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"There can be no accountability if there is no transparency."

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"Earlier this week, NBC News had quite a story about a facial recognition tech company in Israel, named AnyVision, that is being used by the Israeli military to conduct surveillance on Palestinians in the West Bank. Much of the article focuses on the fact that Microsoft invested in AnyVision, at a time when Microsoft claims it's been taking the moral high ground and unwilling to work on more nefarious uses of things like facial recognition technology. The story hits on a bunch of different points that we regularly cover at Techdirt, from misuses of facial recognition to large company hypocrisy. But we're writing about it for a different reason: the way that AnyVision's CEO reacted upon being contacted by NBC reporters..."

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Facebook alters video to make people invisible to facial recognition | VentureBeat

Facebook AI Research says it’s created a machine learning system for de-identification of individuals in video. Startups like D-ID and a number of previous works have made de-identification technology for still images, but this is the first one that works on video. In initial tests, the method was able to thwart state-of-the-art facial recognition systems.
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Facebook alters video to make people invisible to facial recognition

Google contractors allegedly targeted homeless people for facial data collection | Android Authority

The Google Pixel 4 series will pack advanced facial recognition functionality, enabling users to quickly unlock their devices and more with a glance. We already know that the company employed people to capture scans of people’s faces for $5 gift cards to improve this face unlock technology. Now, the New York Daily News has reported that Google was using some questionable methods in order to get these scans.
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Google contractors allegedly targeted homeless people for facial data collection

Facebook can now recognize and tag your face – whoever and wherever you are | TechRadar

Facebook is rolling out facial recognition to all of its 360 million users, making it easier than ever for your friends and family to tag you in embarrassing photos.

Facial recognition first arrived on Facebook in 2017 under the name 'Tag Suggestions', but was only available to a small sample of users. It's now accessible worldwide under the more logical name 'Face Recognition'.
The good news is that the article links to another article that explains how to delete your Facebook account.

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"Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has called for a complete ban on police use of facial recognition, as part of his campaign’s broader plan for criminal justice reform. If elected president, Sanders specifically pledges to 'ban the use of facial recognition software for policing'. The plan also calls for ending programs that provide military equipment to local police and establishing federal standards for the use of body cameras."

"Sanders is the first presidential candidate to call for an outright ban on police use of facial recognition, although a number of other Democratic candidates have expressed concerns about how the technology is being used. Last year, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker joined with other senators in a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, raising concerns about racial bias in facial recognition algorithms."

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Privacy campaigners warn of UK facial recognition 'epidemic' | The Guardian

Privacy campaigners have warned of an “epidemic” of facial recognition use in shopping centres, museums, conference centres and other private spaces around the UK
We're so used to CCTV that I bet many people don't know the difference.

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"One in five California lawmakers were mistaken for convicted criminals in an experiment testing the reliability of facial-recognition software in identifying potentially dangerous suspects. The Los Angeles Times reports that local assemblyman Phil Ting called for the experiment as part of a bill to ban the use of such technology by police and law-enforcement agencies. The experiment incorrectly matched his face to a convicted felon, which he argues could put innocent people in jeopardy if police mistakenly identify them as dangerous criminals. 'The software clearly is not ready for use in a law-enforcement capacity', Ting said. 'These mistakes, we can kind of chuckle at it, but if you get arrested and it’s on your record, it can be hard to get housing, get a job. It has real impacts'. Proponents of the technology argue that it is useful in searching for lost children or elderly people in large group situations."

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"A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected Facebook Inc’s effort to undo a class action lawsuit claiming that it illegally collected and stored biometric data for millions of users without their consent."

"The 3-0 decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco over Facebook’s facial recognition technology exposes the company to billions of dollars in potential damages to the Illinois users who brought the case."

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Facebook loses facial recognition appeal
"Many of California’s local law enforcement agencies have access to facial recognition software for identifying suspects who appear in crime scene footage, documents obtained through public records requests show. Three California counties also have the capability to run facial recognition searches on each others’ mug shot databases, and others could join if they choose to opt into a network maintained by a private law enforcement software company.:

"The network is called California Facial Recognition Interconnect, and it’s a service offered by DataWorks Plus, a Greenville, South Carolina–based company with law enforcement contracts in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara."

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"State and federal lawmakers are calling for new rules and investigations surrounding the use of facial-recognition scans of driver’s license databases by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other agencies, fueling a debate over the technology some on Capitol Hill have said represents a 'massive breach of privacy and trust'."

"Public records obtained by Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology and first reported Sunday by The Washington Post revealed how ICE, the FBI and other agencies had worked for years with state officials to search through millions of license photos without drivers’ knowledge or consent."

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Greed over ethics?


"Amazon shareholders have rejected two proposals that would have requested the company not to sell its facial recognition technology to government customers."

"The breakdown of the votes is not immediately known. A filing with the vote tally is expected later this week."

"The first proposal would have requested Amazon to limit the sale of its Rekognition technology to police, law enforcement and federal agencies. A second resolution would have demanded an independent human and civil rights review into the use of the technology."

"It followed accusations that the technology has bias and inaccuracies, which critics say can be used to racially discriminate against minorities."

"The votes were non-binding, allowing the company to reject the outcome of the vote."

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Amazon shareholders reject facial recognition sale ban to governments
This is tyranny.

UK Cops Fine Pedestrian $115 For Avoiding Facial Recognition Camera

"A UK pedestrian was arrested and fined £90 ($115 US) after attempting to cover his face while passing a controversial facial recognition camera van on a East London street. The notorious London police vans scan the faces of passers-by and compare them to a database of wanted criminals."

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"There are many companies that offer facial recognition products and services, including Amazon, Microsoft and FaceFirst. Those companies all need access to enormous databases of photos to improve the accuracy of their matching technology. But while most facial recognition algorithms are trained on well-established, publicly circulating datasets — some of which have also faced criticism for taking people’s photos without their explicit consent — Ever is different in using its own customers’ photos to improve its commercial technology."

"Facial recognition companies’ use of photos of unsuspecting people has raised growing concerns from privacy experts and civil rights advocates. They noted in interviews that millions of people are uploading and sharing photos and personal information online without realizing how the images could be used to develop surveillance products they may not support."

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