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Dating back to 11th century Japan Sagawa Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu the style focuses on how the body moves and overcoming armed and armored assailants.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

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Martial Arts In Metahumans Rising Part 14: Sagawa Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu
Metahuman News
Developed by a retired doctor to help defend his village, Kulo Wing Chun utilizes twelve sets of three movements as the foundation of this fast defensive style.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

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Martial Arts In Metahumans Rising Part 13: Kulo (Gu Lao) Wing Chun Kung-Fu
So, I too got myself the bundle for racial justice and equality from itch.io: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality
It's whopping 1700+ games, and of course it's not easy to navigate them.

Is anyone around here who knows some games to suggest?

The ones I can spot at a first glance are:
Blades in the Dark, a famous #PbtA "medieval heist" #tabletop #rpg
Celeste, a #platform #indie #videogame
Night in the Woods, a story videogame

any other gems hidden in this bundle?

Hol' up.

Wait a minute.

The Itch.io "racial justice" bundle has 8 items from "black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC)" creators.

Eight. Out of 1,700+. Less than 0.5%.

What the hell?

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Metahuman News
Not all who serve are heroes. Some fall from grace. Others we're never heroes to begin with. This month's one shot introduces the Night Warden, along with his crew of "reformed trustees," and three unique adventure seeds.
Content Warning: This adventure discusses abuse of power within law enforcement.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

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Judgement of the Night Warden
Metahuman News
We travel to Western Africa to explore the traditional martial art of Hausa butchers, Dambe. A powerful striking style that uses one open hand, and one wrapped in cording. It's growing popularity has Nigeria looking to add Dambe to the Olympics.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

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Martial Arts In Metahumans Rising Part 12: Dambe
I don't think I've given away many board games. A few where I had multiple versions of the same game, I've given away -- I had half a dozen different Risk sets and at least 2 or 3 monopolies; I've given many of those away and don't regret it, either because I have other edition(s) which work just fine (Risk) and/or because never playing it again would seriously not hurt my feelings at all (Monopoly).

I've sold / traded quite a few #ttRPG games. Many of those, I look back on with nostalgia and regret losing. But, honestly, I wouldn't be playing them now if I still had them, most likely. My RPG collection is too vast anyway.
Memorial Day Weekend, marks the one year anniversary of Metahumans Rising. Today we launched Burning Earth: Arena, a new 60 page post-apocalypse supplement including a setting and repeatable adventure.
To give back to everyone during these strange times, it along will all House Dok PDFs are currently PWYW on DTRPG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

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Mapemounde 2020 is about to start!

What is Mapemounde?
Mapemounde is an analogue (non-electronic) map-game design jam. Participants are given a theme, a design goal, and 10 days to create a playable draft of an original map-game.

What is a "map-game"?
Usually, games use maps to enhance the participation of the players and to make sure everyone knows where their character or party is. Mapemounde intends to encourage the creation of games in which the map is not a simple tool, but an essential part of the game which is central in shaping the story and its narrative.
Submissions open from Tomorrow at 9:00 AM to May 18th 2020 at 9:00 AM (Pacific Daylight Time)

#mapemounde2020 #map-game
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Metahuman News
Dating back millennia, across empires, and cultures, boxing has a long tradition. For our take on this martial art, we've chosen In-Fighter boxing, for it's sheer power and relentlessness. Hopefully, our write up captures the unrelenting force these boxers can unleash by trading defense for a more aggressive stance.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

#Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG #TTRPG #MartialArts #Boxing #InFighterBoxing #InFighter
Martial Arts In Metahumans Rising Part 8: In-Fighter Boxing

Talking About It

A general thing I realize isn’t as common of a practice as maybe it should be; you should be talking as a group, during and after games, keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

RPGs are a group effort – collaborative creation whether it’s a GM-led or GM-less game, and it only makes sense to check in and coordinate with your fellow creator/participants. (Not to mention… your friends, I would hope).

I’m running an Apocalypse World game right now, and by default, it’s a violent and disturbing setting with violent and disturbing characters. I let my group know going in to think “Post Apocalyptic via Robert Rodriguez” and we set some initial content boundaries. My general goal is “weird and fucked up” but not “Silent Hill” levels of fucked up, and it’s important to make sure the line between “creepy fun” and “not fun” doesn’t get crossed.

But last night I wanted one of the NPCs to push boundaries on a PC, and I asked the players, “Is it ok to include a scene with animal harm? It won’t be graphic, but let me know and I’ll figure something else out.” – they were good with it and we got one of the riveting scenes in our campaign, but at the same time, I’m wasn’t “stuck” or set on having it happen.

There’s been a few nights where I check in afterwards, if only because since we’re playing by audio without cameras, I need to see if the silence is the “wow that was cool and messed up” like a good TV show cliff hanger or if that was “wow that not what I needed now” (so far, that’s never been the case, but checking in and re-aligning consistently allows you to make sure it NEVER happens).

As I’ve said in the past, if you can’t talk about how the game is working and how you feel about it, something is wrong. And by doing so, you can make sure that your safety tools, like first-aid kits, rarely need to be used. (Not to mention, you practice communication tools for being able to figure out how to navigate and better deal with situations if you DO end up having to use them).

If you find my blog entertaining and valuable, consider supporting me on Patreon.

This is very important to me, not only for safety reasons, but also more generally for the enjoyment of the game: I made a habit in my (somewhat irregular) gaming groups to talk a lot about how the game is going, to give each other feedback and inputs, and to discuss what is not working.
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Metahuman News
"Into each life some rain must fall, but too much, too much is fallin' in mine."
In this adventure seed, we have a little bit of fun with the old phrase about April Flower. April Flowers turns disaster example from the core book into a one shot adventure where you can both as the Brood and as heroes.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro

Website: http://housedok.com/

Print: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r\

PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising

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April Showers
@Jon Donaldson I've added you in on my #Gaming aspect as well (I do #TTRPG posts, including design, as well as computer related games etc)
I decided to add a little more #Dyson hatching to a couple of my #Geomorph #Dungeon tiles. Since I don't have much better to do at the moment.

#ttrpg #Tabletop #RPG #Gaming

Customizing your Genre Rules

I’m looking at running Apocalypse World in the near future, and the game has a very good way of giving the GM high level Directive Rules – Agenda, Principles, etc.

Anyway, for Apocalypse World, one of the directions is “Barf Apocalyptica” – basically infuse the world with all the things that make it post-apocalyptic – the weird mesh of our current world, ruined, with weird and strange and broken things. It serves to remind the GM to constantly push the agenda of the game’s genre.

A bit more focused, for you

So, as I’m prepping, I’m writing down some inspiration ideas that I can refer to for my game to make sure I have the kind of apocalyptica I want:
  • The verge of falling apart
  • Junk survives
  • Danger is around the corner
  • A junkyard solution, but once in a while something pristine
  • Critters are dangerous but never quiet
Mind you, these are basically cues to myself that I know I can use to inspire immediate ideas in narration and description – a different game, different group of players, and of course, each GM would come up with their own.

Any Genre

However, there’s no reason you couldn’t make a short list like this for a superhero game, or Star Wars, or whatever kind of game you’re looking to play. Whether they need to be something the players share in or just as reminders for you as a GM, that’s up to you.

Sometimes as GM’s we end up with a lot to juggle and the genre description can suffer a bit – between math, many NPCs, and players with lots of questions or actions all happening at once, it can be useful to have a reminder for yourself.

If you find my blog entertaining and valuable, consider supporting me on Patreon.
i find these kind of reminder techniques very useful, since I can easily get lost in the action when GMing :D

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#TTRPG #Tabletop #RPG #Gaming

Pro GM Advice: tell the story like you're Gilderoy Lockhart.

Pay close attention to what your players say, for any opportunity to let them do your job for you. You'd be surprised just how easy it is to get them to credit you for their own work. They'll likely even pride themselves for thinking of it first!
Would anyone else be interested in an !RPG forum here on friendica?

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(Copy/pasting from an old Reddit post of mine, edited for hashtags and formatting. I don't know why I didn't post this here when I first wrote it, but oh well.)

In creating the Ruby Governor, a character in my #MightySix solo #RPG game, I need to use the "Powerk" (superpower) Sublimation. This has brought to my attention how this power actually works.

First, I like the power itself. The idea is that it allows you to rechannel absorbed energy/damage into another power. This allows characters such as Gambit, from X-Men. Unfortunately, the mechanical implementation of this idea is... well, I'll stop short of saying it's "unplayable", but the balance punishes the player for choosing this option.

The problem is this: Sublimation costs (5) Power Points per level. For that, you first get the power to absorb a given form of energy. This acts much like the Super Soak Powerk, with the complication Conditional Use ([energy source]), justifying a minimum cost of (2). For the remaining 3 Power Points, you can turn 1 absorbed point of energy/damage into 1 Power Point. You'd be better off putting those 3 Power Points into the cost of the power that's rechanneling that energy/damage.

There's a few different solutions to this:
  • The first, and easiest, is to simply change the cost of Sublimation from (5) to (3). That way, after the initial (2) cost to cover the conditional Super Soak ability, you're just converting just 1 Power Point into 1 (conditional, temporary) Power Point for the given power. Where this is perhaps the most obvious choice for balance, it also feels the most bland to me in terms of effect.
  • Another option is to keep the cost of (5), but have each point of absorbed energy grant 3 Power Points, instead of just 1. This has a similar effect as the first option, but de-emphasizes the absorption, favoring the power that takes the energy.
  • The third, and trickiest, option is introducing a power curve. In order to do this, I'll make it so that each point of absorbed energy is converted to 1 Power Point per level in Sublimation. This is kinda neat, in that your power level acts as a force multiplier.
The catch to the third choice is in the cost. If I keep the cost at (5), that makes the first two levels underpowered relative to the previous two options, and the third level equal in power/cost. Levels 4+ are exponentially overpowered.

I can somewhat compensate for this by changing the cost from (5) to (5/10); the second number being the cost in Power Points per level after the first. Without getting into the math, by my numbers, increasing the cost of the additional levels delays the Powerk from becoming overpowered until levels 8+. It's not very elegant, but by that point, you're already investing a lot of Power Points into this.
Between these three options, the second one is my favorite in general. It balances flavor with elegant numbers. Since Ruby Governor is going to get Super Soak anyway, there's no reason to add even more emphasis on his defenses. He's already a heavy hitter as it is.
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Some recent #ttrpg #art for a #dnd NPC sourcebook. And me! Hi, Mastodon.

Migrating from an .art account, so I’m kinda starting from scratch. 👋
Chuck Dee 4 months ago
Should we use one tag for all game-related to keep things together, i.e. #ttrpg or #boardgames for board games and #rpg for RPGs?
Hausmannstätten, Österreich 

1879: The Selkie

1879: Our first shapeshifter, the selkie, appears in the forthcoming 1879 Players Companion. Here's a preview. https://bit.ly/2LXY4qv #ttrpg #rpgs #fasa1879 #mechanics #folklore #furry #steampunk

VenLeitche Status 2019-12-09

The weekly development tracking spreadsheet for Dynamic Balances: Venleitche has been posted to https://bit.ly/2PtuaeU, with Changelog, Wordcount/Pagecount tracking, and To-Do. Patrons have received this week's development compile of the game manual, up 10 pages from last week. It's only a dollar to become a patron and see what I'm doing in a pangender Neopagan game world with a light-crunch mechanic drive by player agency and consequences of player actions. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #Venleitche

1879: Heavy Metal

1879: Heavy Metal: The Ottoman Empire has steam mecha. What more do we need to say? And now, the stats. https://bit.ly/2YsfrVD #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #mecha #ottoman #fasa1879
You can't see the names of people who've joined #AStoryofStoryplay jam, but I can. There's some from outside the #ttrpg scene - a fanfic writer, and a Twine writer, & others. If you hang out in a geeky writer community, please help spread the word there.

1879: What Do Trolls Eat?

1879 Blog: In which we discuss military rations for Big People, and compare troll rations to Earthdawn's dwarven mine rations. Spoiler: nobody likes either of them. #fasa1879 #steampunk #ttrpg #rpgs #mechanics https://bit.ly/2OZJ4cE

1879: New Personality!

1879: New Personality! Dr. Olga Vyshenko, a Unificationist, specializes in electricity and light, and builds high-energy weapons for an enigmatic noble with seemingly unlimited funds. #steampunk #ttrpg #rpgs #fasa1879 https://bit.ly/2KPMJbL

1879 New Product!

New Product! Simeon d'Hivers, Personality 6 for #FASA1879, an 11 page dossier with Backstory, Connections, Adventure Hooks, and steamweird Goodies, because everyone needs to know a fixer working on the edge of the government, right? Of course you do! Click through to https://bit.ly/37G5tUS! #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk

Writing Session 2019-11-19

744 words on Ikerlari Kaiet Xaparrarte, an Investigator who looks into possible arcane crimes and fraud masquerading as the supernatural for the Basque government. This will be #fasa1879 Personality 12, the one that finishes the first series. Proposed: Series 2, Villains; Series 3, Historical Personages. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-11-18

#Venleitche weekly tracking sheet at https://bit.ly/2r2DJc3 has this week's wordcount, todo list, and changelog for my Dynamic Balances #patreon game progress. The game itself is restricted to the patrons but the spreadsheet is public in the interest of transparency. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

1879: Things That Go Bang

1879: Things That Go Bang: In which we discuss firearms and how they work in the CoreStep mechanic, and present diverse historical notes of interest. https://bit.ly/2Okzv7D #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #fasa1879

Hattie Strathmore, Journalist

Not a lot of writing time today, but I got 825 words in on the next Personality for #fasa1879 - an older snark woman, political and economic Journalist for the Sydney Herald. She still needs a lot of Backstory, and I haven't started her character sheet yet. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #steampunk
Hello #india I still need a #ttrpg / #rpgs sensitivity reader! Offering US$40 to critique a 3800-word writeup on a Jain character. Please help me avoid cultural appropriation and be respectful! DM for details. #fasa1879

1879: The Ride of Kiposkodeyl

1879: A legend of the Saurids, of how the separatists of the Gruv reached back to their ancestral home during the War of the Machine People https://bit.ly/2pPc7Hl #steampunk #fasa1879 #rpgs #ttrpg #fantasy
That's a pretty good Lulu coupon.
RT @[email protected]
🎲LULU WITH 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING! Good until November 14th!🎲

Use the coupons ONESHIP and LKAB317CD in this sequence!

Looking for suggestions? http://bit.ly/2XKTVtW

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That's a pretty good Lulu coupon.
#RPGs I bought at #luccacomicsandgames2019

On might thews: this has been on my list for ages, I'm eager to try it but it mixes fantasy adventure setting with a simple story driven system, it should be perfect for my tastes

Microscope: I didn't know but I'm credited at the end of the Italian edition because the publishers decided to bring it to Italy after they played a demo with me at a convention a few years ago. I was so honored! I bought the game and made them sign it :3

Burning opera: I worked on the translation/editing and got my free copy, yay!

The Warren: now that the pbta-invasion is over, I can read a pbta without feeling bored immediately. Since I'm re-reading watership down with my wife, I managed to convince her to buy the game, let's see if we actually get to play it!

Star-crossed: I followed the Kickstarter and the Italian edition came as a surprise. I played it at lucca with a friend of mine (it was his first rpg game ever <3) and I liked it, especially how short it is.

What new games did you buy/play recently? :D

#rpg #ttrpg #luccacomics2019
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Venleitche: Progress Report 2019-11-04

Venleitche, my #patreon game, has posted its weekly tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/32isskF - no page count increase this week, but significant revisions to the character build system, sample characters rebuilt to the new rules, and revisions throughout the book for terminology. #ttrpg #venleitche #writing #amwriting

1879: The Levellers

1879: Here's the full writeup on the Levellers, labour organizers with multiple incarnations in British history, from the forthcoming 1879 Players Companion. #ttrpg #fasa1879 #steampunk #labor #union
Business Card Jam :

Venleitche Beta Testing Open!

Beta Release: The Venleitche / Dynamic Balances character build system is now open for testing! Development tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/2Nk1l3l has wordcount, page count, changelog, & ToDo for this week's compile. Patronage starts at US$1! #patreon #ttrpg #rpg #amwriting #writing

1879: NYC Campaign Actual Play

1879: Actual Play NYC this episode has the players organizing a Mission: Impossible type scheme with the Levellers and the sandhogs to gang up on the smoke demon and put an end to it. Transcript at https://bit.ly/2ph0KHL #fasa1879 #ttrpg #rpg #victorian #nyc #steampunk #brooklyn
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