderator ‘dbzer0’, a nine-year veteran of the sub-Reddit.

It’s unclear when this sweeping process with be fully completed, but it’s hoped that it can keep the community alive. Not all of the moderators were in favor of the mass deletion since that, of course, deletes the community’s history too.

“The Scrubbing [as the deletion process is now called] is just a poorly, rushed attempt to elongate the community’s lifespan on Reddit,” dysgraphical says.

“We have already seen this performed in other subreddits in which mod teams have bent over backwards to please the administration by implementing their own set of stringent rules. These communities no longer exist.”

But the vote was cast and the final decision appears to have been a democratic one rooted in self-preservation. It does raise interesting points, however.

The recently highlighted situation shows that sub-Reddits devoted to controversial topics – especially those related to piracy – are at risk of being targeted. When they are, the copyright notice and counter-notice process is somewhat undermined.

While users can be banned for repeat infringements, it’s trivial to open a new account. And when the notices start to pile up on Reddit – legitimately or not – whole communities can be banned, despite working above and beyond the requirements of the law.

“The issue at hand is not that r/Piracy distributes copyrighted content, but rather that the discussion of digital piracy is no longer protected; it never was,” dysgraphical adds.

“As copyright holders continue pushing the envelope, by claiming that the mention of streaming sites infringe their IP, Reddit will continue complying and effectively ban r/Piracy. Copyright holders on Reddit no longer need to dig deep to find infringing content, they can pick any thread or comment at random that loosely relates to their IP, and file a DMCA takedown notice.”

To give a school analogy, it appears that if a few kids misbehave, get misinterpreted, or targeted incompetently, the whole class gets kept behind after school – before being permanently expelled. It’s effectively mass punishment based on the acts of a few – or the whims of bots.

Finally, subscriptions to /r/piracy have always been on the increase and are now edging towards 370,000 subscribers but the ongoing purge is having a clear effect on traffic to the sub-Reddit, when the two unusual peaks (including the April 1 surge) are discounted.

Reddit’s /r/piracy traffic stats

Whether the popular forum can fight back from this decline will remain to be seen but it’s clear that deleting most of its history is already causing pain. The big question is whether Reddit’s admins are taking note of this huge olive branch or whether they’ll still choose to chop down the whole tree regardless.


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Reddit’s /r/Piracy is Deleting Almost 10 Years of History to Avoid Ban

Facebook 'mistakenly deleted' years of Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts

Years-old posts by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have disappeared — meaning key moments in the company's history have vanished.
Article word count: 1159

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19527200
Posted by crones (karma: 84)
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\#HackerNews #deleted #facebook #mark #mistakenly #old #posts #years #zuckerbergs
Article content:

Old Facebook posts by Mark Zuckerberg have disappeared — obscuring details about core moments in Facebookʼs history.

On multiple occassions, years-old public posts made by the 34-year-old billionaire chief executive that were previously public and reported on by news outlets at the time have since vanished, Business Insider has found. That includes all of the posts he made during 2007 and 2008.

Reached for comment, a Facebook spokesperson said the posts were "mistakenly deleted" due to "technical errors."

"A few years ago some of Markʼs posts were mistakenly deleted due to technical errors. The work required to restore them would have been extensive and not guaranteed to be successful so we didnʼt do it," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"We agree people should be able to find information about past announcements and major company news, which is why for years weʼve shared and archived this information publicly — first on our blog and in recent years on our Newsroom."

These disappearances, along with other changes Facebook has made to how it saves its archive of announcements and blog posts, make it much harder to parse the social networkʼs historical record. This makes it far more difficult to hold the company, and Zuckerberg himself, accountable to past statements — particularly during a period of intense scrutiny of the company in the wake of a string of scandals.

The very nature of the issue means it is extremely challenging to make a full accounting of what exactly what has gone missing over the years. The spokesperson said they didnʼt know how many posts in total were deleted.

The curious case of Mark Zuckerbergʼs vanishing Facebook posts

In April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram — a now-pivotal moment in the growth of the Menlo Park, California technology giant. [1]Multiple [2]news reports from the time quoted from a public post that Zuckerberg made on his timeline about the acquisition — but that post now inaccessible.

[3]The links to that post from old news articles no longer work, and itʼs nowhere to be seen on his profile.

It was an important document in the history of Facebook, particularly given [4]Zuckerberg promised that "weʼre committed to building and growing Instagram independently" — a commitment he has since walked back. Facebook is now integrating the photo-sharing app into itself ever-more closely, and tensions around this [5]contributed to the departure of Instagramʼs two cofounders in September 2018. (A copy of Zuckerbrergʼs post has also been [6]preserved in Facebookʼs Newsroom blog.)

READ MORE:[7]Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth broke the social networkʼs rule on using your real name for 8 years

The most drastic deletions involved entire years. Throughout both 2006 and 2009, Zuckerberg was regularly active on the social network — but there are no posts visible of any kind for the two full years in between. The spokesperson confirmed that all the posts during 2007 and 2008 were deleted.

This is the error message you see when you click on a link to one of Mark Zuckerbergʼs vanished Facebook posts. Facebook

Another, specific example from later on: Facebookʼs beloved head chef Josef Desimone died in a motorcycle crash in July 2013. [8]TechCrunch reported at the time that Zuckerberg shared the news [9]in a post on Facebook. However, that post is now inaccessible as well.

Facebook would go on to throw a party in Desimoneʼs memory at its headquarters the following month. Hundreds of people were invited, and booze flowed freely — and it subsequently descended into chaos. [10]As Business Insider previously reported, multiple fights broke out among attendees, which security staff believed were gang-related.

Numerous other posts by Zuckerberg from these time periods remain publicly available.

Facebook has also made it harder to navigate its archives of old announcements

Lastly, there have been issues accessing Facebookʼs archive of older blog posts.

In years past, Facebook had a dedicated blog that announcements would often be posted to and which was navigable by month; [11]an archived example of a post is available here, via the Internet Archive. But at some point — itʼs not clear when, exactly — Facebook launched its new [12]"Newsroom," a repository for its key announcements, and broke the public links to old blog posts.

Now, when you click on a link to a blog post included in an old news story, it redirects you to the Newsroom. The Newsroom doesnʼt have copies of many of these old blog posts, meaning thereʼs no easy way to access them.

They do still exist in one form — as a "note" saved to Facebookʼs public "Facebook" page on the social network. But until today there was no centralized archive through which to browse them, like what was available for the Facebook blog, or like what exists today for Newsroom posts.

Instead, to read a specific one, you had to either know about it already and search for keywords on Google, or scroll back through the Facebook pageʼs thousands of posts over the years.

After Business Insider reached out for comment, [13]Facebook added a public "notes" tab to the Facebook page to access them. As of press time, however, the notes are loading extremely slowly.

READ MORE: [14]Facebook secretly explored building bird-size drones to ferry data to people with bad internet connections

Take, for example, the 2006 launch of the News Feed, which is now an advertising juggernaut that now makes billions of dollars for the company. Zuckerberg tried to quash early user backlash against the News Feed with a blog post called "Calm down. Breathe. We hear you," but [15]a link to it in a [16]TechCrunch news report from the time now just redirects to the Newsroom homepage.

Thereʼs no copy of the blog post in the Newsroom, and [17]itʼs currently only available as a note from Facebook. [18]Hereʼs how it looked prior to the closure of the blog, according to the Internet Archive.

The net effect of this change to the archives was to drastically obfuscate Facebookʼs historical record — making it far harder to find past statements and announcements from the company about itself.

Mark Zuckerbergʼs content has gone AWOL before

This isnʼt the first time Zuckerberg-related material has disappeared without warning from Facebook.

In April 2018, [19]TechCrunch reported that messages sent by the CEO were being deleted from other peopleʼs inboxes without their knowledge or consent — a feature that wasnʼt available to ordinary Facebook users at the time.

And back in November 2016, public posts from Zuckerberg about the media and Facebookʼs role in the 2016 US election also disappeared, [20]The Verge reported at the time.

At the time, a spokesperson told the Verge that their removal was an accident and subsequently restored them.

Do you work at Facebook? Got a tip? Contact this reporter via Signal at +1 (650) 636-6268 using a non-work phone, email at [email protected], Telegram or WeChat at robaeprice, or Twitter DM at [21]@robaeprice. (PR pitches by email only please.) You can also [22]contact Business Insider securely via SecureDrop.

Read more:


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