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"You may notice the intro is slightly like Instant Karma"
- John Lennon, introducing this song as "son of 'What'd I Say'"

From Lennon's appearance as guest DJ at an FM Radio Station in NYC
[9/28/74] Spinning the singles which influenced him, classics of rock & roll.

Richie Barrett - Some Other Guy (1962)

Lennon called this "The first electric piano on record that I ever heard".

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Double (John Lennon) Fantasy - sort of, kind of.
A bit of music fun and nostalgia, via John Lennon - 9/28/74

I've recalled and joked for years about some of John Lennon's surprise appearances on New York FM radio shows, just to talk, or to play DJ. I've mentioned his particularly funny weather forecasts.

Well... it only took me 45 years, the invention of digital online sharing, and luck, to find some tapes... But... Here's a small but real sample, quick & dirty recording (no way to easily do more now). A very short, very favorite bit of weather plus some music history.

PART 1: The Music - John Lennon went through a stack of his favorite rock influences, in an impromptu visit to WNEW Radio on 9/28/1974. He also spoke about the Beatles and all the breakup-period angst (~ If we ever did get back together it would have to be on Dark Horse Records).

Lennon went deep into 50's music and a bit newer. In a "What" set, as I'd call it, he offered up Ray Charles' "What I Say" as an inspiration (and you can hear its echo in a lot of early Hamburg-days Beatles sets). Forward in time he got to what he called "son of Beatles", Electric Light Orchestra (along with Badfinger, maybe), Lennon spun "Showdown" and then noted that of course that was derivative of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?"

So, short of giving the literal show (though I will transcribe bits of it to introduce some songs, perhaps), I'm going to put the clip up as a comment, once it's done wrestling its way onto YouTube (momentarily I hope).

So meanwhile, keep cool, think cool, and transport back to 1974, New York, as John Lennon shares some cool music. After the songs is a very short break, and John does the funniest weather forecast (and most accurate) I've ever heard Standby. Meanwhile,...

This song was described by John Lennon as "a beautiful combination of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine", "Lightening Strikes Again", and little bits of 'Walrus'. And coming up next: the weather forecast. (Yes, for you too!)

Showdown - ELO

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YouTube: Elo-Showdown (TheMaster974)


Imagine Mosaic, Central Park, New York,
More NYC images (including Central Park and around the city) @
my website - www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

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Both interesting and concerning to see the advancement of technology and techniques that can provide greater accessibility yet also fake lip sync that is so difficult to detect as fake.

OMFG! That's such a good #deepfake ... i love it!

Canny AI: Imagine world leaders singing

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Canny AI: Imagine world leaders singing
Farewell to Doris Day, 97, whose last wish was for no funeral, no grave marker.

She had two good runs, first as a singer/film star/TV star with 3 husbands, and then away from all lights, dedicating herself to rescuing and benefitting animals.

I was but a young child during her glory days. But my parents were fans. And John Lennon too.

Dig It!

Like a rolling stone
Like the FBI and the CIA
And the BBC, BB King
And Doris Day

Dig it, dig it, dig it

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YouTube: Dig It (Remastered 2009) (The Beatles - Topic)

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