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Artist's Rendering: Jim Carrey

Trump is Reportedly Very Sad and Depressed and Rarely Shows Up for Work Anymore

Poor baby... not enough (positive) attention? The victim of insidious dark forces and conspiracies?

The saddest parts:
1) Half the population describes Trump's behavior like a teacher or parent explains why baby/toddler is frustrated, or angry, or just being himself maybe.... 2) With a mental and moral age clearly in sync with that personality, he has been allowed to be the executive in charge of all the powers of America, sycophants replacing the professionals ... 3) He is still there, completely ignoring the #trumpvirus death toll - or igniting and super-spreading it - while protesting that he's not getting enough credit, dark forces &/or deep states have it in for him, etc. 4) Like a wounded animal (or ego), he's doing as much damage as possible (like Nero fiddling) as he fans flames of hate, virus, and division. His focus is on self-preserving "the brand" & getting revenge.

As always, he his narratives, mood and realities swing/split from one extreme to the other. Facts are irrelevant unless they're 'terrific'.
If he is seen as sad &/or "depressed" now (or stewing & in denial of "losing") he will return, enraged, you can be sure. "Counter-punching" (or swinging at air). Blaming, denying his virus death toll still. Reality is a hoax! "Only I can save us", Lord #StableGenius

Psychologists I know have not enjoyed watching - or experiencing - much of the past four years.
But it has been a vivid demonstration of #psychology in action: #media #personality, #clinical & #social.

"It is what it is".

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