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Whistleblower says TSA is trading speed for security

"A whistleblower with the Transportation Security Administration is sounding the alarm about loosened security at US airports, charging that top TSA officials have prioritized speed over security by reducing the sensitivity of metal detectors, disabling technology on some X-ray machines, issuing orders to keep the baggage conveyor belts moving in certain circumstances and ordering policy changes that result in fewer pat-downs."

"Jay Brainard, the highest-ranking TSA official in Kansas, has notified the highest reaches of the TSA as well as outside federal regulatory bodies about the matter, but says little is being done. He believes the relaxed security rules that have occurred over the past couple of years are putting US passengers at risk."

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Whistleblower says TSA is trading speed for security
"TSA Administrator David P. Pekoske told the committee that the move would have 'no effect on aviation security'."

Whatever you say, pal.

TSA to send hundreds of workers to southern border to enforce immigration policies

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will reportedly send hundreds of employees who normally work airport security to the southern border to help in the enforcement of immigration policies."

"The move was revealed on Tuesday during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing that was intended to address Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general and Government Accountability Office reports about a variety of vulnerabilities in airport security, according to The Washington Post."

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