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So sad. Unnecessary.

‘It’s frightening. It’s insane’: Fort Lauderdale bars packed with mask-less partygoers

Here is a portrait of a large group of super-spreaders, many of whom will not be with us next Thanksgiving, and who will create whole hotspots wherever they go from here.
Stay safe.

3 minutes of stark, grim reality, at the top of tonight's CBS network news. Comments are lighting up Twitter, basically saying this is, sadly, indeed a clear snapshot worthy of a time capsule. Hopefully buried along with the #trumpvirus very soon.

"America" is self-destructing. With a lot of help from friends of the Devil... and ignorance, denial, disinformation & "accelerants".
#TrumpVirusDeathToll250K - and skyrocketing, aided & abetted | #MakeAmericaSaneAgain | #Election2020

Trump campaign to request recount of two Wisconsin counties

Thin-slice: Trump has scaled down his meritless lawsuits to save money as campaign funs are further depleted - after he already diverted funds to himself and is now swindling/conning the public - again - in setting up "election" defense funds which benefit... him.)

[Full Version: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-campaign-to-request-recount-of-two-wisconsin-counties/ ]
  • Do NOT "like" this news one iota. (Only the sharing) This is the direct consequence of a policy which goes roughly, "you didn't love me enough, now everyone can die", supplemented by intentional super-spreading, messaging that COVID is "a hoax", calls to revolt against masks, etc. Cause/effect. Add mass gatherings of elections + 2 weeks, and that's today. Next will be (US) Thanksgiving in 2 weeks, and the next super-spread, followed by Christmas/Chanukah, next spreading (and from airports to towns & cities everywhere). Trumpageddon. Preventable (once). Sad state of affairs here due to a deranged "leader" & followers. Not great elsewhere, but here: "so much winning" - by #trumpvirus ! /SMH #StaySafe #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
@Don Little That's nice. And if only the windmills he vilifies could talk!

Meanwhile, I've just apologized to Dr. Mary Trump for my frequent reference to #trumpvirus, explaining how I felt it necessary to counterbalance all the twisted blame-shifting of (the) Trump - "Hong Kong Flu", China, etc. Wherever it came from, he's the only creature in history that I know of (aside from Nero) to intentionally super-spread a deadly disease just to prove it's a hoax. Sick, twisted sadistic "mind". (Or as some, including niece/Dr. Trump would say: malevolence.)

Go Scotland! Go Letitia James and Kamala Harris. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
It's going to take a lot of time and effort among the survivors, to learn lessons.

I'd like to stop hearing his voice (done for 5 whole days) and feeling/seeing all the damage he's done and continues to do. Just. Go. Away. And stop all the fantasies about Trump TV, etc. The only one who cares about seeing him 24/7 is himself. Sad.
So nice to see all his plans to punish Fox (AKA the hand that feeds him), "win" their viewers and subscription fees, and live happily ever after as the king of YouTube.

Scoop: Trump eyes digital media empire to take on Fox News

One problem: Doesn't he have to pay at least some attention to the mountain of criminal and civil charges about to be levied against him (IRS, SDNY, rapes, scams, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering etc.) all on hold as he's been "immune" ?

Why is it that he is being humored, with speculation of Fox vs. Trump, Trump 2024, and Trump the tyrant-whisperer with clout?

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain | Arrest the #TrumpVIrus
Room for a few more, too. "We'll see what happens."™️


Holy &*#! !!

Pompeo (Trump puppet/CIA) just said, asked about the transition from Trump:
"There will be a smooth transition to President Trump's 2nd term".

Is that not sedition?
Anyway, he was roundly ignored by world leaders living in reality, who continue to congratulate Biden, and America.

#Fascism, anyone?
Thank you world, thank you G-d, thank you those who fought, then & now... And thanks Australia, for this compilation. Hoping to rejoin the real world soon! So much gratitude that so many remember "We the People" who still work, hope, and dream of the values & ideals which were/are/can be America. (Breathe... breathe....)

'Bells ringing in Paris': World reacts to Joe Biden win

#America #USA #Election2020 #politics #media #headlines #history #Biden #trumpvirus #KamalaHarris #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
OMG - I'd just posted a shot of "the tweet of God" on Twitter, suggesting that people chill out, put on headphones and listen to "Here Comes the Sun". Later I returned to the 'puter, which had been quiet, but now from one of the open tabs suddenly this started playing. I've never seen/heard this particular performance before - but hey, perfect timing!

Here Comes the Sun / Homeward Bound - George Harrison & Paul Simon

Wow.. So.... thanks, YouTube &/or Twitter gods... and all those hoping to #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

#HereComesTheSun #HomewardBound #GeorgeHarrison #PaulSimon #music #legends #musica #musique
Moving forward (and I know for myself, re-learning to breath & smile as the probable reality still sinks in) ....

There Was Actually a Lot of Good News for the Left on Election Day

While no doubt more tantrums, bombs, and pardons of the vilest creatures from his swamplands are in the cards for just a bit longer..
There are also some silver linings many can tease out of the election results below the top of the ticket. Many will be pleased by the social shifts, even if we all focus, rightfully, on restoring science, rationality, and public and mobilizing to actually address #trumpvirus . Part of it (the super-spreader-in-chief) may now be in check, but the U.S. is still #winning the race for the highest case & death #s.

Amid all the calls to "come together" on the big things, as one nation of citizens, even if we're apparently still in a cultural civil war.
Racism is going to have more attention, along with economic justice and healthcare. And - maybe the incoming socialists will demonstrate to those who don't consider AOC the devil, that European, human-style assurances of basic rights (like healthcare) is NOT Marxism or Che. But we are so manipulated by buzz words. So ready to retire the Trump insignia: "We'll see"™️.... The never-ending pitch to stay tuned to the next installment of "reality TV pretending to be governing" is going to "just disappear, like a miracle".

#StaySafe #BeKind #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #Election2020
Enjoy the complete delusional narcissism and grandiosity while it's about to yield back to reality and reationality.
As the #trumpvirus & corruption "like we've never seen before", nears its expiration date, despite all the denial & obstruction....

A souvenir. This is real. In response to losing the election (in reality).
One thing to be said for Trump's pathology and limited repertoire - As unpredictable and irrational as he is, he's still predictable!

Next up: Healing. Reflection. Mindfulness. Solutions not based on division, but on understanding.
And this is the last time, I hope, we see an incoherent "leadership style" based on "We'll see what happens", not science or facts!

Breathe.... breathe.....
Time to re-learn how to focus, be positive, hopeful, & confident that we have a competent (human!) executive at the healm. Serving us! We the People. Not a personal piggy bank ruled by greed, fantasy & delusion, morality-free. Time to reflect & heal.

Biden wins White House, vowing new direction for divided US

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain #BidenHarris #Election2020 #TrumpVIrus
Breathe .... Breathe .... Breathe ...
A cure for #TrumpVirus is "Around the Corner" - though will need a bit of work and mindfulness.... Thank you G-d.

#trumpvirus #Election2020 #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #BidenHarris #Trump

Just moments, a Supreme Court Ruling

As Don Winslow (The Lincoln Project) just summarized it:

"The Supreme Court just ordered Pennsylvania to do something they were ALREADY doing".

SCOTUS: Pennsylvania May Count Mail-In Ballots Up To 3 Days After Election Day

(No surprise here; as Colbert said, he really should 'get a new act'

Bloomberg: Trump Goes to Court to Avoid Being a ‘Loser’

So clear: He only has a few gears & sound-loops fueling his "alternate facts" and reality-TV gaslighting of 'alternate facts'

Stop the #TrumpVirus - #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #fascism #Election2020 #psychopathology #psychology
All eyes now on the "grey areas", along with the 'counter-programming' - Twitter lies, legal games & flames - by #trumpvirus, Fox and "friends". Act 1 about to conclude. After a brief Intermission, back to Act 2: More high crimes, misdemeanors, distraction, & lies.
Only if he loses, of course. If he "wins" (or successfully steals) the election, he'll be there bragging about how perfect it all was.

#TrumpVirusDeathToll240K and skyrocketing, in part tracking the #trumpvirus hate rallies.
Cartoon of the Day

Pretty much this. As nails get bitten down and sleep gets lost "like nobody's ever seen before"... due to #trumpvirus in all its forms.


#trumpvirus #election2020 #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
From the land of shock, a short-list of things we'll miss:
  • Science/human based stewardship of nature & parks
  • Social security
  • Justice (economic/legal)
  • Respect/world standing/diplomacy
  • HealthCare
  • Humanity's "better angels" (vs. tweeted anger)
  • America
FIRST results:

D - Virginia Governor
R - Overwhelming Trump vote in Indiana

Everything else: "We'll see what happens".
Only God knows....

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain #Election2020
From Meet the Press today, as we all hold our breath (or our guns, or our masks, or our prayer beads)


#Election2020 For/against #trumpvirus
OK...... as people in the U.S. and elsewhere pray, bite down nails, suffer from stress, insomnia, and TMI....
G-d knows.

Short & to the point. Think about what's been said & done, and Vote!
The article with the video is above. The link directly to the YouTube vid (short clip - for Election Day) is


VOTE! #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

Doh!! Vote! Stay Safe. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

‘The Simpsons’ showed us the fiery dystopia we could cause if we don’t vote

#simpsons #election2020 #vote
Would you believe I just found this by accident (is there such thing?) True, found this while looking for an unrelated file...
Hey, fate/destiny/synchronicity/karma - "It is what it is". This is.... "election humor". Smile! It could be worse (?)

Fenichel Archives: Election Days 2000


Totally unrelated to today's candidates or world, but... From Election 2000! (Humor) Twenty years ago...
This is a satirical collection of how classic writers might have written about the election.
Yes, Dylan, "things have changed"!

Brian Duffy cartoon on 2000 presidential election, Nov. 12, 2000 | Des Moines Register Cartoonists

#humor #elections #election2020 #politics #literature #literary #satire #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
Hm. "We'll see what happens".™️
Or, "It is what it is"??

How Donald Trump Plans to Overthrow American Democracy

Seems from this scenario, not only is anything possible, including a deliberate re-play of Bush v. Gore, but it could go into December, including a possible House role if SCOTUS (&/or "Justice") doesn't outright interfere/intervene.

Americans: Stay safe, stay sane, Focus, VOTE!
Stop the #TrumpVirus | #TrumpVIrusDeathToll230K
#MakeAmericaSaneAgain #Election2020
Trick or treat!!

A halloween offering hot off the safe, socially-distanced virtual press, from Randy Rainbow.

HOW WILL YOU VOTE? - A Randy Rainbow Song ParodyI

VOTE!! Stay Safe! #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
"Polarizing?" You think?

The most divisive U.S. presidents, ranked by political scientists

Either for or against the #trumpvirus so it seems. Science or magic.

For or against reality. Die of self-inflicted delusions about COVID, or #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

Sorry to be US-centric - it's not only here that people have lapsed or tired in being safe, cautious, or "inconvenienced" by rules.
The U.S. is but the poster child for intentional self-infection, with a super-spreading policy of denial, contagion, hate, & lies.

U.S. #TrumpVirusDeathToll227K - and climbing towards 1/4 million, with 48 out of 50 states now rising in cases, as scientists and grieving "real people" can see, but non-existent in the magical thinking of Lord #Stablegenius, King of #SoMuchWinning .. and Fox. :(
We're seeing Orwellian manufacture of 'truth' - "like we've never seen it before". Because it is "alternative facts".
Many believe Dr. Donald StableGenius & his alternate-reality TV show, rather than science or medicine. Spread spread spread... #TrumpVirus

OR.... perhaps we can #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll227K - closing in on 1/4 million in the US, and rising rapidly

Trump’s Closing Argument on Virus Clashes With Science, and Voters’ Lives

As an immense new surge in coronavirus cases sweeps the country, President Trump is closing his re-election campaign by pleading with voters to ignore the evidence of a calamity unfolding before their eyes and trust his word that the disease is already disappearing as a threat to their personal health and economic well being.

The president has continued to declare before large and largely maskless crowds that the virus is vanishing, even as case counts soar, fatalities climb, the stock market dips and a fresh outbreak grips the staff of Vice President Mike Pence. Hopping from one state to the next, he has made a personal mantra out of declaring that the country is “rounding the corner.” - NYT
Project Lincoln saw a reel of 100% BS lies/projection from Don #Tumpvirus Jr., and in the name of factual reality, replied...

We Fixed Don Jr's Crazy Ad

#TrumpVirusDeathToll225K *
*And heading quickly up in the U.S.,due to denial, delusional thinking and lack of a sane science-based national program

A very short read from "the failing New York Times".... seems like a pretty good analysis and forecast to me!
I just re-read this. Seems like so many years ago, but it was just this past July, which seems so long ago... Brief Op-Ed

The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald: He won’t give up on a failing pandemic strategy.

Stop the #trumpvirus
#TrumpVirusDeathToll225K * *American toll, now skyrocketing upward, uncontrolled by any rational, science-based program


The New York Times: Opinion | The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald (By Paul Krugman)

A very short read from "the failing New York Times".... seems like a pretty good analysis and forecast to me!
I just re-read this. Seems like so many years ago, but it was just this past July, which seems so long ago... Brief Op-Ed

The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald: He won’t give up on a failing pandemic strategy.

Stop the #trumpvirus
#TrumpVirusDeathToll225K * *American toll, now skyrocketing upward, uncontrolled by any rational, science-based program


The New York Times: Opinion | The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald (By Paul Krugman)


“I know more about wind than you do”!

-Emperor Stablegenius, Supreme Leader Trump 22 Oct 2020, Presidential Debate, asked about his environmental record, and asserting that there is nobody present less racist than he is.
No doubt he is an expert on wind! (The best wind!)

He also knows more about religion than the Pope…

More about military strategy than the generals…

And as for science, medicine, epidemiology, public health, and reality/"cognitive" functioning too....

#TrumpVirusDeathToll225K **

** Rising quickly, as science is ignored and an irrational miscreant spreads the #trumpvirus trio of hate, ignorance & death.
Nice.... from/on Don Winslow, co-founder The Lincoln Project:

Best-selling crime writer Don Winslow on why he turned his sights on a new ‘criminal’ – Donald Trump

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain - Arrest the #trumpvirus
#TrumpVirusDeathToll225K *

*US - heading towards 1/4 million deaths, most of this preventable if we had leadership rather than science denial & super-spreading
After Trump stormed out, complaining and unable/unwilling to address COVID-19 or HIS role in spreading #trumpvirus ...

Trump Exposes Himself as Whiner-in-Chief in Leaked ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

Very "interesting" (sad, psychotic, worrisome, revealing, pathetic, etc.)...
So what will he do tonight in the 2nd attempt at "debate", but with Biden allowed to speak 2 minutes uninterrupted?
Will he stalk over to the Biden podium as he tried to intimidate/derail Hillary? Will his rant leak through like an isolated track?

"We'll see what happens".™️

Arrest the #trumpvirus - #TrumpVirusDeathToll224K
#Election 2020
Seems that "October Surprise" # 101 was going to be an announcement of a police-state commencing in time for election results...

Exclusive: Trump policing panel was warned about secretive process before court ruling

#Election2020 #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll225K
A short summary of the messaging/politics crescendo in the U.S.
IMHO, exquisitely stated, by Joy Reid, in conversation with Stephen Colbert. Just...


Colbert & Seth both in fine form and both tempered by the intensity of the moment, as we all are.
What she says is, absolutely spot-on, pure, shiny Truth. Oh Joy…
Now in America, for the first time in our history, we watch in horror as the right to vote & be counted are uncertain.

Arrest the #trumpvirus
#TrumpVirusDeathToll220K (US)
#Election 2020

Heads-up from mega-author Stephen King. In 2 hours (9PM / 21:00 EST)

He knows his horror. So do we! So do psychologists and victims of #trumpvirus

Might be eye-opening to some, reaffirming to many more....

#StaySafe #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll220K
This grabbed me and would not let go....
Seems right for today. So much noise, fury, hate, fear, uncertainty, certainty, promises & lies....
So I get it. Dylan said "I used to care, but things have changed". Rodney Crowell unpacks it all here:

I Don't Care Anymore

Maybe little to be done, but important to try. To speak out. To vote. To care.
#StaySafe #StaySane #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #music #musica #musique #RodneyCrowell
As Twitter returns (he flipped the switch back?) …
I do so love this. So much truthiness being shared tonight, like fresh air.

From psychologist and lifelong “fly” on the (other one’s) wall, Dr. Mary Trump.

#psychopathology101 #TrumpvirusDeathToll215K #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
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