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Happy Little Steam Key Give-away

There once was a Humble Bundle called "The Humble Freedom Bundle" containing a lot of very awesome games! Also, there once was a denschub with already a lot of games in his Steam library. However, he still bought the Humble Bundle since all money will get used to support the ACLU, the IRC, and the MSF. Also, Humble Bundle, Inc. was matching all donations up to 300,000 USD.

It so happened that now a lot of the Steam keys are now duplicated and shall be given away. Interested? Read on…

Give me zeh game!

If you want one of the games linked below, cool. Please let me start by saying that you still can buy the Bundle for USD 30+ to get all of the games + even more (since I kept some of the games for myself!) If you do not feel like paying USD 30 or more for only a single game you want, that's fine. If it's on the list below, there is a high chance you can have the Steam key from me! Please note that I will not give them away for free, you have to work a little…

So, follow this simple guide to get your game:
  • Check that the game is still available on the list linked here. If there is a line through, it means that you are too late. Sorry.
  • Think about what you want to do! Since this thing started on February 14th, it means that it started on the day full of Love. After all, it's the Free Software Day and we all love charities, right? So, go ahead and, …
    • Donate an amount of your choice (I do not care if it's 5 dollars or 500 dollars) do a charity of your choice. Everything is fine if the organization you are donating to is some kind of charitable org. Or...
    • Submit a pull request to a project of your choice. Free and open source software is awesome, so being part of the FOSS community is awesome. Even if the PR is rejected, you might still qualify for it, as long as you put a serious amount of efforts into it. (Please don't submit one-liners that got rejected or something similar. I do not want people to make spam PRs just for the sake of doing them. Serious contributions only.) Or...
      * Do something else! You might not be in the financial situation to donate something and you might not be able or interested to submit a pull request, that's fine. If you still have done something charitable, send me an email and we can talk!
  • Send me an email with the title of the desired game and the awesome thing you've done to [email protected]. If you are planning on working on a pull request that could take a while, send me an email with a link to an issue or something else that describes what you want to work at. You will get your game!
  • Feel incredibly awesome.
Some notes:

* Please include a subject in your email. My spam filter is very hungry and it really loves emails without subjects.
* If I receive multiple emails for the same game, I will always pick the first one, no matter of the donated amount. If that happens, I will reply with a picture of a cute red panda. You are still awesome!
* If you are a bad person and sue me to make me give you a game, you are a bad person and my lawyer will bait his angry kittens at you. Don't do it.


Please also check the updateable version of the list here since I might some stuff later. Some people told me they are interested in donating some more tripple-A-title for this purpose, and I'll add them. But first, let's see if people do even care.

* 2064: Read Only Memories (Steam store)
* 7 Grand Steps (Steam store)
* A Virus Named Tom (Steam store)
* AI War: Fleet Command (Steam store)
* Ellipsis (Steam store)
* Girls Like Robots (Steam store)
* Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition (Steam store)
* Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Deluxe (Steam store)
* Human Resource Machine (Steam store)
* Invisible, Inc. (Steam store)
* Mini Metro (Steam store)
* Monster Loves You (Steam store)
* Mushroom 11 (Steam store)
* Ninja Pizza Girl (Steam store)
* No Time to Explain (Steam store)
* Nuclear Throne (Steam store)
* Octodad Dadliest Catch (Steam store)
* Retro Game Crunch (Steam store)
* Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball (Steam store)
* Secrets of Raetikon (Steam store)
* Song of the Deep (Steam store)
* Spirits (Steam store)
* Sproggiwood (Steam store)
* Streamline (Steam store)
* Subnautica (Steam store)
* Super Hexagon (Steam store)
* Super Meat Boy (Steam store)
* Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Steam store)
* The Stanley Parable (Steam store)
* The Swapper (Steam store)
* Thirty Flights of Loving (Steam store)
* Tower of Guns (Steam store)
* VVVVVV (Steam store)
* Waking Mars (Steam store)
* World of Goo (Steam store)
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I made a #tetris . It doesn't have some stuff tetris games tend to have, but it has some new ideas of my own. For instance clearing a line separates all pieces touching that line into their own block, causing them to fall. After clearing more than 4 lines you get to choose the type of the next 4 pieces. A big version of normal blocks spawn every 50 placed pieces. Activating a POW and landing a piece makes all pieces independent/loose so they fall. Been working on this for 2 weeks. http://tetris.merkoba.com #videogames #games #programming

RIvenWord, the Bringer of Secrets

New post on #Itch delving Further Into the Darkness of the #Venleitche gameworld, brought over from my #Patreon. Meet RivenWord. #ttrpg #rpg #indie #monsters #gamedev #games

Click here: https://bit.ly/2VXTso8

1879: The Great Ones Remember

Who are the Great Families of the Gruv? Don't forget that we're nearing December. Clickthru: https://bit.ly/2Myul8y #fasa1879 #victorian #steampunk #ttrpg #rpg #games #gaming
Will Mario Kart mobile replace my desire for a Switch?
#Mario #games,
An analysis of the problems with the words "immersion" and "fun" when talking about games. I don't 100% agree with everything, but the underlying message that they're terms that are too generic, broad and misunderstandable clicks with me.

#gametheory #games #rpg #LARP #larp-design #Knutepunkt
Libre game fans,

#SuperTuxKart and @Minetest are examples of good, well-maintained libre games.

Do you know any others you would recommend?

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Epic Games Supports Blender Foundation with $1.2M

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Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant

Zachademics: Free games for schools

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Running Games on a MacBook Pro with an EGPU

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The #E3 game expo starts today, so with gaming in mind you might want to follow these accounts:

@gamingonlinux Gaming On Linux: News about the latest games for Linux

@GIbiz Games Industry: The web's largest site about the companies behind games

@itchio Itch.io: DRM-free indie games store

@Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to Minecraft, includes offline and online gameplay

@rpginabox RPG in a Box: Editor for creating your own 3d RPGs

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Delta anti-union poster: Spend on video games over union dues

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Epic Games is killing Linux support for games and software it acquired

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#SuperTuxKart is a free open game similar to Mario Kart, featuring open source mascots as the main characters.

The latest version (1.0) was released a couple of days ago, and introduces online multiplayer 🌐 There’s also a story mode, single player, local multiplayer, various game types and lots of mods.

It’s available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android:


Chris Were did a detailed video about it a while ago, which includes gameplay footage:

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Making Video Games Is Not a Dream Job

The workers behind hits like Fortnite and Call of Duty need unions to protect them from exploitation.
Article word count: 1019

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Article content:

The workers behind hits like Fortnite and Call of Duty need unions to protect them from exploitation.

By Jason Schreier

Mr. Schreier is the author of “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made.”

A display by the game publisher Activision Blizzard at an expo. The company, which makes Call of Duty, recently laid off nearly 800 workers. CreditCreditJae C. Hong/Associated Press

The video game industry is richer than it has ever been. Its revenue in 2018 was [1]$43.8 billion, a recent report estimated, thanks in large part to hugely popular games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. These record-breaking profits could have led one to think that the people who develop video games had it made. But then the blood bath began.

In February, Call of Duty’s publisher, Activision Blizzard, [2]laid off 8 percent of its staff, or nearly 800 workers, in a cost-cutting massacre. A few weeks later, the game studio ArenaNet cut dozens of positions, while smaller layoffs hit companies like Valve and the digital store operator GOG. And just last week, the video game giant Electronic Arts announced that it was [3]laying off 350 people across the globe.

This brutal start to 2019 followed the closures of major game companies like Telltale, the makers of games based on The Walking Dead, and Capcom Vancouver, the large studio behind the popular action series Dead Rising in 2018. All in all, thousands of video game workers have lost their jobs in the past 12 months.

In many of these cases, laid-off employees had no idea what was coming. One developer at a major studio told me in February that he and his colleagues had been [4]crunching — putting in long hours, including nights and weekends — for a video game release, only to be suddenly told that security was waiting to escort them off the premises.

Worker exploitation has always been part of the video game industry’s DNA. Executives with multimillion-dollar stock packages often treat their employees like Tetris pieces, to be put into place as efficiently as possible, then promptly disposed of. For many kids who grew up with controllers in their hands, being a game developer is a dream job, so when it comes to talent, [5]supply is higher than demand. Some people who make video games receive decent salaries and benefits (experienced programmers at the richest studios can make [6]six figures), but many do not.

Quality assurance testers — those who play a game repeatedly in order to spot glitches before they’re found by consumers — can make as little as $10 an hour. For those living in expensive cities like Los Angeles, working extensive overtime can be the only way to make ends meet.

By comparison, Activision Blizzard’s chief executive, Bobby Kotick, [7]made $28.6 million in 2017, a package that included cash, stock and other compensation. That was 306 times the median Activision Blizzard employee’s salary.

There’s only one way for these workers to push back against the way they’re exploited while franchises like Call of Duty churn out money for those at the very top: unionization.

The idea of unionization in the video game industry only recently started to build momentum. In 2018, the grass-roots organization Game Workers Unite began encouraging game studio employees across the world to unionize. At the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last month, union organizers hosted several sessions on how workers might start unions at their own companies. They also passed around cards [8]comparing the salaries of industry executives to those of the developers who work under them. One stated that Andrew Wilson, chief executive of Electronic Arts, made $35.7 million in 2018, while the average worker at his company got $93,336. Another said that Tim Sweeney, chief executive of Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, has a net worth of over $7 billion.

So far, progress has been slow. While game workers have become more likely to voice support for unionization on social media and in private gatherings, no major studio in the United States has seen an attempt to organize yet.

I don’t work in video games, but as a journalist who writes about them and is part of a union, I’ve seen the benefits of organization firsthand. In 2018, our union was able to negotiate the layoffs many of my colleagues faced into buyouts. Like journalists, workers in the video game industry will be better off when they are able to leverage their talent and experience to demand better conditions from the executives who profit off their work.

One common argument by critics of unionization is that it won’t prevent layoffs or studio shutdowns. It won’t automatically provide money to struggling companies or force Mr. Kotick to take a lower salary. That’s true, of course. But unions will open lines of communication between workers and management. Unions will allow video game workers to negotiate guaranteed severance packages, mandatory paid overtime, stronger benefits, better salaries, notification before layoffs and fair crediting policies.

Another argument is that if American workers unionize, companies will just turn to cheaper countries. Anyone who’s ever glanced at a video game’s credits section knows that companies are already doing that to some extent. But it would be prohibitively expensive for a company like Activision to simply pack up shop and move all of its developers from North America and Europe to a cheaper area, not just in cash but in terms of lost institutional knowledge. Besides, in the ideal version of this scenario, game developer shops all across the world would also be organizing, allowing them all to stand in solidarity together.

Right now, all of the power belongs to Bobby Kotick, Andrew Wilson and their fellow rich video game executives. There’s only one real way to change that.

Jason Schreier is the news editor at Kotaku and the author of “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made.”

The Times is committed to publishing [9]a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some [10]tips. And here’s our email: [11][email protected]

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MS TextWorld: open-source engine that both generates and simulates text games

TextWorld is text-based game and is an open-source, extensible engine that generates and simulates text games-use it to train reinforcement learning agents.

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