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My wife held a vernissage Friday and I meet and old friend of ours who we hadn’t seen for a long time. I told her about my latest Idée fixe, that everybody should post naked people on social media to counter the annoying conservative puritanism that pesters all communications these days. Mulle (the old friend) told me that she had been banned a couple of times from Facebook for posting images of nude men and penises, which she fancies a lot. I told her about #dongday and #boobsday that @the Gring and @Caroline Erre and I are working on :), and then she showed me a festive cavalcade of images and film that she kept on her mobile phone. She is a real dick aficionada. So I made her agree to send me all of her archive and every time she found another fine image of the male organ I would have it too :)

Here is a sweet one that she sent me from her phone.

#penis #beach #liberation #puritanism #anti #fun #friend #frisind #nsfw #reluctantly
Hello !Friendica Support

(Sorry if this is a double post, but it seems my post from yesterday never made it through)
In a Connect/Friend Request, what exactly does Ignore and Discard mean, and does it mean different things for different protocols? If so, what does it do for a request from Mastodon?

In Mastodon it is possible to configure a profile in a way that you have to confirm somebody before he/she can follow you. How does a Friendica profile appear in that regard to a Mastodon user?

#Friendica #Mastodon #Friend Request

Vladimir Komarov went on a space suicide mission to save his best friend, Yuri

“It's #YurisNight so here's a story about Vladimir Komarov, who went on a suicide mission to save his best friend, Yuri Gagarin.”
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HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19654596
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[1] [IMG][2]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [3]22h22 hours ago

Itʼs [4]#YurisNight so hereʼs a story about Vladimir Komarov, who went on a suicide mission to save his best friend, Yuri Gagarin.[5]pic.twitter.com/yxmrhk9fl8

[6] [IMG][7]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [8]22h22 hours ago

The year was 1967 and the Cold War was at its height. Leninʼs birthday was coming up on April 22, and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev wanted to do something flashy to commemorate the occasion.[9]pic.twitter.com/k8F9eOGqaN

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[10] [IMG][11]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [12]22h22 hours ago

He decided to take the Soviet victory lap to space, staging a rendezvous between two spacecraft during which the cosmonauts from each craft would switch from one capsule to the other before returning to Earth. An unprecedented feat.[13]pic.twitter.com/xo8v2BW7q5

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[14] [IMG][15]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [16]22h22 hours ago

For such an important flight, the Soviet space agency needed the right pilot for the job. At that point, both Komarov and Gagarin were national celebrities in their own right as part of the first group of cosmonauts to go to space. Gagarin in 1961 and Komarov in 1964.[17]pic.twitter.com/YApj7co9ku

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[18] [IMG][19]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [20]22h22 hours ago

Komarov and Gagarin had come up together through the Air Force ranks and were close friends. They would drink together, hunt together, and trained to go to space together.[21]pic.twitter.com/tHzOuJSrSG

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[22] [IMG][23]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [24]22h22 hours ago

The only problem was that technicians working on the project all agreed that the spacecraft, the Soyuz 1, would not be ready in time for the anniversary and everyone involved in the project knew it.[25]pic.twitter.com/TPiwjgI1qU

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[26] [IMG][27]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [28]22h22 hours ago

Gagarin was especially vocal about the issues with the spacecraft. As the mission was being planned, he inspected the craft and found 203 structural problems that made it unfit for flight.[29]pic.twitter.com/mvjwUM6c2n

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[30] [IMG][31]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [32]22h22 hours ago

The problem was Brezhnev really wanted to make it happen and when Brezhnev wanted something, you didnʼt say no. Gagarin did anyway.[33]pic.twitter.com/R8CmLmLV82

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[34] [IMG][35]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [36]22h22 hours ago

Shortly before the mission was scheduled to happen, Gagarin drafted a note urging Brezhnev to postpone the flight. He gave it to Venyamin Russayev, his friend in the KGB, to pass on. The plea came to naught, and anyone who saw his note ended up demoted or sent to Siberia.[37]pic.twitter.com/nW2dDNrIpT

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[38] [IMG][39]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [40]22h22 hours ago

As the date for the historic rendezvous approached, Komarov began to say his goodbyes. He, along with most of his colleagues, knew the mission was a death sentence.[41]pic.twitter.com/mSnzIiFZgx

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[42] [IMG][43]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [44]22h22 hours ago

So why didnʼt he back out of the mission? Russayev asked Komarov the same question. He told Russayev that he couldnʼt do that to his friend. If Komarov backed out, Yuri was the backup pilot for the mission and would be sent to his almost certain death in his stead.[45]pic.twitter.com/idHL1xkYZ0

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[46] [IMG][47]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [48]22h22 hours ago

Yuri apparently showed up the day of the launch and demanded to be put in a suit in Komarovʼs place. Komarov didnʼt yield. Hereʼs a picture of Yuri accompanying Komarov to the pad the morning of the launch.[49]pic.twitter.com/xSSMHUTNfn

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[50] [IMG][51]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [52]22h22 hours ago

Soon April 23, 1967, Komarov climbed into the Soyuz 1, at Baikonur Cosmodrome, on a mission to rendezvous with the Soyuz 2, to be launched a few hours later.[53]pic.twitter.com/93EoDl8E5H

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[54] [IMG][55]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [56]22h22 hours ago

The Soyuz 2 never left the launch pad. Komarov did 18 laps around the Earth and then was commanded to return. Several technical problems on the craft meant that Komarov had to manually guide the craft back to terra firma. Not good news.[57]pic.twitter.com/BS9uzk8O4B

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[58] [IMG][59]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [60]22h22 hours ago

Knowing he would likely die, the Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin spoke to Komarov over a video call. Komarovʼs wife was also on the call. US military analysts listened in on the call from a base in Turkey. You can hear the end of the recording here: [61]https://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2011/05/02/134597833/cosmonaut-crashed-into-earth-crying-in-rage …[62]pic.twitter.com/Oof2FB84Lm

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[63] [IMG][64]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [65]22h22 hours ago

Despite the odds, Komarov retained control of the craft. It seemed he might make it after all. Yet when it came time to deploy the craftʼs parachutes, the chute never unfolded.[66]pic.twitter.com/MaIfgaAP2n

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[67] [IMG][68]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [69]22h22 hours ago

Komarov is the first person to have died during spaceflight. The official Soviet account says he died upon impact. What is known for sure is when Air Force officials visited the crash site, all they found was Komarovʼs charred remains.[70]pic.twitter.com/7AGZyYqXjt

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[71] [IMG][72]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [73]22h22 hours ago

Komarov died to save his friend Yuri, who died in a plane crash the following year. It was an impossible choice that no one should be forced to make. He was 40 years old and left behind a wife and children.[74]pic.twitter.com/Wywkjkg7XQ

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[75] [IMG][76]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [77]22h22 hours ago

At the most recent National Space Council meeting, Pence made it clear that a major motivation for pushing to send astronauts to the moon in 2024 was to prevent US "adversaries," namely China, from gaining "strategic high ground" over America.[78]pic.twitter.com/jWnkAabrVH

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[79] [IMG][80]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [81]22h22 hours ago

Komarovʼs name is printed on a plaque on the moon dedicated to fallen astronauts left by Apollo 11. As the US prepares to return to the moon in 2024, his death is a sobering reminder of the consequences of letting blind nationalism determine the course of our future in space.[82]pic.twitter.com/bYiURFp5ZS

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[83] [IMG][84]Itay Adler‏ @itayad [85]8h8 hours ago

Replying to [86]@DMOberhaus

Video call? What tech they used for that back then?

[87] [IMG][88]daniel‏Verified account @DMOberhaus [89]8h8 hours ago

Replying to [90]@itayad

Presumably thatʼs Komarov calling mission control via video and the audio being relayed to orbit. Afaik Soyuz 1 wasnt able to do live video transmissions. Whether this call even occurred is one the contested points in its source material[91]https://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2011/05/03/135919389/a-cosmonauts-fiery-death-retold …


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