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A short summary of the messaging/politics crescendo in the U.S.
IMHO, exquisitely stated, by Joy Reid, in conversation with Stephen Colbert. Just...


Colbert & Seth both in fine form and both tempered by the intensity of the moment, as we all are.
What she says is, absolutely spot-on, pure, shiny Truth. Oh Joy…
Now in America, for the first time in our history, we watch in horror as the right to vote & be counted are uncertain.

Arrest the #trumpvirus
#TrumpVirusDeathToll220K (US)
#Election 2020

Heads-up from mega-author Stephen King. In 2 hours (9PM / 21:00 EST)

He knows his horror. So do we! So do psychologists and victims of #trumpvirus

Might be eye-opening to some, reaffirming to many more....

#StaySafe #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll220K
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