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Oxford vaccine regulatory authorisation: FAQ | Research | University of Oxford

People have been asking a lot of questions that are addressed in this article from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine makers (last December); in particular, I found this informative para about the length of time between the two doses:
The authorisation is recommended as a two dose regimen, given as two standard doses with a flexible inter-dose interval of four to twelve weeks, which was shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19, with no severe cases and no hospitalisations more than 14 days after the first injection.

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Oxford vaccine regulatory authorisation: FAQ | Research | University of Oxford

People have been asking a lot of questions that are addressed in this article from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine makers (last December); in particular, I found this informative para about the length of time between the two doses:
The authorisation is recommended as a two dose regimen, given as two standard doses with a flexible inter-dose interval of four to twelve weeks, which was shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19, with no severe cases and no hospitalisations more than 14 days after the first injection.

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Foreign NHS workers could be denied Covid vaccine in England | World news | The Guardian

Foreign NHS workers treating Covid patients are at risk of being denied vaccinations because of internal guidelines about who can receive the jab, the Guardian has learned.
Documents circulated among staff at one leading hospital show vaccinators have been told they must not immunise anyone without an NHS number.
Shameful! At least in some cases, they're vaccinating people who currently have no NHS number and then registering them later. These people are often front-line workers who MUST have the vaccine.

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The eight biggest Covid-sceptic myths – and why they’re wrong | New Statesman

Including “Covid is only as deadly as a bad flu”, “lockdowns don’t reduce cases” and “we aren’t seeing excess deaths”.
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How effective is a single vaccine dose against Covid-19? | BBC Future

Pretend it didn't happen – expert advice on how to behave after receiving a single dose of any of the Covid-19 vaccines.
When it's claimed that a single dose of a vaccine is 97% effective, what does that mean? No, I had no idea either, because no one has explained it adequately. This article explains. Whether it does so adequately or not kind of depends on you. If you get your first dose of the vaccine and stay indoors for two weeks, then it probably has.

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Please, Please Don't Put Hand Sanitizer in Your Eyes | Gizmodo

The harms of the covid-19 pandemic go well beyond the illnesses and deaths directly caused by the virus. One particular repercussion, according to a new study out Thursday, has been more kids getting hurt from alcohol-based hand sanitizer ending up in their eyes.
I'm amazed that someone even thought of doing this! Though I probably shouldn't be...
Please pass it on in case you know someone like this.

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Cancer can be precisely diagnosed using a urine test with artificial intelligence | Phys.org

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) announced that the collaborative research team led by Dr. Kwan Hyi Lee from the Biomaterials Research Center and Professor In Gab Jeong from Asan Medical Center developed a technique for diagnosing prostate cancer from urine within only 20 minutes with almost 100% accuracy. The research team developed this technique by introducing a smart AI analysis method to an electrical-signal-based ultrasensitive biosensor.
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'Huge leap' in understanding of eczema could lead to revolutionary new treatments for inflammatory conditions

The findings could open avenues for treatments for other illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
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Covid: How a £20 gadget could save lives | BBC News

One of the mysteries of Covid-19 is why oxygen levels in the blood can drop to dangerously low levels without the patient noticing.
It is known as "silent hypoxia".
As a result, patients have been arriving in hospital in far worse health than they realised and, in some cases, too late to treat effectively.
But a potentially life-saving solution, in the form of a pulse oximeter, allows patients to monitor their oxygen levels at home, and costs about £20.
You don't need any medical training to use one, either. You just put it on the end of your finger and turn it on and wait. In a few seconds, it should give you a reading of somewhere between 95 and 100 if you're healthy.

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New Covid strain: Germany discovers Covid variant in Bavaria | CNBC

Germany is the latest country to discover a new mutation of the coronavirus, with a new variant identified among a group of hospital patients in Bavaria.
An unknown variant of the virus had been discovered among 35 patients at a hospital in the Bavarian ski town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southeast Germany.
Further tests are being carried out on virus samples from the patients.
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Moderna says possible allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccine under investigation | Reuters

Moderna Inc said on Tuesday it had received a report from California’s health department that several people at a center in San Diego were treated for possible allergic reactions to its COVID-19 vaccine from a particular batch.
The company’s comments come after California’s top epidemiologist on Sunday issued a statement recommending providers pause vaccination from lot no. 41L20A due to possible allergic reactions that are under investigation.
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Motor neurone disease: Edinburgh scientists reveal breakthrough - BBC News

Scientists are a step closer to being able to reverse the damage caused by motor neurone disease (MND).
University of Edinburgh experts have found a problem with MND patients' nerve cells which could be repaired by repurposing drugs approved for other diseases.
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Researchers warn of another Covid spike if people mix after vaccine | World news | The Guardian

Behavioural psychologist says many people mistakenly think they are safe as soon as they receive jab
I'm pretty sure that most people on Diaspora* aren't stupid, and won't just get their vaccination and go out and party. But I'm posting this in case you know some people who are likely to do just that.

1) The vaccination isn't fully effective until something like two weeks after you have it, and that might depend on which vaccine it is.

2) Someone coughs near a shelf in a supermarket. You pick up a carton of milk and transfer virus onto your hands. On the way out of the supermarket, you touch a door handle. Someone else touches the door handle and now they've got the virus. Even though the virus is mostly transmitted by aerosol, there is still a possibility of transmission by other means.

3) Just because you're vaccinated, doesn't mean you can't pass it on. If you breathe it in, your immune system might kill it off, but not necessarily before you've coughed it onto someone else.

You still need to wash your hands a lot. You still need to refrain from touching your face. You still need to keep about 6 feet between you and most other people. At least, until we're all much safer.

Don't mean to preach. It's just that, even a year down the line, there are still people who apparently don't know what's going on.

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Covid: Positive antibody tests doubled since autumn | BBC News

About one in 10 people across the UK tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies in December, roughly double the October figure, data has shown.
Estimates from the Office for National Statistics suggest between 8% of people in Northern Ireland and 12% of people in England showed signs of past Covid infection.
This is just in the people who were tested.

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Almost 30% of Covid patients in England readmitted to hospital after discharge – study | Society | The Guardian

Nearly a third of people who were discharged from hospitals in England after being treated for Covid-19 were readmitted within five months – and almost one in eight died, a study suggests.
Almost certainly not just in England, but I haven't seen any other figures.

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COVID-19: Disruption to vaccine rollout as people trek for miles in snow for jabs - and others told to stay at home | UK News | Sky News

The disruption to the vaccine rollout comes after parts of the North saw snowfall overnight and more is forecast later today.
But, of course, the government planned in advance for the bad weather. Didn't they? Doesn't look like it. The UK pays an obscene amount for the upkeep of military forces. Can they not be deployed to affected areas?

On another D* thread, someone questioned the slow rollout of the vaccine. I said that, here in the UK, I can't tell the difference between the Tory government's gross incompetence on the one hand, and deliberate pursuit of a herd immunity strategy on the other.

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COVID-19: UK 'taking steps' over coronavirus variant detected in Brazil, says Boris Johnson | Politics News | Sky News

The UK is "taking steps" to keep out cases of a coronavirus variant discovered in Brazil, the prime minister has said.
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Covid: Large trial of new treatment begins in UK | BBC News

A large-scale trial of a new treatment it is hoped will help stop Covid-19 patients from developing severe illness has begun in the UK.
Inhaling nebulised interferon beta stimulates the immune system cut the odds of a Covid-19 patient in hospital developing severe disease - such as requiring ventilation - by almost 80%.

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You May Soon Be Able to Measure Blood Pressure From Your Finger

Wearable devices have become more sophisticated in recent years, with the ability to track everything from abnormal heart rates and atrial fibrillation to stress and even blood oxygen levels. However, monitoring blood pressure is a challenge for a wrist-worn device. Wearable components maker Valencell says it’s figured out how to measure blood pressure using photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate sensors from your finger or wrist.
Apple has already filed its own patent on measuring blood pressure with an Apple Watch. It will be interesting to see how quickly this technology comes to market.

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The Pandemic Could Disrupt Decades of Decline in Cancer Mortality | Gizmodo

A new report released Tuesday by the American Cancer Society provides some good news: Americans who had cancer in 2018 were less likely to die from it than they were a year earlier, continuing a steady decline in cancer mortality over the past 30 years. As hopeful as this trend is, though, there are still lower survival rates in different parts of the country and among Black Americans. Experts also worry that the covid-19 pandemic will end up erasing some of this progress.
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Doctors found another strange coronavirus symptom no one can explain | BGR

Some of the people infected with the novel coronavirus who survive COVID-19 will then experience persistent symptoms for weeks or even months after the illness, in what’s known as “Long COVID.”
Doctors are still trying to understand the lingering symptoms, with the Westchester Medical Center in New York running a treatment and study program for long haulers.
Now, a new report explains another strange coronavirus symptom that can appear with Long COVID: Some people have experienced skin peeling off their hands and a strange purple discoloration in their fingers.
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Doctors found another strange coronavirus symptom no one can explain

Here’s What to Know About the Universal Flu Vaccines Being Studied | weather.com

One main reason humans need to get a flu vaccine annually; flu strains mutate regularly so vaccines need to be slightly altered every year. During past flu seasons, the CDC has noted a vaccine effectiveness range between 40-60%, and a reduced the risk of flu-related illness by 40-60% within the overall population.

There are, however, several “universal” flu vaccines currently being studied that aim to make annual flu vaccinations a thing of the past.
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Covid-19: The machine that breathes for Covid patients | BBC News

For people who are most sick with Covid-19 - those whose lungs have not been helped by a ventilator - there is another alternative: ECMO.
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Inside the Covid ward | UnHerd

All of our patients who die, do so alone. There is nobody to hold their hand. Nobody to comfort them
Reporting restrictions in the UK seem to have been eased recently, as more and more front-line workers are telling us how harrowing it is in the Covid wards.

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Inside the Covid ward

New Research Shows How Covid-19 Can Trigger Brain Damage | Gizmodo

New research out today looks to bring us closer to understanding how covid-19 can cause brain damage. The study suggests that while the viral infection may not directly reach the brain in most cases, it can spark the sort of destructive inflammation that’s seen with other neurological conditions, like stroke.
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Alzheimer's: the 'switch-on moment' discovered | The Conversation

The past three decades saw a dramatic improvement in our understanding of what brings about Alzheimer’s disease. Two proteins are thought to be responsible: amyloid and tau. The most widely accepted theory is that a critical level of amyloid in the brain triggers the build-up of the more toxic tau protein. This has led to several studies testing drugs and vaccines that remove amyloid and tau to see if they can improve or even prevent dementia. Results have been disappointing.
But the hunt is on for new tests.

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Why The 'Only 377 Healthy People Have Died Of Covid' Argument Is Total Rubbish | HuffPost UK

It ignores a number of crucial facts.
But it does show that a lot of younger, fitter people, the thousands who have protested in London, for example, seriously undervalue people who are older or less healthy.

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The breakthrough medicines that could change the course of Covid | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Dexamethasone demonstrates power of large-scale, randomised trials in finding effective medicines
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UK scientists trial drug to prevent infection that leads to Covid | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Exclusive: Antibody therapy could confer instant immunity to Covid-19 on at-risk groups
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Covid vaccine: 'Disappearing' needles and other rumours debunked | BBC News

The roll out of Covid-19 vaccines in the UK and US this week has led to a spate of new false claims about vaccines. We've looked into some of the most widely shared.
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Covid Pandemic: Microbiomes Could Be Key to Stopping Spread of Future Viruses - Bloomberg

In the Western world, humans spend 90% of their time indoors. The average American spends even more than that—93%—inside buildings or cars. For years scientists have sounded the alarm that our disconnect from the outdoors is linked to a host of chronic health problems, including allergies, asthma, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and obesity. More recently, experts in various fields have begun studying why buildings, even those designed to be as germ-free as possible, are vectors for disease, not the least Covid-19.
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Biomarker of Alzheimer's found to be regulated by sleep cycles | New Atlas

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) in St. Louis have spent some years investigating the links between circadian rhythm and Alzheimer’s, and have recently been making some real inroads. Following a 2018 study demonstrating how disrupted sleep can accelerate the buildup of toxic plaques associated with the disease, the team has now identified a protein implicated in the progression of the disease that appears highly regulated by the circadian rhythm, helping them join the dots and providing a potential new therapeutic target.
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This weird symptom could be the very first sign you have COVID-19 | BGR

A new research study found that a variety of eye issues can sometimes indicate an early coronavirus infection.
The most common eye issues associated with a COVID-19 infection include sore eyes, extreme sensitivity to light, and itchy eyes.
Patients with eye-based issues reported that the symptoms typically went away within two weeks.
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This weird symptom could be the very first sign you have COVID-19

'Autoantibodies' may be driving severe Covid cases, study shows | Science | The Guardian

Dramatic levels of “friendly fire” from the immune system may drive severe Covid-19 disease and leave patients with “long Covid” – when medical problems persist for a significant time after the virus has been beaten – scientists have said.
Researchers at Yale University found that Covid-19 patients had large numbers of misguided antibodies in their blood that targeted the organs, tissues and the immune system itself, rather than fighting off the invading virus.
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Drug Reverses Age-Related Mental Decline Within Days | UC San Francisco

Just a few doses of an experimental drug can reverse age-related declines in memory and mental flexibility in mice, according to a new study by UC San Francisco scientists. The drug, called ISRIB, has already been shown in laboratory studies to restore memory function months after traumatic brain injury (TBI), reverse cognitive impairments in Down Syndrome, prevent noise-related hearing loss, fight certain types of prostate cancer, and even enhance cognition in healthy animals.
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Italian researchers just made a startling coronavirus discovery | BGR

Researchers analyzed a sample from a four-year-old boy who needed emergency care in early December 2019 and found the child was infected with a coronavirus strain that was a perfect match to the one from Wuhan.
The child was infected at least three weeks before China announced that a new infectious illness was found in Wuhan.
This is the latest in a series of studies that indicate the novel coronavirus was spreading in Europe and America much earlier than believed.
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Italian researchers just made a startling coronavirus discovery

Covid: Genes hold clues to why some people get severely ill | BBC News

Why some people with coronavirus have no symptoms and others get extremely ill is one of the pandemic's biggest puzzles.
A study in Nature of more than 2,200 intensive care patients has identified specific genes that may hold the answer.
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Pfizer’s Vaccine Offers Strong Protection After First Dose | The New York Times

The Food and Drug Administration’s first analysis of the clinical trial data also found that the coronavirus vaccine worked well regardless of a volunteer’s race, weight or age.
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The New York Times: Pfizer’s Vaccine Offers Strong Protection After First Dose (By Noah Weiland and Carl Zimmer)


Oxford Covid vaccine 'safe and effective' study shows | BBC News

The Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is safe and effective, giving good protection, researchers have confirmed in The Lancet journal.
Most in the study were younger than 55, but the results so far indicate it does work well in older people too.
The data also suggest it can reduce spread of Covid, as well protect against illness and death.
The paper, assessed by independent scientists, sets out full results from advanced trials of over 20,000 people.
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Covid blood test can predict patient survival chances | Coronavirus | The Guardian

A blood test has been developed that can predict whether Covid patients will need intensive care – or are even likely to survive – shortly after they develop symptoms.
If validated in real-life hospital settings, the test could enable doctors to direct life-saving treatment to the most needy patients sooner, boosting their chances of survival. It could also bolster doctors’ confidence in the face of difficult decisions, such as whether to offer palliative care or an ICU bed when hospitals are close to capacity.
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COVID-19: Batches of coronavirus vaccine pictured arriving at London hospital ahead of UK-wide rollout | UK News | Sky News
Vaccines will be administered from Tuesday in what has been described as “one of the greatest challenges the NHS has ever faced”.
It’s here.

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One of biology's biggest mysteries 'largely solved' by AI | BBC News

One of biology's biggest mysteries has been solved using artificial intelligence, experts have announced.
Predicting how a protein folds into a unique three-dimensional shape has puzzled scientists for half a century.
London-based AI lab, DeepMind, has largely cracked the problem, say the organisers of a scientific challenge.
A better understanding of protein shapes could play a pivotal role in the development of novel drugs to treat disease.
My PC has been grinding numbers for [email protected] and BOINC for months now. I wonder if they'll still be needed. Hopefully they'll just revise the software.

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Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine is highly effective | BBC News

The coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is highly effective at stopping people developing Covid-19 symptoms, a large trial shows.
Overall results showed 70% protection, but the researchers say the figure may be as high as 90% by tweaking the dose.
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Covid: Jab for people who cannot be vaccinated trialled | BBC News

A possible alternative to a vaccine, for people without functioning immune systems, is entering its final stage of trials.
The injection was developed using antibodies - made by the immune system to fight infection - produced by a single Covid patient in the US.
It is hoped it could provide at least six months' protection for patients who cannot receive vaccines.
#science #medicine #health #Covid-19 #CoronaVirus #pandemic

Tocilizumab: Arthritis drug may treat severe Covid | BBC News

The rheumatoid arthritis drugs tocilizumab appears to treat people who are critically ill with Covid-19, early trial data shows.
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COVID-19: Supermarkets most common exposure setting for catching coronavirus in England, latest data suggests | UK News | Sky News

Supermarkets are the most frequent common exposure setting for those catching COVID-19 in England, new data suggests.
Public Health England (PHE) collated the data using the NHS Test and Trace app.
Just popping out. There's something I need to pick up from Tesco... 😁

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Coronavirus Immunity May Last Years, Possibly Even Decades, Study Suggests | Forbes

Immunity to the novel coronavirus may last eight months or longer, according to a new study authored by respected scientists at leading labs, which found that individuals who recovered from the coronavirus developed “robust” levels of B cells and T cells (necessary for fighting off the virus) and “these cells may persist in the body for a very, very long time.”
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Covid: Oxford vaccine shows 'encouraging' immune response in older adults | BBC News

The Oxford coronavirus vaccine shows a strong immune response in adults in their 60s and 70s, raising hopes that it can protect age groups most at risk from the virus.
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Chemicals found in everyday products could hinder Covid-19 vaccine | World news | The Guardian

Researchers worry PFAS, commonly found in the bodies of Americans, will reduce the immunization’s effectiveness
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