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Robotech Unboxing

Check out my latest #unboxing video where I take a look at what you get with Robotech RPG Tactics from Palladium and Ninja Division.


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We just hit 400 subs on YouTube!

Thanks everyone who took the time to subscribe. This really does help us get our videos seen by more people!


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Working on this week's newsletter.

We've got more blog posts than usual but less YouTube videos.

Our newsletter is the best place to find out about all of the content we release each week.

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Massive Coupon Sale At Amazon.

There's a huge stealth coupon sale going on. There's no landing page or any way to see all the eligible games on Amazon, so we made our own landing page.


Some highlights include Jaws, Horrified, Minecraft, Eldritch Horror, Above and Below, 7 wonders, Planet, Legends of Andor and more!

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Amazon Coupon Sale! Tons of Board Games and RPGs with BIG Coupons
Worried about the physical contact of tabletop gaming?

Check out my latest article where I suggest some great board games that have little to no physical interaction and offer some hacks for games that do to reduce contact:


Note: in the case of the current crisis this is not meant to encourage people to go out or have people over to game, this is about spending time with the people you are already in contact with regularly.

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Great Board Games with Little To No Physical Interaction
Dig some video with your audio?

Check out the YouTube version of our latest podcast - On the House where we are talking all about house rules.

We've also got reviews of Carpe Diem from @RavensburgerNA and Gold West from @TastyMinstrel


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House Rules in Board Games and RPGs, what are they and should you use them?

Check out my latest article over on the blog where I dive into house rules:


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House Rules in Board Games and RPGs, What are they and should you use them?
What are your thoughts on House Rules, and should you use them?

Check out the Ask the Bellhop segment from our last live show where @DarkElfLX and I talk all about House Rules.


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Would anyone else be interested in an !RPG forum here on friendica?

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Dig some video with your audio?

Check out the YouTube version of our last podcast: Feb. AMA

Topics include: replacement part policies, ccgs, print and play games, after Gloomhaven, board game consumption, GM notes, & more!

Also a review of Horizons Extermination and our week in review.

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You need to attend BreakoutCon! Here's why:


Check out my 2019 Breakout Con wrap up that I wrote up after getting back from the con last year, and find out why you should be attending this year!

Breakoutcon is less than 3 weeks away!

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Breakout Con 2019 Wrap Up – Why You Need to Attend Breakout!
Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast New Episode

February AMA - Answering your gaming question live! Also, we have a review of the Extermination pack for Horizons and some Gloomhaven, Medium, Gorus Maximus, and more Horizons for the Bellhop’s Tabletop.

In this month’s AMA we discuss: the bell you see in all my pictures, game night beverages, legacy games, Asmodee’s new component policy, one and done games, board game consumption, print and play games, what’s next after Gloomhaven, collectable card games, Vampire and modern White Wolf games, LARPs, GM note organization, modern pass the stick roleplaying and more.


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February AMA – Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Ep 80
Moe Tousignant 1 month ago
Of course the last couple of things I posted I used #Boardgames and #RPGs, will start using #Tabletop :D
The video version of our last AMA is live on YouTube.

Topics include: The Bell, game night beverages, legacy games, replacement components, one and done games, board game consumption, print and play games, what's next after Gloomhaven, CCGs and more!


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Putting the F in FLGS,

What makes for a good game store?

Check out this classic Ask The Bellhop article for my answer.


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Putting the F in FLGS. What makes for a good game store? – Ask the Bellhop

1879: The Selkie

1879: Our first shapeshifter, the selkie, appears in the forthcoming 1879 Players Companion. Here's a preview. https://bit.ly/2LXY4qv #ttrpg #rpgs #fasa1879 #mechanics #folklore #furry #steampunk

VenLeitche Status 2019-12-09

The weekly development tracking spreadsheet for Dynamic Balances: Venleitche has been posted to https://bit.ly/2PtuaeU, with Changelog, Wordcount/Pagecount tracking, and To-Do. Patrons have received this week's development compile of the game manual, up 10 pages from last week. It's only a dollar to become a patron and see what I'm doing in a pangender Neopagan game world with a light-crunch mechanic drive by player agency and consequences of player actions. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #Venleitche

1879: Heavy Metal

1879: Heavy Metal: The Ottoman Empire has steam mecha. What more do we need to say? And now, the stats. https://bit.ly/2YsfrVD #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #mecha #ottoman #fasa1879

1879: What Do Trolls Eat?

1879 Blog: In which we discuss military rations for Big People, and compare troll rations to Earthdawn's dwarven mine rations. Spoiler: nobody likes either of them. #fasa1879 #steampunk #ttrpg #rpgs #mechanics https://bit.ly/2OZJ4cE

1879: New Personality!

1879: New Personality! Dr. Olga Vyshenko, a Unificationist, specializes in electricity and light, and builds high-energy weapons for an enigmatic noble with seemingly unlimited funds. #steampunk #ttrpg #rpgs #fasa1879 https://bit.ly/2KPMJbL

1879 New Product!

New Product! Simeon d'Hivers, Personality 6 for #FASA1879, an 11 page dossier with Backstory, Connections, Adventure Hooks, and steamweird Goodies, because everyone needs to know a fixer working on the edge of the government, right? Of course you do! Click through to https://bit.ly/37G5tUS! #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk

Writing Session 2019-11-19

744 words on Ikerlari Kaiet Xaparrarte, an Investigator who looks into possible arcane crimes and fraud masquerading as the supernatural for the Basque government. This will be #fasa1879 Personality 12, the one that finishes the first series. Proposed: Series 2, Villains; Series 3, Historical Personages. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Out of Time - A Game Created for the 24-hour RPG and 200 Word RPG

I submitted a game for the 200 Word RPG, Out of Time. It is a time travel story of a person trying to defeat an enemy that his older self did not defeat. The RPG Geek 24 Hour RPG was going on during the same period, so I expanded that terse presentation over the rest of the 24 hours, creating the entry Out of Time - Expanded.

It was an interesting process; I'm not sure if the end result of the longer product is better, or just more verbose. But I finally used GM Binder, a patreon that I've been supporting for a while because I liked the idea of it. It turned out to be just as great as the idea seemed for short form publications. It was a lot easier than opening Affinity Publisher to layout something that brief.

Voting is going on now for the 24 hour rpg (link), and there are a lot of great entries there if you're interested in taking a look.

The 200 Word RPG version can also be found on my blog- http://www.chuckdee.net/?blog/outoftime. I'll be posting the Expanded version there, also.

Let me know what you think if you decide to read it!

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Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-11-18

#Venleitche weekly tracking sheet at https://bit.ly/2r2DJc3 has this week's wordcount, todo list, and changelog for my Dynamic Balances #patreon game progress. The game itself is restricted to the patrons but the spreadsheet is public in the interest of transparency. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

1879: Things That Go Bang

1879: Things That Go Bang: In which we discuss firearms and how they work in the CoreStep mechanic, and present diverse historical notes of interest. https://bit.ly/2Okzv7D #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #fasa1879

Hattie Strathmore, Journalist

Not a lot of writing time today, but I got 825 words in on the next Personality for #fasa1879 - an older snark woman, political and economic Journalist for the Sydney Herald. She still needs a lot of Backstory, and I haven't started her character sheet yet. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #steampunk
Hello #india I still need a #ttrpg / #rpgs sensitivity reader! Offering US$40 to critique a 3800-word writeup on a Jain character. Please help me avoid cultural appropriation and be respectful! DM for details. #fasa1879

1879: The Ride of Kiposkodeyl

1879: A legend of the Saurids, of how the separatists of the Gruv reached back to their ancestral home during the War of the Machine People https://bit.ly/2pPc7Hl #steampunk #fasa1879 #rpgs #ttrpg #fantasy
#RPGs I bought at #luccacomicsandgames2019

On might thews: this has been on my list for ages, I'm eager to try it but it mixes fantasy adventure setting with a simple story driven system, it should be perfect for my tastes

Microscope: I didn't know but I'm credited at the end of the Italian edition because the publishers decided to bring it to Italy after they played a demo with me at a convention a few years ago. I was so honored! I bought the game and made them sign it :3

Burning opera: I worked on the translation/editing and got my free copy, yay!

The Warren: now that the pbta-invasion is over, I can read a pbta without feeling bored immediately. Since I'm re-reading watership down with my wife, I managed to convince her to buy the game, let's see if we actually get to play it!

Star-crossed: I followed the Kickstarter and the Italian edition came as a surprise. I played it at lucca with a friend of mine (it was his first rpg game ever <3) and I liked it, especially how short it is.

What new games did you buy/play recently? :D

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Do you like COOL #ART IN #RPGs?

Do you like COOL #RPG #DESIGN?


Back Homunculus Assembly Line ASAP cuz this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who knows what might haunt you if you don't...


Homunculus Assembly Line by Brie Sheldon — Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/briecs/homunculus-assembly-line
I put out posts for specific blogs for folks to be aware that they exist but I'm not an OSR person myself, but am a TTRPG player when I can and like to stay up on things.

Recommended to try looking for folks using a variety of links in posts:

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Well, I'm #newhere, another G+ refugee checking out this platform. It looks promising; hopefully it can become a robust system and as great a community as I had at G+.

Below is an alphabet soup of hashtags with some of my more frequently visited interest areas. Historically I haven't used hashtags in much of anything I've written online, so I don't know that I'm gonna start doing that here all of a sudden, either. In any case this place looks like it emulates G+ circles (with the aspects thing), and afaic that's an adequate way to track and find my interest groups and like-minded peeps. Guess we'll see how it all works out!

By the way almost all my posts are public unless I'm asking a very specific question to a particular group of people (like asking fellow novelists something about writing craft or marketing). So what you see here is pretty much what you get.

(Btw my profile pic is way overdue to be changed but I'm starting out with it here for the sake of visual recognition for G+ friends.)

My main current interest areas: #3dprinting, #artificialintelligence, #china, #currentevents, #fantasy, #futurism, #gaming, #german, #germany, #history, #miniatures, #petmice, #rpgs, #science, #sciencefiction, #technology, #wargames, #worldbuilding, and #writing.
I just realized that my previous #introduction post wasn't marked Public. That makes it far less useful as an introduction. So I'm repeating it here publicly, so other people can maybe see it who haven't already connected with me:

I’m Nick, I’m #newhere following the G+ death announcement. Mostly I use social media to talk about #tabletop-rpgs #RPGs and #gamedesign. I spend most of my time thinking about games or making games. Mostly I make short RPGs and larps, in the #indierpgs or #storygames style, about idiosyncratic subject matters. This year, for example, I’ve been releasing a roleplaying game every month about a weird D&D monster.

You can see a lot of the things I’ve written in these places:
https://www.rpgnow.com/browse.php?x=0&y=0&author=Nick Wedig

I also enjoy lots of other nerd stuff. Tell me about your weird nerd hobbies.
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