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I am finished with the Phill page and will be publishing tomorrow as is my custom (for the newcomers - it is my comic that is published at mu @Katharsisdrill profile).

So this is an evening drawing or rather painting. I can see that colours are worth more than black and white even though I find the painting easier than drawing. But truth is that I haven't really used much time on coloured digital pieces as I am not happy about computer colours. When you have been working with real colours in other medias, the RGB diodes behind a plastic screen is a bit poor.

None the less with digital painting things can be achieved very fast compared to real painting... and it is fun. So here is a fast piece of a creature called a Kläkser, which was invented for an old roleplaying game that my brother and I invented when we realised that you could not play a orc wizard. In time many things were added some invented by other gamemasters and this creature was one of them.

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I've stumbled upon https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/ before, but I never spent more than some minutes there. Hooooly parent of fucks, this is some fantastic tool to create maps! #RPG #PenAndPaper
These two servant zombies are meant to be part of a roleplaying game that I am planning (yes, I am burning time). Their names are Marlamas and Uthon, and they are in the service of the Hierophant of Harnolsipor's third chapter.

Mostly they are living in the zombie stables where they are feed horseblood to keep them awake and agile. But sometimes they are out on service with the servants or troops of the Hierophant.

Not that they are able to notice the difference.

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