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#SteveRogers Super-Soldier #1 (2016 ) #CarlosPacheco Cover. #EdBrubaker Story. #DaleEaglesham Art. Steve Rogers was America's first Super-Soldier - #CaptainAmerica - and he's fought for his country since World War II. Now a face from the past reappears, a woman that cannot be alive because Steve watched her die! Steve has fought for so long, and lost so much -- is his past coming back to haunt him now? Or could this be the plot of an old enemy who controls nearly everything he touches, including Steve's mind? From multiple Award-Winning Captain America scribe Ed Brubaker and acclaimed artist Dale Eaglesham comes a mini-series no Cap or Avengers fan will want to miss! https://www.rarecomicbooks.fashionablewebs.com/Steve%20Rogers%20Super-Soldier.html

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