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Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration

"The Supreme Court voted along party-lines Friday evening to allow a Trump administration rule restricting low-income immigrants’ ability to enter the US to take full effect. All four of the Court’s Democratic appointees dissented, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor writing a sharply worded dissenting opinion accusing her Court of “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of” the Trump administration."

"'It is hard to say what is more troubling', Sotomayor wrote. 'That the government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a matter of course, or that the Court would grant it'."

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" If this were a movie, it would be called How The West Was Lost – with Trump as outlaw-in-chief."


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Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration

"The Supreme Court voted along party-lines Friday evening to allow a Trump administration rule restricting low-income immigrants’ ability to enter the US to take full effect. All four of the Court’s Democratic appointees dissented, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor writing a sharply worded dissenting opinion accusing her Court of “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of” the Trump administration."

"'It is hard to say what is more troubling', Sotomayor wrote. 'That the government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a matter of course, or that the Court would grant it'."

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My own country is purposefully standing in the way of meaningful climate change mitigation progress. This administration is dangerous to human and all other life on this planet. Disgusting and despicable.

U.S. blocking G20 mention of climate change in draft communique, diplomats say

"The United States is against mentioning climate change in the communique of the world’s financial leaders, G20 diplomats said, after a new draft of the joint statement showed the G20 are considering including it as a risk factor to growth."

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Quote of note:

"Trump is letting us know that he and his base don't think of this as an election. It's a civil war. They want to turn the clock back to the time that Negroes knew their place and women were happy making biscuits in the kitchen and employers could pay their workers anything they wanted and the question of who got to vote was decided by a few white men in a smoke-filled room."

Via This isn't an election: It's a civil war, and our side isn't necessarily winning

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Quote of note:

"As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil." -- William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, was commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014. He oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

Via William McRaven: If good men like Joe Maguire can’t speak the truth, we should be deeply afraid

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Putin still in it to win it in 2020.

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Quote of note:

"In addition to clearing his record, President Trump’s pardon of former New York City police chief Bernard Kerik also cancels out $103,300 in restitution that Kerik still owed the Internal Revenue Service as part of his sentence..."

Via Trump Canceled Out Kerik’s $103K Debt to Taxpayers

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Trump Canceled Out Kerik’s $103K Debt to Taxpayers
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Quote of note:

"Doubling down on his assault on America’s legal system, Trump declared Tuesday that he has every right to protect his friends and punish his enemies using the country’s federal criminal procedures because he’s technically America’s top cop — or so he said."

Via Trump Just Declared Himself the Sheriff of America

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Quote of note:

"The notion that arguably the most personally corrupt president in American history has good-faith concerns about corruption has always been absurd. But whatever shred of plausibility it had was dealt a death blow on Tuesday when President Donald Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of a veritable who’s who of corrupt public figures."

Via Trump’s latest pardons show how quickly he’s normalizing corruption

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Let the Internet meltdown begin...

Donald Trump 'offered Julian Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack'

"Donald Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon if he would say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic party emails, a court in London has been told."

"The extraordinary claim was made at Westminster magistrates court before the opening next week of Assange’s legal battle to block attempts to extradite him to the US."

"Assange’s barrister, Edward Fitzgerald QC, referred to evidence alleging that the former US Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher had been to see Assange, now 48, while he was still in the Ecuadorian embassy in August 2017."

"A statement from Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson shows 'Mr Rohrabacher going to see Mr Assange and saying, on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr Assange … said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks', Fitzgerald told Westminster magistrates court."

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Quote of note:

"Trump granted clemency to tax cheats, Wall Street crooks, billionaires, and corrupt government officials. Meanwhile thousands of poor and working-class kids sit in jail for nonviolent drug convictions."

Via How Trump clemency for ‘Wall Street crooks’ and ‘corrupt’ officials lays bare broken justice system: Bernie Sanders

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How Trump clemency for ‘Wall Street crooks’ and ‘corrupt’ officials lays bare broken justice system: Bernie Sanders
Quote of note:

"...there’s another key aspect of Trump’s pardons that shouldn’t get lost: In many cases, there are significant similarities between the pardon recipient and Trump -- or at least Trump’s depiction of himself."

Via Trump keeps pardoning himself

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"Mr. [Bernie Kerik, one of the corrupt scumbags pardoned by Trump today] was a police detective when Rudolph W. Giuliani chose him as his bodyguard and chauffeur during his first mayoral campaign. The two men forged a connection that lasted throughout Mr. Giuliani’s mayoralty and beyond."

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Made Guy

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Wow. The corruption runs far and deep in this administration....

Agency saved by DeVos appears to have accredited a college with no students, faculty or classrooms

"...the ACICS accredited Reagan National University in Sioux Falls following Trump's inauguration, when its future was still in doubt. Years later, the college appears to have no social media presence and its website is riddled with error pages. The only mention of the college on Twitter was in reference to a politician in Ghana accused of having a fake degree, according to the report."

"Four faculty members listed on the university's website told USA Today they never worked at Reagan and taught at other colleges. Others, including the university's supposed president, appeared not to exist online at all."

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This headline says everything you need to know about the criminal relationship between Trump and Barr...

Trump stands by attorney general who accused him of making job 'impossible'

"Donald Trump on Tuesday said he has total confidence in U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who last week said in an interview that Trump's tweeting habit had made it impossible for him to do his job."

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The Orange Shitgibbon is at it again, pardoning his criminal buddies.

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Trump commutes sentence of corrupt governor Rod Blagojevich, pardons Giuliani crony Bernard Kerik
Quote of note (and epic smackdown):

"They’re not my numbers – these are from the Bureau of Economic Analysis."

Via CNN anchor corners Trump trade advisor as he rattles off several lies about the economy

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CNN anchor corners Trump trade advisor as he rattles off several lies about the economy
Quote of note:

"Stephen Miller is a white nationalist who has helped Trump concoct and execute violent racist and xenophobic policies. The New York Times just ran an announcement of Miller's wedding as though he's an esteemed statesman. This is how the mainstream media supports fascism."

Via Stephen Miller's New York Times wedding announcement sparks backlash

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"The Federal Judges Assn. will host an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the intervention of the Department of Justice and President Trump in the sentencing of longtime Republican operative Roger Stone, according to USA Today."

"The group was set to meet later this spring, but its leader, Philadelphia U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe, told USA Today the group 'could not wait' to discuss the actions of Atty. Gen. William Barr and Trump in Stone’s sentencing."

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"More than 1,100 former Justice Department officials who have served both Republican and Democratic administrations have signed onto a statement condemning Attorney General Bill Barr's intervention in the sentencing of President Trump's associate Roger Stone, arguing that his actions 'require' him to resign."

"Barr is facing widespread condemnation from Democrats for taking a hands-on role in a number of politically sensitive investigations, including the Stone case, a review of the origins of the Russia probe, and most recently the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn."

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(The piece below that on this lazy Sunday I wrote over hours in reaction to Veritasium's video, will hardly make sense if you are not familiar with the stuff of it. And even if you are familiar with it, the video is well worth watching because very well done and smooth)

Veritasium: This equation will change how you see the world

What do 3.14 and 14/3 have in common? -- a geek's journey in semiotics

14/3 = 4.666... is a simplest rational approximation -- an arithmetic allusion -- to Feigenbaum's "spooky" δ = 4.6692... much like 22/7 ≈ 3.143 is to Archimedes's π, the epitome of mathematical constants. To which 3.14 is in turn another minimal mathematical allusion.

I first observed this ~20 years back as I was driving behind a cab with license plate 314. My first reaction was "Ha! 14/3, Feigenbaum's constant!". Close behind my second reaction was a huge laugh at myself.

Allusions are a matter of balancing terseness with ambiguity over convention called upon. And they are vaguely transitive. 314 alludes to 3.14 which alludes to π = 3.14159... A bit more weakly (to common sense) 314 also alludes to 14/3 which alludes to Feigenbaum's δ = 4.669201...

The reason I'd perceive δ before π in 314 is that playing with approximations to δ (not π) had been a lazy hobby of mine for 15 years. In turn, the reason for that hobby is the "spookiness" of δ that Veritasium describes in the video, and a moral trap I'd put myself in because of it. I summarize this all below.

...by synchronicity

This happened late '87, just as Gleick's "Chaos" was first published in the US, and before the word became a household name. It would be years before I became aware of Gleick's book. I knew of bifurcation cascades because of Collet & Eckmann 1980's foundational book on the topic, "Iterated Maps on the Interval as Dynamical Systems" upon which I'd stumbled a few years earlier.

At that time, late 87, I'd gone very deep into the rabbit hole of an intimate trajectory -- incidentally, that's something vaguely comparable to iterating a "stubbornly identical" function like is central to what the video describes. A consequence was that I'd become overwhelmed by what's commonly called synchronicity.

Very briefly put, this amounted to welcoming the spookiness inherent to putting simplicity of allusion to the task of figuring out alternate intelligent interpretations to what is spontaneously salient according to normal rules -- while suspending both common sense interpretation and the compulsion to obey cognitive dissonance.

My way I described on top, of going from 314 to 14/3 to Feigenbaum's δ instead of the more common sense and straightforward 3.14 and Archimedes' π, is itself like a miniature model of this divergent way to look at things.

The God delusion?

Now my education and cultural background were strictly atheistic. Religion, faith, churches, rituals, priests and believers didn't to me bear any kind of valence, not even negative. Their status was somewhere between "beyond the horizon" and "features of the skyline". Over the decades since, my effort to relate by finding the mindset to pray sincerely only brought fruit once, in a very particular circumstance -- except for occasional half-serious prayers for a parking space.

However at the time, '87, I found myself quickly enough in need of validating in any way the perception from synchronicity -- the perception that was singling me out and talking to me the resulting "voice". A voice at once barely intelligible and booming. Booming because it was partially channeled by salient tragic events, similar, say, to a friend making jokes on the circumstances of the deceased at the funeral of strangers.

While cognitive dissonance from such experiencing certainly explains why appeared completely unknown the place I was in, this didn't work to make me simply shut it off, simple as closing eyelids on something nobody else appeared seeing.

...I was curious, and I was in particular impressed by the possibility of a vague relationship to an observation sometimes made about evolution by natural selection -- or rather, about the most simplistic model of it that works -- the observation is that individual death (not conception!) is the channel by which information flows from the environment to the species -- that information manifest in ecological adaptation which is the central issue of the evolution vs creation dispute. That's an observation which provides some plausibility to the idea of individual deaths encoding intelligent messages.

meeting "The Book" and...

Yet I was in need of validation for the perception of the "voice" talking to me, so that I plunged in the idiosyncratic bits of literature I was vaguely aware of that featured salient bits I could relate to my experience. In order, old Greek myths and Lewis Carroll works -- that I think of as the n+1 iteration of Greek myths. The latter in turn led me to John's Book of Revelation whose over-the-top language I was very surprised to discover at the end of the Bible.

A thing though is that coming to it from that angle makes the tone and overall unintelligibility of Revelation similar enough to the experience of the "voice" -- which implies processing input like pandas do bamboo, leaving most of it undigested to metabolize only what your gut microbes can handle.

After a first scan of John's Revelation, because it was the bit in my science background most relatable to the spookiness of it all, I went straight back to fetch the value of Feigenbaum's constant from Collet&Eckmann with the intention of looking for a numerical relationship to the numerical constant that's the last word of chapter 13 of Revelation, handed there as a key, 666.

I was not aware at the time how much that number had over the centuries gained a life and reputation of its own on the basis of this placement in the text; and, to me, the way the text hands it down clearly enjoined to use its value in a manner quite opposite to what common sense did.

The first thing clear in chapter 13 of Revelation is that from beginning to end it pictures (in fiery metaphors) evil diabolical figures. Then, at the end, with the last verse, it calls for wisdom to interpret the 666 -- apparently as the key to identify those obscure figures of highly negative valence to people or institutions in the reader's environment. To me, this call to wisdom was the most transparent and compelling thing in the whole chapter, as an allusion to the actual unwisdom of the temptation to finger-point, a temptation invited by literally everything else in the chapter.

...bouncing back to Feigenbaum's δ

In about two minutes with Collet&Eckmann approximation to Feigenbaum's δ in hand, I arrived at δ^δ = 1333 = 2*666 + 1, to the limit of precision given in the book. I later rewrote this, cheating with Feigenbaum's nomenclature by renaming δ as K (for allusion to the word "King"), as
B = 666 
K = 4.6692... 
K^K = B + 1 + B

A pico-poem which features a vague mimic, both of the word B1Ble and of my complete initials, BJB. It also scintillates in various ways with allusion to half a dozen bits of verses in the text of Revelation -- in chapter 13 and others -- that would be too fastidious to detail here.

Aftermath hobbies

Incidentally, it was a lot of fun and also a great learning experience -- on convergent sequences, and specifically on how the whole of a truncated sequence can harbor more information on the limit value than does its ultimate member and best individual approximation to the limit -- it was great fun to probe the bifurcation cascade with code in order to calculate δ with better precision than that given in Collet&Eckmann ...and so establish that δ^δ = 1333 is only approximately true, and not exact.

However, the absence of exactitude wasn't sufficient to dispel my perception that this micro-poem fit the bill of what I'd been looking for, validation. Unfortunately, it was only validation according to my own criteria and not according to those of society.

I remained guiltily stuck with it, and the path to freedom was to come up with alternate numerology for the constants involved that would beat it on the scale of meaningfulness according to my own criteria, which included (subjective) originality

This took a long time... and explains how playing with approximations to Feigenbaum's δ, as I evoke in the beginning of this piece, became a hobby of mine. Another side-effect is that I became fairly familiar with the crooks and nannies of John's Book of Revelation.

Breaking free 1

Ultimately, over the years, I was successful in coming up with three further micro-poems involving the numerology of the 666, that fit my personal criteria for meaningfulness at the time, better than did my initial find above. Well the first two of them at least.

The first successor 666-poem captured my original intuition that Rev 13 meant to allude to the unwisdom of finger-pointing at the point it calls to wisdom before the concluding 666; but the poem below does so without involving my identity as did the original one. A presentation is:
"either with us, or against us" 
~ the excluded middle 
~ le tiers exclu, tertium non datur 
~ 1 - 1/3 
~ 2/3 
~ .666 
~ 666

What in summary makes 666 a symbol for polarization and divisiveness.

Breaking free 2

The second successor poem carried it to the matter of damning sacred books for being more generally the pretext to draw similar finger-pointing accusations from them. Its core is particularly terse:
666₇ = 3 ⋅ 114

But needs supplementing with explanations:
114 is the size of the Qumran measured in chapters a.k.a. Surahs.
3 counts the main branches of the Abrahamic tradition and their respective sacred corpora.
666₇ is standard form for "666, base 7" equal to 7³ - 1
The irony of it is of course that it covers in its accusation the very book and verse that fuels the accusation. Kind-of illustrates the so-called "fallacy fallacy".

An incidental if vague/partial justification for the interplay involved of base 10 and base 7, is that 7 and 10 are the two numerical constants cited in the first verse of that chapter 13 of Revelation that features the 666 as its last word.

Back to basics

Now, the ultimate poem I came up with, is different. It's pretty recent, way more in line with what common sense did of the negative valence of the number, has a good degree of circumstantial relevance, and is closely inspired by the endnote explanations usually provided with the original verse.

These endnotes are to the effect that the number was originally intended as a rumored allusion to the initial great persecutor of the early Christians, the Roman Emperor Nero, a dozen years after his passing, via the operation of a numerological device of the Hebrew tradition going by the name of gematria, which consists in adding up integers obtained from a standard mapping of the letters of a written name.

The main weakness of that explanation to my eyes, is that there are in fact three distinct scripts involved, the Greek in which Revelation was written, the Roman of emperor Nero, and the Hebrew of gematria for which the standard mapping was defined. It's also often raised that the 666 was likely a belated interpolation and that 616 appears in its stead in the earliest manuscripts.

Putting the latter point aside -- "etymological" exactitude is beside the point -- it's striking that gematria admits a straightforward transposition to the most common script and mapping from letters to numbers of contemporary times that's provided by ASCII -- a mapping that's so centrally embedded in our computers that there's no need to refer to it explicitly when using common programming languages -- and that this allows to compute 666 from a natural enough expression of the name of a famously toxic contemporary leader that has independently been compared to the emperor Nero; and is further famed for the divisiveness of his rule. As the following expression in standard Python 2 or 3 demonstrates:
sum(ord(c) - ord(' ') for c in ' DONALD JOHN TRUMP! ')

Which indeed evaluates to 666.

Note that subtracting the code for the space character to that for each letter is a natural thing to do in order to be in line with the gematria of old times that calculated no contribution for the breaks between words; also, the space character is the first in ASCII order to have a graphical significance (if barely). The bang after Trump's name is the immediate successor to the space character in ASCII and therefore contributes just 1 to the total, which, otherwise, would be 665. However, the famous known love of Trump for capitalization and adding bangs at the end of sentences would seem to justify the exact form chosen.

And a cherry on the cake

Incidentally, 45 isn't the first POTUS that could be trolled using a strikingly simple Python expression. 43 admitted a comparable "Python quip". Back in late 2001 and 2002, the following Python expression could pass as a "program" succeeding the Turing test by apparently behaving just like the mass of "patriotic Americans":
filter(lambda W : W not in 'ILLITERATE','BULLSHIT')

The expression evaluates to 'BUSH'. Or rather, used to: it evaluates to 'BUSH' in python 2 which has become obsolete in the meantime, and requires a bit of tweaking to evaluate the same in Python 3 that's now current -- so much tweaking, in fact, that it loses its charm.

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Zelensky has more poise, class, and grace than anyone in the entire Trump administration. Remember, when Trump accuses anyone of anything, it is generally a projection of guilt of his own crimes"

"And more qualifications to hold office.

Zelensky rejects Trump's claim that Ukraine is corrupt in interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour

"In a CNN interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday strongly rejected US President Donald Trump's claim that Ukraine is corrupt. He also said he is ready for another phone call with Trump and open to visiting the White House."

"Zelensky spoke wtih CNN's Christiane Amanpour at the Munich Security Conference in his first one-on-one interview since the end of Trump's impeachment trial."

#Trump #GOP #corruption
Worth a read.

The Corrosion of World Order in the Age of Donald Trump

"Rising climate and environmental concerns, growing financial and economic coercion, and surging migration are stressing the international system. These global challenges require deeper international cooperation at the very moment when trust in international institutions is eroding and many are skeptical, even hostile, to multilateralism. U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s abdication of global leadership and transactional approach to world politics has exacerbated these trends, further imperiling cooperative efforts."

#Trump #GOP #corruption #ForeignRelations #GeoPolitics
Quote of note:

"There will come a time when we look back on this week as the moment in our history when we finally understood that we have a man as president who is acting like a fascist dictator."

Via Can we stop tiptoeing around the fact that Trump is behaving like a dictator?

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Yet more Bill Barr cronyism at the Department of Injustice in 3... 2...1...

Roger Stone asks for new trial in sealed motion, one day after Trump accused jury forewoman of bias

"Defense attorneys for Roger Stone demanded a new trial Friday, one day after President Trump suggested that the forewoman in his friend’s case had 'significant bias'. The legal motion could delay Stone’s Feb. 20 sentencing date on charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress."

"The basis for the request and supporting records were filed under seal Friday, the filing's existence was disclosed in a court order by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson that gave U.S. prosecutors until Tuesday to respond."

#Trump #GOP #DoJ #corruption #injustice
More Bill Barr cronyism at the Department of Injustice.

Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser

"Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, according to people familiar with the matter."

"The review is highly unusual and could trigger more accusations of political interference by top Justice Department officials into the work of career prosecutors."

"Mr. Barr has also installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the people said. The team includes at least one prosecutor from the office of the United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, as well as prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen."

"Over the past two weeks, the outside prosecutors have begun grilling line prosecutors in the Washington office about various cases — some public, some not — including investigative steps, prosecutorial actions and why they took them, according to the people. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive internal deliberations."

#Trump #GOP #DoJ #corruption #injustice

The New York Times: Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser (By Charlie Savage, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo)

I can't say this is very encouraging. Looks like the Gestapo will be rolling immigrant round-ups any day now... this is not a good sign.

Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

"The Trump administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the president’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement."

"The specially trained officers are being sent to cities including Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local ICE officers, according to two officials who are familiar with the secret operation. Additional agents are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J."

"The move reflects President Trump’s persistence in cracking down on sanctuary cities, localities that have refused to cooperate in handing over immigrants targeted for deportation to federal authorities. It comes soon after the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security announced a series of measures that will affect both American citizens and immigrants living in those places."

#Trump #GOP #corruption #CBP #ICE #immigration

The New York Times: Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities (By Caitlin Dickerson and Zolan Kanno-Youngs)

Quote of note:

"If you were hoping for another unqualified sycophant running things in our federal government, you're in luck! Chad Mizelle, the new (acting) general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security graduated law school a few years ago and was given his job because he's buddies with Obersturmbannführer Stephen Miller, one of Trump's favorite Nazis. His agenda at DHS will likely be the further whitening of America."

Via Unqualified Stephen Miller Crony Is New Top Lawyer At DHS

#Trump #GOP #DHS #corruption #racism #immigration #election2020
"The Trump administration violated federal law by allowing red states to impose work requirements on their Medicaid programs, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. The court said the administration had not properly justified its decision, and that it was out of step with Medicaid's statutory goals."

"The most likely next step is an appeal to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, the administration has not won a single favorable ruling in lawsuits over what had once looked like one of its most significant health care policies."

#Trump #GOP #Medicaid #corruption #inequality #healthcare #election2020
Sounds like Putin wants to know how his efforts to subvert the U.S. Government were discovered...

Justice Dept. Is Investigating C.I.A. Resistance to Sharing Russia Secrets

"Mr. Durham appears to be pursuing a theory that the C.I.A., under its former director John O. Brennan, had a preconceived notion about Russia or was trying to get to a particular result — and was nefariously trying to keep other agencies from seeing the full picture lest they interfere with that goal, the people said."

"But officials from the F.B.I. and the National Security Agency have told Mr. Durham and his investigators that such an interpretation is wrong and based on a misunderstanding of how the intelligence community functions, the people said. National security officials are typically cautious about sharing their most delicate information, like source identities, even with other agencies inside the executive branch."

#Trump #Russia #DoJ #GOP #corruption

The New York Times: Justice Dept. Is Investigating C.I.A. Resistance to Sharing Russia Secrets (By Charlie Savage, Adam Goldman and Julian E. Barnes)

Quote of note:

"Look, Trump is a fraud, his budget is a fraud. He promised the American people among many other things he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, he wouldn’t cut Medicare, he wouldn’t cut Social Security. Of course, in the budget, there are massive cuts to those programs as well as environmental programs and you name it."

"So I understand why the chairman… doesn’t want a hearing. Because we would expose Trump for the fraud that he is and for the tool of the billionaire class that he truly is." Sen. Bernie Sanders

Via GOP budget chair won’t hold a hearing on Trump spending plan. Sanders thinks he knows the shameful reason.

#Trump #GOP #corruption #inequality #Bernie2020 #election2020
GOP budget chair won’t hold a hearing on Trump spending plan. Sanders thinks he knows the shameful reason.
This was nothing more than a ham-fisted effort to stop the revolt at the Justice Department. I like that one CNN analysts called it "Bill Barr's little magic trick". Bill Barr is still doing Trump's dirty work and corrupting the DoJ. Period. End of story.

Bill Barr: Trump’s tweets make it “impossible” to do my job

#Trump #GOP #DoJ #corruption #injustice #election2020
Quote of note:

"The Trump regime's assault on human dignity and freedom continues with its Social Darwinist campaign to eliminate the "useless eaters" by cutting food stamps, assistance for the disabled and other programs which aim to make the United States a more humane society."

"Ultimately, the Trump regime's gangster-capitalist assault is a gross moral hazard, in which the tax code becomes a means to redistribute public money to the very richest individuals, families and corporations. Under Trump's proposed budget, the Pentagon, as always, will receive even more money while the country's infrastructure continues to fail, public health is neglected, diplomacy is abandoned, and public education and the environment are reduced to ruins."

"Trump's detention centers for nonwhite migrants and refugees will be expanded under the proposed 2020 budget. Trump's wall along the U.S.-Mexico border — a monument to hate and nativism — will be fully funded. Of note, the Trump regime has recently won endorsement from the courts to expand its "Muslim ban," and has also received permission to follow through on a plan to restrict nonwhite people from poorer countries from immigrating to the United States."

Via Donald Trump's fascist Circus Maximus: Pay attention to what's going on below the surface

#Trump #GOP #corruption #election2020
"There have been a few people connecting the dots as this was unfolding over the past few weeks, but with the impeachment on the front burner and the primary campaign heating up, I don't think most of us realized just how thorough Trump's henchmen would be. And none have taken to the job with more alacrity than Bill Barr."

#Trump #GOP #DoJ #corruption #election2020
Quote of note:

"The gloves are off. And everything that used to be hush hush is now just… out in the open."

Via ‘The Gloves Are Off’: Trump Pushes Revenge Operations

#Trump #GOP #corruption #election2020

#Trump #GOP #corruption
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