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Enjoy the complete delusional narcissism and grandiosity while it's about to yield back to reality and reationality.
As the #trumpvirus & corruption "like we've never seen before", nears its expiration date, despite all the denial & obstruction....

A souvenir. This is real. In response to losing the election (in reality).
One thing to be said for Trump's pathology and limited repertoire - As unpredictable and irrational as he is, he's still predictable!

Next up: Healing. Reflection. Mindfulness. Solutions not based on division, but on understanding.
And this is the last time, I hope, we see an incoherent "leadership style" based on "We'll see what happens", not science or facts!

All eyes now on the "grey areas", along with the 'counter-programming' - Twitter lies, legal games & flames - by #trumpvirus, Fox and "friends". Act 1 about to conclude. After a brief Intermission, back to Act 2: More high crimes, misdemeanors, distraction, & lies.
Only if he loses, of course. If he "wins" (or successfully steals) the election, he'll be there bragging about how perfect it all was.

#TrumpVirusDeathToll240K and skyrocketing, in part tracking the #trumpvirus hate rallies.
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