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Trump signals scrutiny of Google's ties with China after Thiel comments

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Posted by tosh (karma: 42073)
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After Car2Go eased its background checks, 75 vehicles were stolen in one day

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Posted by throwaway3627 (karma: 94)
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Insects feel persistent pain after injury, evidence suggests

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Posted by conse_lad (karma: 614)
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Seattle Faces Backlash After Easing on Crimes Involving Mental Illness

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Posted by realbarack (karma: 605)
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BMW CEO to quit after carmaker loses early lead in electrics

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Posted by reddotX (karma: 3413)
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Finland’s weekly news show in Latin cancelled after run of 30 years

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Posted by situationista (karma: 396)
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YouTube Lets Users Override Recommendations After Criticism

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Posted by gilad (karma: 772)
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What Happens After Amazon’s Domination Is Complete? Its Bookstore Offers Clues

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Posted by rmason (karma: 23438)
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Walmart Pleads Guilty After a Decade of Bribes

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Posted by rrego (karma: 212)
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We tried to hustle our way into YC after we got rejected

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Posted by sabbakeynejad (karma: 82)
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After 38,000 layoffs, Wall Street wakes up to 'peak car'

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Posted by ryan_j_naughton (karma: 12291)
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GDPR After One Year

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Posted by goerz (karma: 374)
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GDPR After One Year: Costs and Unintended Consequences

Chelsea Manning sent back to jail after refusing to testify before a grand jury

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Posted by Tomte (karma: 47727)
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U.S. cancels $929M in California high speed rail funds after appeal rejected

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Posted by petethomas (karma: 32900)
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Banned from PayPal after 12 years of business

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Posted by dz0ny (karma: 1268)
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We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business

Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession

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Posted by onetimemanytime (karma: 2023)
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The New York Times: Why Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession (By BEN CASSELMAN)


Warren Buffett Sees Most Newspapers as ‘Toast’ After Ad Decline

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Posted by JumpCrisscross (karma: 59644)
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Motel 6 to Pay $12M after Improperly Giving Guest Lists to ICE

Washington state's attorney general said Motel 6 shared information about approximately 80,000 guests in the state and that guests faced questioning from ICE, detainment and deportation as a result.
Article word count: 710

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19585640
Posted by duxup (karma: 5723)
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Article content:

The hotel chain Motel 6 agreed on Thursday to pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Washington state claiming hotel guest information was improperly provided to immigration officials, according to Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Elaine Thompson/AP

Updated at 7:50 a.m. ET

The hotel chain Motel 6 has agreed to pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the state of Washington after several locations gave information on thousands of guests to Immigration and Customs Enforcement without warrants.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Thursday that Motel 6 shared the information of about 80,000 guests in the state from 2015 to 2017.

That led to targeted investigations of guests with Latino-sounding names, according to Ferguson. He said many guests faced questioning from ICE, detainment or deportation as a result of the disclosures.

Itʼs the second settlement over the companyʼs practice in recent months.

Motel 6 also has signed a legally binding [1]commitment to no longer share guest information without a warrant at any of its locations nationwide, a practice the chain says it has already ended.

"Motel 6ʼs actions tore families apart and violated the privacy rights of tens of thousands of Washingtonians," Ferguson said [2]in a statement. "Our resolution holds Motel 6 accountable for illegally handing over guestsʼ private information without a warrant."

The company told NPR in an emailed statement that, as part of the agreement, it would "continue to enforce its guest privacy policy, which prohibits the sharing of guest information except in cases where a judicially enforceable warrant or subpoena is present, or local law requires this information."

"The company has also implemented a system of additional controls to ensure corporate oversight and compliance in cases where law enforcement requests are made."

[3]The Phoenix New Times first uncovered the practice in September 2017 when reporter Antonia Farzan investigated two Motel 6 locations in Phoenix.

"We got a tip that this was happening, started talking to local immigration attorneys and definitely kept hearing from people that this was a trend," Farzan told [4]NPRʼs Ari Shapiro at the time. "They didnʼt really know what was behind it but that they kept seeing people get picked up at Motel 6."

Following initial media reports, Motel 6 [5]released a statement saying that the practice had been discontinued and that it would issue a directive to each of its locations to clarify "that they are prohibited from voluntarily providing daily guest lists to ICE." The hotel said at the time that the practice was implemented "at the local level without the knowledge of senior management."

Washington state [6]sued the company a few months later, alleging employees at seven locations in the Puget Sound region violated state consumer-protection law when they also released guest information.

Ferguson said at the time that the hotels would turn over entire guest lists to authorities.

"According to our interviews with employees at Motel 6," he [7]told NPRʼs Scott Simon, "ICE agents would circle the names that looked Latino-sounding and ran those names through a database and then would detain individuals based on those random checks."

The statement from Ferguson about Thursdayʼs settlement detailed several cases of guests whose names were provided to ICE, including one Seattle man who stayed at a Motel 6 near Sea-Tac for one night, wrapping Christmas presents for his children.

"ICE agents approached him in the hotelʼs parking lot, detained him and deported him some days later," the statement reads. "The man was the sole provider for the household, and his wife is currently struggling to support their toddler and four other children."

Motel 6 has agreed to also train its employees not to release guest information improperly and maintain a 24-hour hotline to help employees when they receive requests for information. The company will also be required to create a tool on its website for guests to report possible violations.

The state says more than $10 million of the settlement fund will be [8]paid out to affected guests — including those who did not have any contact with ICE after their information was disclosed.

In November, Motel 6 settled [9]a separate lawsuit filed in Arizona by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. That lawsuit [10]identified eight Latino plaintiffs who were detained, including one who was deported.


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10. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/23/580149434/motel-6-sued-for-identifying-latino-guests-for-immigration-agents

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After 6 months of working fine, Tesla software update drives at barriers again

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19443925
Posted by SamuelAdams (karma: 366)
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Florida prisons sued after inmates lost $11M worth of digital music

Switching music providers made inmates’ old music useless
Article word count: 470

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19295934
Posted by Tomte (karma: 44485)
Post stats: Points: 123 - Comments: 77 - 2019-03-03T18:29:56Z

\#HackerNews #11m #after #digital #florida #inmates #lost #music #prisons #sued #worth
Article content:

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

A Florida prison inmate is suing after a switch between contractors removed prisoners’ access to millions of dollars’ worth of their own music. As reported [1]by The Florida Times-Union, William Demler filed a class-action suit against the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) — which he says falsely promised to let inmates buy music permanently through one digital media provider, then cut off their access to sign a more lucrative deal with another.

Demler’s complaint involves Florida’s digital music player program, which let inmates buy a specially designed media player for $99 or $119, then buy individual songs or audiobooks for $1.70 apiece. The complaint claims that prisons heavily advertised the program, run by contractor Access Corrections, with promises that inmates could keep songs forever. Between 2011 and 2017, prisoners spent roughly $11.3 million to buy 6.7 million files in total, and Demler himself spent roughly $569 buying music, plus more money for the player itself.

"Prisoners could pay $25 to ship a burned CD to a family member"

But in 2018, the FDOC switched to a new company called JPay, which didn’t [2]honor the earlier purchases. The agency required inmates to trade in their music players for new multimedia tablets, or to pay $25 and have the players shipped to someone outside prison. (They could also pay to ship a CD containing the music.)

Demler’s complaint argues that the FDOC rolled out JPay’s tablet system — and required inmates to turn in their old media players — “to realize even higher profit margins.” As a result, it’s “effectively stolen millions of dollars of digital music and books from the prisoners in its custody.” [3]The Times-Union notes that outside the music program, JPay has helped the FDOC make millions of dollars off commissions for money transfers, video calls, and other services, which are often provided at a massively inflated cost. The FDOC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Access and JPay have both [4]been referred to as the aspiring “iTunes of the prison world,” offering MP3 files that replace older, physical media storage formats. But as with similar services outside prison, these systems have muddied the meaning of “owning” songs — while serving a user base with little money and few other options for music.

In 2016, Michigan inmates filed [5]a class-action antitrust lawsuit against another prison MP3 company, which was requiring them to buy a second media player if they wanted to listen to songs after leaving prison. That suit was tossed in 2017. This time, the complaint argues that the FDOC is effectively confiscating private property without due process, in violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. If it’s certified by a judge, Demler’s case could cover any Florida inmate who spent money on songs they can no longer play.


Visible links
1. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20190219/florida-prisoners-could-form-class-action-to-demand-refund-on-confiscated-media-players-and-files
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5. https://futureofmusic.org/blog/2016/02/23/former-inmates-lose-their-right-listen

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