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We did some character generation for the Deepnight Revelation command crew for our #Traveller game, so that the players will have a voice in directing the mission, as well as their existing 'away team' characters.


A long while ago I came up with some rough rules for #Traveller to determine how much of star system a star port actually monitors with sensors, and recently decided that it might be useful to put this information on my star system maps so myself and players can plan how to avoid being spotted.
System Sensors
This week's Traveller session sees the crew jumping into the Anundarluu nebula, a strange region in Reft. They're heading to explore a comet where the Deepnight Endeavour picked up its infection from. During the jump though, some of the crew start getting strange dreams.

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Bad Dreams, Dead Rats
We're back to a full group for this session of Traveller, and are now just at the point where the PCs are ready to begin the mission to enter the Anundarluu. I expected us to be at this point some weeks ago, but illness and side quests have delayed things a bit.

The in-game clock has clicked around to the start of 1107. One thing that I do like about Traveller is that time moves on, unlike in some other games where you seem to go from 1st to 20th level in a few months. It gives opportunity to have things happening in the background at a reasonable pace.


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New Year, New Mission
I normally use TravellerMap when running Traveller adventures, but the Deepnight Revelation campaign will be taking the PCs to places TravellerMap doesn't cover, so I'll be using my own WorldGen to populate these sectors.

I've also using it to flesh out the systems in charted space, which means adding better support for binary and triple star systems since a lot of the UWP data includes such systems. So far, 56,244 planets and moons have been mapped, across 1,798 systems and 14 (mostly empty) sectors.

And I've just realised I've already used 248GB of a 1TB disk. I think I need a bigger drive.


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UWP Star System Types
We are down a player this week for our Traveller game, but we finish off the current investigation on the world of Eskandor anyway since we're going to be skipping next week since we'll probably be down two people.

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Soldier’s Heart Chained
The PCs in my Traveller game visit the world of Scaladon, or at least the highport there. It's not a pleasant place, so they spend as little time there as possible, and even sleep aboard the ship. Due to timezone differences, these monthly games actually have quite short sessions, but players spent some XP which allowed them to fill out some missing skills, and get some trade done - both legal and not.

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Geynim’s Spindle
Another world description for an upcoming Traveller game. I'm writing these from the perspective of PCs arriving at the systems, providing information on what they would be aware of. It mostly expands on information found in the Traveller wiki.

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Two games of Traveller this weekend, with the addition of our monthly game on Saturday. This has players across several time zones, so is more challenging to organise. We also had an interruption because the Discord servers decided to crash half way through.

The PCs found a lot more evidence for their legal case, and wrapped things up for this scenario without having to go anywhere near any combat rules. I managed to contrive a way for them to gain access to a ship, and they have a reason to go chasing off after someone in it.


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Legal Evidence
The Traveller crew of It's A Sex Thing are seeking the Deepnight Endeavour, an exploration ship that has gone missing. What they are finding is that something very odd and violent happened. But the answers to their questions is now only about 20 AU away.

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Fuel Scavengers
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