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This week's Traveller session sees the crew jumping into the Anundarluu nebula, a strange region in Reft. They're heading to explore a comet where the Deepnight Endeavour picked up its infection from. During the jump though, some of the crew start getting strange dreams.

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Bad Dreams, Dead Rats
We have come to the end of the fourth chapter of Strange Aeons, The Whisper Out of Time, and are ready to head off into the next part of the adventure path, What Grows Within. We managed to find what we needed, and rescue some slaves, whilst avoiding various subplots which involved grinding for XP. We got given the XP anyway, for being sensible enough to avoid them.

Personally, if I ever run another Pathfinder adventure path, I think I'd deliberately remove all the XP grinding sections so we can get them finished in a reasonable time.


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What The Elf Said
We continue our Pathfinder game of Strange Aeons, with a short session due to work and other limitations. Fighting gnolls who are intelligently planning the fight, but Pathfinder isn't very forgiving when it's a small number of high level PCs versus a large number of low level enemies, how ever well those enemies plan.


Possible Spoiler: And apparently this part of the adventure was meant to be a bit more... railroaded, with us simply being 'overwhelmed'. Several party members can fly, go invisible, teleport or just walk through walls, so if we were meant to be captured that was going to require a lot of magic.

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Fireballs and Gunpowder
The crew in our Traveller game continue their investigation of missing peoples, and start to uncover more information about what has been going on, starting to link more suspects into the events. Unfortunately not all the suspects are in a talkative state. The players are beginning to pick up the information I expected them to get last session - but it's not unusual for groups to do such things in completely different orders to what the GM expected.

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Yoga in the Wilderness
Not much 'adventuring' this week in our Traveller game, since I needed to discuss some things about how we are going to run the upcoming Deepnight Revelation campaign. We also have a discussion about accessibility. The TravellerMap is pretty awesome - but it's considerably less awesome if you can't see, so we talked over some options for making the information in it accessible so that all my players could use it.

If anyone else has run Traveller for blind players, I'd be interested in hearing ideas on ways to allow them to 'see' a Traveller star map.

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Planning for Deepnight
In our Strange Aeons Pathfinder game we continue to explore the Mysterium in the city of Katheer. There are strange creatures here, and it turns out narrow corridors and a dread wraith aren't a good combination for those wishing to avoid having their life drained. At least my phantom could go incorporeal to fight it.

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Oozes Don’t Read
We finish the Traveller Deepnight Endeavour adventure, at least as far as the PCs are concerned. They head back to to civilisation to organise a full rescue mission of the remaining crew, and they get a chance to become local media personalities.

We might pick up this thread again when the Deepnight Revelations campaign comes out later this month. I'll need to see how well that campaign fits in with what has happened so far in mine.

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The Deepnight TV Series
The games we played in 2020, which was different to the games we expected to play but probably no more so than usual. Despite all the 'excitement', 2020 didn't have a huge impact on what we played, just how we played them.
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Gaming in 2020
In our Zweihänder game on Roll20, we break into a brothel whilst most of us are still in our party clothes. Fortunately that makes it easy for Eva to distract the guards. It turns out that interrupting an unholy blood sacrifice without causing manifestations of Chaos is tricky to do, ball gown or not.

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A Burnt Hand
What is possibly the penultimate session of our Pathfinder adventure path Serpent's Skull. It's taken 6½ years to get to this point, which probably makes it one of the longest campaigns I've been in.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 74
Our last session of Traveller before the end of the year, we don't quite get to the end of the Deepnight Endeavour adventure. The PCs come up with a plan, Zanobia actually leaves the ship, and they discover that someone may have been hiding a tiny little problem from them.
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One Little Problem
As we approach the end of our Zweihänder game, the political machinations are coming to a head. There is the giving of gifts, the beguiling of bishops and maybe an instigation of rule by concubine. As midnight approaches, we decide we may have to do something we've been putting off for the last couple of months.

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The Ball
Our Zweihänder game started with buying another dress and a massacre at the fish market. We avoided the sewers and went to a party instead. We left things just before the main party at the Baron's castle the following night.

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Send in the Clowns
The PCs in my Traveller game visit the world of Scaladon, or at least the highport there. It's not a pleasant place, so they spend as little time there as possible, and even sleep aboard the ship. Due to timezone differences, these monthly games actually have quite short sessions, but players spent some XP which allowed them to fill out some missing skills, and get some trade done - both legal and not.

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Geynim’s Spindle
Possibly our penultimate session of the Serpent's Skull Pathfinder adventure path. We are very much into a combat heavy part of the game, up to about round 50 or so of a 'single' combat encounter as we run through the serpent temple without pause.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 73
Continuing the Deepnight Endeavour adventure for Traveller, the PCs plan a mission to obtain some UV lights from one of the potentially infected parts of the ship. It turns out EVA suits make for some pretty good armour, and laser rifles are pretty deadly.

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Playing with Guns
Two games of Traveller this weekend, with the addition of our monthly game on Saturday. This has players across several time zones, so is more challenging to organise. We also had an interruption because the Discord servers decided to crash half way through.

The PCs found a lot more evidence for their legal case, and wrapped things up for this scenario without having to go anywhere near any combat rules. I managed to contrive a way for them to gain access to a ship, and they have a reason to go chasing off after someone in it.


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Legal Evidence
Continuing our Pathfinder game of Serpent's Skull on Roll20, we are in the final temple of the serpent god, and trying to prevent its resurrection. This is another very combat heavy session, which ends with us deciding that we may need to summon an electric eel.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 72
The Traveller crew of It's A Sex Thing are seeking the Deepnight Endeavour, an exploration ship that has gone missing. What they are finding is that something very odd and violent happened. But the answers to their questions is now only about 20 AU away.

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Fuel Scavengers
Apparently we are getting near to the end of at least this part of our Zweihänder campaign, and we have managed to do what we've skirted around for several sessions - breaking into the church of the Order of Redemption. Whatever we've woken cannot be good.

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Artefacts and Relics
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