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How to Enable and Use Gmail Offline } Make Tech Easier

Gmail is the go-to email app for pretty much everyone. The very word is often used interchangeably with “email,” and no one bats an eyelid. It’s a feature-packed email client. With a little tweak, you can even use Gmail offline, browsing existing emails and composing emails so they automatically send when you’re back online.
One of the most frustrating things about using server-based (IMAP) mail is if you want to use a mail client that doesn't provide offline folders. If your main email provider is Gmail, you can have all your folders offline.

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How to Enable and Use Gmail Offline

Gmail turns its inbox filters into clickable 'search chips' | Engadget

Google has started rolling out a new Gmail feature that'll make looking for specific emails in your overflowing inbox much less painful. The feature, called "search chips," will help you narrow down the results you get. You can search for a colleague's name, for instance, and then click on the search chips the pop up under the search box to find that specific email you're looking for.
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Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:
What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why?
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Gmail can add emails as attachments to cut down on forwarding | Engadget

Google has introduced a solution for those times when you have to forward several separate emails to the same people. A new Gmail feature gives you a way to attach emails to a new email without even having to download or copy them first.
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Delayed Gmail notifications? You're not alone | Android Authority

Push notifications are an essential part of our smartphones. Without them, we could miss important messages or miss out on hearing the latest news as it happens. Unfortunately, it appears that there might be a major problem with delayed Gmail notifications on Android, which is certainly no good.
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Evidence emerges that Android delays Gmail notifications, possibly due to Doze

You can block images on Gmail for iPhone now | Engadget

Gmail users can now finally opt out of having images load automatically on the iPhone app. The email client unveiled its latest update to the App Store that includes an option for those who want to stop their messages from being tracked or who don't need to see every single external image sent to their inbox. To activate, simply go to Settings, select your account, go to Images and select "Ask before displaying external images". Android users have had this option for a while now.
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You can now quickly switch Gmail accounts on Android with a swipe - The Verge

There’s now a simpler way of swiping between Gmail accounts on Android that has long existed in iOS. Android Police reports that as of version 2019.08.18 of the app, you can swipe up or down on your profile picture in the top right of the interface to switch between accounts. Alternatively, you can tap on your profile picture to select from a full list of your accounts, just as you could before.
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Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:
What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why?
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Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:
What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why?
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Google’s painful Gmail OAuth verification process

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20245100
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Gmail’s ‘dynamic email’ will be available to everyone July 2nd | Engadget

You'll soon be able to do a lot more in Gmail -- without ever leaving your inbox. Google will make AMP-powered "dynamic emails" for Gmail available to the general public on July 2nd, following a beta release to paying G Suite customers earlier this year. You've undoubtedly encountered AMP, or "accelerated mobile pages" if you've opened a link on your phone; it's a Google-built protocol that can load web pages using it a lot more quickly.
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How to schedule an email in Gmail | The Verge

Google announced that Gmail would natively support email scheduling in April 2019, but the feature has only now become available in desktop and mobile.
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Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail for G Suite users | TechCrunch

The least said about Google’s messaging strategy, the better. But for better or worse, Hangouts Chat and Meet for G Suite, Google’s work-focused text and video chat tools, are here to stay, given that the one area where Google’s messaging strategy is clear is in the enterprise. With the end of the old Hangouts experience drawing nearer, the company today announced it is now essentially replacing classic Hangouts with its business-focused Hangouts Chat tool in Gmail.
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Hangouts Chat is coming to Gmail for G Suite users

How to Add Hyperlinks to Any Image in Gmail | MakeTechEasier

It’s not uncommon for users to have more than one Gmail account. You can have one email account for personal reasons and another for business. For business email addresses, you may want to make it easy for your customers to gain access to your site. Some people do it with an image hyperlink in their signature. Gmail makes it possible to add any link to any image on your email. The following guide will show you how.
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How to Add Hyperlinks to Any Image in Gmail

It is unlikely that built-in email encryption will ever be available in Gmail

Gmail once promised that it will become end-to-end encrypted by default. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. While it is possible to encrypt certain emails in Gmail with PGP, Google can still…
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HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19440336
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Article content:

Two years ago, [1]Google has silently handed the project E2EMail which was started to enable easy end-to-end encryption in Gmail via a browser extension to "the open source community". Since then the [2]GitHub project is literally dead.

Three years earlier, Google had announced that they are building an end-to-end encrypted Chrome plugin to automatically encrypt emails between Gmail users.

Promise to add email encryption tool to Gmail was marketing move

Five years later, we can conclude that promising easy email encryption in Gmail to millions of users was only a marketing move after the Snowden revelations in 2013. While the E2EMail project would have been a great tool for millions of people to automatically adapt end-to-end encryption, it has been buried by Google when they did not see its marketing benefits anymore.

"The real message is that they’re not actively developing this as a Google project anymore,” said cryptography expert Matthew Green [3]to Wired. "It’s definitely a bit of a disappointment, given how much hype Google generated around this project at one point, to see that they’re not pursuing this as a core feature of Gmail," Green says.

Making email encryption easy is hard

Google officially said that they had not abandoned their move towards encryption. However, they explained that developing easy email encryption is much harder than one might think.

It is difficult to make encrypted emails interoperable with different clients as well as to design the key exchange in an easy-to-use fashion. Issues that are already known to any PGP user, and that didnʼt disappear when Google wanted to add a PGP-based plugin to Chrome.

Nevertheless, ending a project that would have brought end-to-end encrypted emails to Gmail users around the world shows where Googleʼs real interests are: Not in protecting their usersʼ private data, but in harvesting it for their own benefit.

No automatic email encryption in Gmail

Google leaves the question on how to encrypt an email to the user. However, adding an option for email encryption to Gmail remains as complicated as with any other email service: Users need to enable PGP support in their email clients, must generate and mange their own keys and make sure that these keys are kept safe on their devices. Even then, mobile email encryption is basically impossible.

Google wants to leave the final decision about whether or not to make use of encryption to the user, but cryptography expert [4]Matthew Green criticizes this harshly via Twitter, calling it a "self-serving decision":
Google in 2007: HTTPS? That should be the userʼs choice. 

 Google in 2017: End-to-end encryption? Really ought to be the userʼs choice.

While easy email encryption is a must to make sure no-one can read your personal information, this option will never become available to Gmail users.

The more people use email encryption, the better

We at Tutanota are disappointed that E2EMail is dead. We believe in our right to privacy and fight for it with automatic email encryption ourselves. If Gmail had adopted automatic end-to-end encryption, this would have made a huge difference to todayʼs level of security online. It would have made the Internet so much more secure to millions of users and would have made illegal mass surveillance online impossible.

Unfortunately, Googleʼs move to abandon E2EMail shows us once again that we should not trust large organizations with our private information. Maybe it was illusional from the start to believe that a company so focused on mining user data and posting targeted ads would suddenly start protecting its usersʼ right to privacy with built-in end-to-end encryption in Gmail.

If we want to really protect our privacy, we have to take matters into our own hands. And this is exactly what we have been doing at Tutanota these past couple of years: Building easy-to-use end-to-end encrypted email, free for anyone. In Tutanota your entire mailbox is encrypted so that no-one - not even our developers - can read your personal emails.

Stop waiting for Google, [5]start using encrypted mail now!

If you want to take back your privacy completely, read our recommendations on [6]how to leave Google behind.


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