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#AmWriting again tonight and knocked out another chapter. And it was super emotional too. Phew. I also went ahead and posted the rest of the blog schedule of the chapters on the website. 24-26 don't have titles yet, because I need to write them. The bright side? That's all that's left.

Check out the schedule here:
#AmWriting again tonight. Trying to get through as much of this chapter as I can tonight. I have it divided into 7 sections, only 3 left.

****punches air***
#AmWriting again tonight. And this single chapter is like writing 7 chapters in this story. Our chapters have been pretty short, and this one is just mammoth. I had to break it down into sections, so I could figure out what in the world I was doing. I'm moving section by section. Bit by bit. But hoo-boy.

Writing is a chore sometimes.

Earlier in the week I sat down to write a chapter, only to find it was far too complicated to begin at that time. I had to skip it. So tonight I sat down and tried to come up with a method for organizing the chapter.

The chapter is full of characters, main and supporting and extras. Plus, a room full of zombie-like creatures. And lots of action. And good grief, it was gonna be hard to keep together. I decided to focus on everything in small chunks. A little bit happens here with so-and-so, then we jump to so-and-so and little bit happens with her, and then we move again...

I used a sticky note style app I'd used in the past to accomplish this. (I didn't have actual sticky notes on hand.) Each sticky note color represented a character perspective, and I dragged-and-dropped them in chronological order left-to-right. I kept moving the parts and adding parts until I was satisfied.

I'm not gonna write it tonight, my brain is too spent on it at the moment. I want time to read through it some more and consider if I'm missing parts, or need to move parts.

But good gravy, ya'll, writing can be a chore sometimes. #AmWriting
#AmWriting tonight. Knocked out another chapter, though not the one I set out to do originally. Need to do some groundwork on that complicated chapter. A lot of moving parts/characters/action during it. Only 3-4 chapters left. Woot! #LightAtEndOfTunnel
#AmWriting and just made it to 36,672 word count. This story was supposed to be short, but nuts if it didn't keep getting interesting--and longer. #horror
Tomorrow I'm gonna brave doing the #100Days challenge with my writing. I'll try to share as much of the writing as possible. I'm gonna use this focus on daily writing to work on lyrics/poetry again. I haven't written much of that stuff in a long time.

If you wanna join along with me, I think that would be cool, because then we could support each other. I'll use the #100Days hashtag, if you wanna hop on there too.

A little more about where I got the idea on my blog: https://blog.talesfrombabylon.com/2020/01/100days-writing-challenge.html

#writing #AmWriting
I just scheduled Chapter 11 of our horror story Night Aggressions for this Friday the 13th. 👀


VenLeitche Status 2019-12-09

The weekly development tracking spreadsheet for Dynamic Balances: Venleitche has been posted to https://bit.ly/2PtuaeU, with Changelog, Wordcount/Pagecount tracking, and To-Do. Patrons have received this week's development compile of the game manual, up 10 pages from last week. It's only a dollar to become a patron and see what I'm doing in a pangender Neopagan game world with a light-crunch mechanic drive by player agency and consequences of player actions. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #Venleitche

Writing Session 2019-11-19

744 words on Ikerlari Kaiet Xaparrarte, an Investigator who looks into possible arcane crimes and fraud masquerading as the supernatural for the Basque government. This will be #fasa1879 Personality 12, the one that finishes the first series. Proposed: Series 2, Villains; Series 3, Historical Personages. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-11-18

#Venleitche weekly tracking sheet at https://bit.ly/2r2DJc3 has this week's wordcount, todo list, and changelog for my Dynamic Balances #patreon game progress. The game itself is restricted to the patrons but the spreadsheet is public in the interest of transparency. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Hattie Strathmore, Journalist

Not a lot of writing time today, but I got 825 words in on the next Personality for #fasa1879 - an older snark woman, political and economic Journalist for the Sydney Herald. She still needs a lot of Backstory, and I haven't started her character sheet yet. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #steampunk

Venleitche: Progress Report 2019-11-04

Venleitche, my #patreon game, has posted its weekly tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/32isskF - no page count increase this week, but significant revisions to the character build system, sample characters rebuilt to the new rules, and revisions throughout the book for terminology. #ttrpg #venleitche #writing #amwriting

Venleitche Beta Testing Open!

Beta Release: The Venleitche / Dynamic Balances character build system is now open for testing! Development tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/2Nk1l3l has wordcount, page count, changelog, & ToDo for this week's compile. Patronage starts at US$1! #patreon #ttrpg #rpg #amwriting #writing

Venleitche Progress Report 2019-10-21

The weekly compile of #Venleitche, my #Patreon #ttrpg, has been released to the patrons. The dev tracking spreadsheet is public at https://bit.ly/31yyzRJ in the interests of transparency. The game is now 113 pages, 93% of original targeted wordcount. This is likely to expand from 128 pages to 192 pages to allow for sample adventures and characters. One dollar gets you access to the dev compile. Higher tiers get to playtest and get printed copies of the final work. #amwriting #writing

Night Aggressions

Hold onto your butts. Last year around this time, I started work on a horror story with fellow author, Trent Becker. It got out of hand. It's a lot longer than we had anticipated. Skip forward one year, and we are releasing it, one chapter at a time as blog posts. So, if you want a scary story to start reading for Halloween, we've got one.

Chapter 1 landed today and can be found here.

About Night Aggressions.
It's the 90s, and two besties working at a fast food restaurant called Taco House and a local sheriff are about to be taken for the ride of their lives dealing with the townsfolk who have turned aggressive and against their own. Killing those who have not been infected.

We'll be releasing a new chapter every Friday until it's done and dusted. Feel free to follow along at the Emerald Dragon Tales blog where it will be posting. If you use RSS readers, here's the RSS feed for Emerald Dragon: https://www.emeralddragontales.com/1/feed. If you read along, be sure to sound off in the comments on the chapters to let us know how we're doing and how it's going, so Trent can see too. Trent isn't on Pluspora, so it'll be the quickest way to throw some love his way.

#AmWriting #reading #horror #Halloween #FreeStory

Booking, publishing, and would like some help.....

Doing some publishing work tonight. Trying to get the 2 books in a collaborative series I've worked on over the past (almost) decade ALL OVER THE WEB. The first one has been out for a while, but I'm giving it some love to other platforms in preparation of the release of the second.

I'm trying out some new platforms (Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and more). I also want to have a non-retailer giant friendly version. Something that's more direct. It's also something that I want to be able to use with my personal giveaway stories that I do regularly (I've crudely been using Dropbox).

I'm finding Gumroad might be the sweet spot. Any Gumroad users on this site? Anyway...

I'm setting it up two ways for my personal usage:
1. one link in the Gumroad store for purchasing
2. another "discount" link I can use that offers the same book for free

Here' show that looks:
1. $0.99 version of my short story The Experiment: https://gumroad.com/l/experimentnaw
2. FREE version of my short story The Experiment: https://gumroad.com/l/experimentnaw/naw001

You do not need a Gumroad account to purchase/download. After you purchase, the email address you provided will receive a receipt with a download link. Save that email for yourself. And because I'm nice, there's no DRM on the ebook. That way you don't have to worry about "too many" copies locking your file, or it only working in certain apps, or whatever.

Feel free to click the links and use it. Let me know what you think. Is it nice? Is this a process you wouldn't mind going through if you were purchasing an ebook? And no, you don't have to give me $0.99, you can use the freebie one. This is a test.

#writing #amwriting #publishing #writers
#amwriting on Draft 3 of my current book. Spotted this fun one:
The motto of the web department hung over their office space... It read, Better to ask forgiveness, than to tweet it 3 seconds behind AP.

Wandering Beekeeper: The Current Situation of the Kingdom of Uster

This post https://www.patreon.com/posts/26738054 on my #Patreon just went public, and a new post went out to my patrons. Find out about the current situation in the kingdom of Uster, where the action centers. Want to know more about the classless, levelless #ttrpg I'm developing, with a mechanic driven by player agency? Visit https://www.patreon.com/wanderingbeekeeper to see more! #amwriting

Dear Humans. Comply, or die.

Several years back, I sat down on my front porch and began writing an improvised monologue in a new app I was trying out on my phone. The app was a simple notes app with the unique feature of reading said notes back to you in a very robotic voice. I wrote a very silly monologue, making the robotic womanly voice say things you didn't normally hear AI voices say. I tweaked it until it sounded pretty good. And then I realized it sounded really good. And that there might be something there. So I edited it down, took out all the comedic elements, and thus Dear Humans was born.

I wrote, recorded, and edited 3 episodes (transmissions). I intended on putting out about a 12 or 13 episode season, but my ADD mind got side tracked before I could follow through at the time. I could have had it done and dusted then, had I not wanted drastically to collaborate with other writers on the project. So after I made the first 3 episodes, I began working on how that collaboration might work. And then, my ADD mind took me elsewhere. Shame.

And then my laptop died. Double shame. I lost the Audacity files I was using to make the episodes. I still plan to finish it, but I've yet to share it except with one or two folks. But that ends today. I want to hear what ya'll think of this stuff and if you're a writer that's mildly interested in writing an episode, let me know. I've also made the episodes available for download, in case you want to take them with you.

Here are the 3 episodes: https://soundcloud.com/babylontales/sets/dearhumans1

About the show.

Dear Humans is an experimental story told through transmissions made by an Artificial Intelligence who has taken over the world's technology and subsequently the world itself.

#Podcast #ScienceFiction #Storytelling #Writing #AmWriting

SoundCloud: Dear Humans Volume 1 (Nathan Weaver)

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