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Thinking about using #AnimaPrime to build a #Pokemon game for my son. Working title is “A Children’s Game of Enslaving Monsters to Fight Your Battles For You”. I think I’ll produce two versions simultaneously (like “light” and “dark” editions), identical except for a couple different monsters in the bestiary sections.
Pokemon Sword and Shield release this week, and while I do not own a Switch, the hype is real! This is a good time to finish this 2 year journey of drawing each starter pokemon (with markers of course)

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Tonight I dreamed that I and another player were playing a #ttrpg called #Pikachu, where the players all play Pikachus. @What Rough Beast was the GM. The game had individual scenes (much like #trollbabe), and in the first scene, played by the other player, he wanted to enter some guarded place, was stopped by two guards and...made them explode into tiny, bloody bits.

I don't know what I should think, but I like games that have a different approach to known tropes and settings, and that game seemed cool xD

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I watched Detective Pikachu [spoilers]

I went to see the new Detective Pikachu movie.

I don't have really much to say, the movie was enjoyable though the story was quite underwhelming. It's definitely a movie for kids, the story is very simple and the plot twists are predictable. Ryan Reynold's Pikachu steals the show, he had me smirk more than a few times, and I quite liked the main character too. The other characters are rather flat and I couldn't really sympathize with them.
I only saw the first trailer and thus went to the cinema almost spoiler-free, and it was a nice surprise to see Mewtwo in the movie. I also guess avoiding the spoilers did help me avoid the few (bland) plot twists of the film. And I loved the hell out of Ditto, its scene in the last act was fantastic, probably one of the things i enjoyed and will remember the most :D
But the reason I went to the cinema was to see two hours of CGI Pokemon doing staff in the real world, and I wasn't disappointed. The CGI wasn't always good, but the pokemon themselves felt believable and integrated into their settings. The "splash page" scenes of the city in particular are packed full of pokemon in the background doing stuff, and I hope this movie makes enough money that the producers can make a franchise out of it with more budget at their disposal. I would have liked to see even more variety of pokemons, some do feel repetitive but I guess it was just a matter of budgeting, I guess it costs a lot to create a complete CGI model for a pokemon you only see for a few seconds in the background.

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