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Facebook Suspends Anti-Racist Skinheads for Reasons Unknown | Gizmodo

For years, activists and media have supplied Facebook with a long menu of white supremacist groups to target, and to its credit, it’s finally budging a little (emphasis on little). Last week, Facebook deactivated nearly 200 accounts tied to the white supremacist groups the Proud Boys and the American Guard. Facebook is being proactive, and now it’s chosen to go after...uh...skinheads. All skinheads, be they anti-fascist, anti-racist, or just ska fans.
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PCR and RT-PCR tests are $15 and nested PCR tests are $25. Cost is doubled for cases originating out of state.
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I'd find it a lot easier to NOT TOUCH MY FACE if more politicians avoided saying totally #FACEPALM things.

Facebook will now stop following you around the web (sort of) | TechRadar

Facebook has introduced a tool that lets you see which third-party websites and apps are sending it your browsing history, and stop them doing so in future.

The feature, which is currently available in Ireland, Spain and South Korea, is found in the mobile app's settings under the heading 'Off-Facebook Activity'. It allows you to see which companies have shared data about your browsing habits using tracking tools like The Facebook Pixel and Facebook Login.
Oh, really? And what if you haven't got a Facebook account?

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