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I will be taking my holiday time to prep my #RPG #dnd (powered by #OSRIC) campaign for sure, but also about to take a dive into the #indieweb rabbit hole!


Wish me luck! May post questions here and maybe on #activitypub
Can anyone share any of their experience hosting a #peertube instance for their own videos? Curious about approximate hosting storage and bandwidth requirements primarily.

I'm considering employing PeerTube as part of an #IndieWeb #POSSE approach, posting all my videos on my own domain first then to other platforms after that.
@switchingsocial @nik @Gargron Yes: I’ve even watched other #indieweb social systems like #Microdotblog where they do not support hashtags, and only support reply with comments rather than pure repost/boost/retweet for those same reasons.
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