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#Welcome to #CheckIn for Thursday January 23

Here’s where you can continue the topic from yesterday, send a wave, give brief update or take part in daily thread. If you’re #NewHere, welcome!

Let’s talk about FAME! Most people are a fan of someone they don’t know – author, musician, local inspiration. @SuAnn had that as a topic recently. I read someone who said they would like to meet their idol by them moving in next door and having them introduce themselves. This struck me as a perfect response. If you met someone you were a fan of – would you recognize them in an unstructured setting? What would be your ideal way of meeting them?

What is #CHECKIN?
It’s a longstanding daily tradition started by Lawrence (LD) Williams on g+. Peeps throughout the world check in to mingle. It’s been likened to what folks do around a water cooler, on a front porch or at a cafe-bar, but online. If pressed for time just wave (like) as you run/fly/swim by. You’ll always be seen and appreciated. #CheckIn is a daily post-thread where regulars and visitors alike come to chat, as the sun travels through all time zones

When consumer G+'s sun set, the original checkin (hosted by LD) seamlessly reappeared at MeWe. Pluspora’s checkin also began not long after. #CheckIn is a convenient neighbourhood place where regulars and visitors alike know they can go to chat with familiar friends or with friends they haven’t met yet, as the sun travels through all time zones.

Pluspora CheckIn was initially set up by Su Ann Lim with LD Williams’s help. Starting August 2019, Pluspora #CheckIn is now hosted by a round robin team:How to get included in the daily #CheckIn invitation? Just jump in and comment/like.
How to get uninvited? Let us know via comment or direct message.

To continue to get notifications regardless of rotation, please follow all the current team members.
If by any chance you do not see the day’s #CheckIn post in your notifications/stream, just search #CheckIn. It is a daily forum. There is a new post every day.

Heartfelt thanks to @Dave Sutton for creating the 3D Pluspora CheckIn GIF, and for the use of it. ❤️

Welcome to the Old Internet Again

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20297435
Posted by myth_drannon (karma: 5173)
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\#HackerNews #again #internet #old #the #welcome
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