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@(((Dirk Weber)))
all these covidiot jerks come creeping out of theit holes
What a great way to address people in discussion. #BeExcellentToEachOther and all.

This what I find the most disturbing about this pandemic - how intolerant people become to those who don't fall under the "right" category of thinking. Applies to all sides.

As I understand even your government used this "term" semi-officially. It is suddenly all right to bash people for disagreeing on what isn't even that definite. And it is not just individuals - remember all these arrests, surveillance and such which happened in so many countries during lockdown period?

(by the way now it would be a good time to analyze it, the damage it caused and if it worked or was massive overkill).

@Andrew Pam You say as if there is overwhelming consensus on mask efficiency. There is not. Most scientists agree masks work to a degree. Some think efficiency is high, some are not so sure. Everyone agrees that it is better to have any kind of barrier in contaminated environment however there are few studies on their effects during long term use in daily life - with control group.

And even then my point was not about it.

As a final note: I am a cyclist. I have a helmet and usually wear it. Yet I find legal requirement to wear one (we don't have such) absurd and destructive. All countries enforcing these did show this in long term.
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