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Airport 2021

If you MUST travel by air...
Stay safe, distanced & eyes open.
And then, expect lots of forms, warnings, tracking & quarantine - at least to/from New York.

#airport #airtravel #COVID19 #coronavirus #myphoto #fenfotos #LGA #NewYork #travel #StaySafe Better times ahead.
Apologies if I posted this twice! I "edited" the first post quickly, & thought I erased the other. (Too many tabs, too much sun and stress...).

So, on this channel, a small addition, coming from the other: with comments on the many classic rockers at this one concert (great album /recording too). Beyond the rock & roll guitar gems like "Statesboro Blues" (album starter), there was this beautiful bit of heaven:

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Happy weekend. Like the eagle, fly high enjoy the breeze, #staysafe, eyes open. :))
via repost...
I live in New York, the U.S. & world's former "hot spot" and highest death toll .. I lived through it, death everywhere.
To give you perspective (you asked), New York has remained (almost) a "ghost town", deserted of many workers, our heart cut out when our theaters closed (Broadway), and strict lockdown several months. This week I left my island (Manhattan) for the first time in >1 year. Travel by air (you know) is considered very dangerous (especially airports & crowds).

So... today/now... New York has more people returned to work in some sectors, but our majority of big companies are almost 100% online. Our hair an nail salons have re-opened, stores have most things after months of shortages, but the heart of our city beats slowly and quietly. The economy is in ruins, and many people have no work, many people still dying.
Vaccines are beginning to be distributed (1 in 10 has first shot/jab/injection). Restaurants have been closed many months except outdoors. This week some limited dining indoors has resumed. No movies, no television shows (with live audiences), no theater district, restricted visits to museums. Almost everybody wears masks.

And yesterday I traveled to the South of U.S. (In New York, snow, ice, etc., in Florida warm, sun, and 1/2 the population still does not believe how serious COVID is, do not wear masks, and refuse to take vaccine if it is offered. Restaurants are open, indoors, taverns/bars/concerts etc. continue similar to before COVID. So... now a very high rate of new "variants"/mutations resistant versions of COVID, the highest rate anywhere in the U.S. (I am cursed with family in dangerous places!). So this is my experience in the East of the U.S., north and south. In the middle (farms, industry, open space) some places ignore COVID and seem normal. Some are suffering (in food production factories, etc.). In the West, a huge infection rate is seen now in California, and they also have a strong vaccination program, so it is a race between the forces who continue to party and ignore COVID, and spread it, and those who are careful, and those seeking vaccine.

Many variations, by region, by personal thinking/believing, and the social media and culture of specific places.
I will stop. This is my observation and opinion (I am a social scientist who has worked with COVID treatment teams.)

Short version: In U.S., because Trump blocked any national programs and made each of 50 states try to stop a pandemic in its own way (with politics playing a big role, and media and President giving many months of lies), it is "confusing".


Trump’s lawyers reject a request from House managers for testimony from the former president

Will he show up - if subpoena'd by Congress? If not, will there be consequences? If he does show up (to avoid being jailed for evading a Congressional subpoena to appear at trial), then he might "plead the 5th" (refuse to self-incriminate) - and then we'll just have to watch countless videos of him seeding the "Big Lie" and inciting a coup, repeatedly and over a period of months...

Stay tuned, grab the popcorn... Another "reality TV" Trump show coming soon. Might be an appetizer for the serious criminal charges coming from the states- from which he is not immune or self-pardonable. "We'll see what happens"™️

#trumpvirus #sedition #treason #corruption ("like we've never seen before") #impeachment #history
#StaySafe #MakeAmericaSaneAgain


Without snow shield or macro lens but open to anything ....and the nice crisp cold air is great for comfortable "mask weather".

Today I returned to a favorite spot, with a little hill loved by sledders, and plenty of snow being used for snowmen & snow fortresses.

This snowman I found in the middle of Central Park in my last blizzard fun (2016) - More: http://www.fenichel.com/blizzard16.shtml

#myphotos #fenfotos #snow #winter #invierno #NewYork #NYC #hiver #photography #StaySafe
WTF is a Congressional “leader” doing leaving D.C. to go to the disgraced swamp cohort as the nation continues to face serious problems requiring thinking and action, not delusions & grifting.
Still a #trumpvirus pandemic raging, and somehow the flies are still buzzing around the corrupt carcass of Lord Stablegenius.

Kevin McCarthy Stuck with Check for Lunch at Mar-a-Lago

#satire - based on reality + Trumpian/McCarthyism-lite “alternative facts” and ongoing #corruption & #grifting

#StaySafe. #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

Point of Interest: A cartoon from 50 years ago

Speaking of crazy times, cults and domestic terror, global pandemic, tyranny, disinformation and greed...
Ah, and some love it. Yes, Pogo....

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain. #StaySafe #cartoonclassic #Pogo #turmoil #divisiveness #disinformation
Cute... A final look at the Trump WH oval office, by Lilly Singh, "A Little Late" show.
Here is Lilly appearing as the clean-up crew this morning. Not so far-fetched, really... :))

Cleaning Out Donald Trump’s Oval Office

#TrumpVirus #Inauguration2021 #12121 (Palindrome!) #responsibility #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #StaySafe #LillySingh
Ah, the feeling that we are human still, amid #TrumpVirus

MSNBC hosts and guests break down in tears as an American leader finally acknowledges the country's grief

Yes, "healing', now that the biggest of knives has stopped cutting. Time to reflect, remember, mourn, and make better.

#COVID19 #TrumpVirusDeathToll400K (and skyrocketing in the U.S.) - "so much winning".
#MakeAmericaSaneAgain #StaySafe
With thanks to @Garry Knight for the context (1 out of 5 Brits likely to refuse vaccination) and to the great digital artist @Dave Sutton


For those who welcome a wind-down and end to #COVID19, please #StaySafe and do get yourself & loved ones vaccinated.

"Have The New Jab" - "Hallelujah" adapted by the Marsh Family

#hallelujah #COVID19 #trumpvirus #pfizer #vaccination
This is great. Song and performance. Thanks for the context too. Probably similar in the U.S. and elsewhere (with circumstances such as availability a factor as well).

So I shared this out with some friends and will appropriate again, in combination with the great digital artist, Dave Sutton's graphic. #StaySafe


“Donald Trump could be holding a gun and standing over the body”… and still get away. One comment.
Many others saying they can’t believe there are still some who would NOT follow their oath and vote to impeach.

#corruption “like nobody’s ever seen before”
O.K., Happy /#Wednesday !

A look at the band,The Band. Originally, before & after Bob Dylan, those guys he played with, like up at Big Pink.
Said someone "here" 2 years ago, "The Band was at its best before Dylan". And here is the song I think of first when I think of many album plays & live shows, The Band - Canadian, Arcadian Driftwood country/back-woods music, in layers.

Up On Cripple Creek

1969, Title Song, The Band's 2nd Album
#music #musica #1969 #robbierobertson #cripplecreek #musique #HumpDay #StaySafe
This. Puro. Bravo, Colbert.

A focused and sincere, passionate summary of USA today. With some reality reminders about "unity" and "blame".
The FBI offers reassurance that the rioters & coup organizers, from trespassers to murderers, will be caught and charged.

FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The Government Are Going To Pay

#Sedition #Corruption #TrumpVirus #coup #StaySafe #Colbert #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

"Art & Scence"

Coming soon, hopefully, to an arm near you.
#COVID19 #StaySafe Doesn't hurt a bit, see?
Horrid horrid time in the U.S - More COVID deaths today (>4000) than ever before. Insurrection. Crazies... Sigh...
And there are other places facing COVID, social struggles, unrest and rabid "leadership" too. But it's intense here, x3.

"It is what it is", right?
Oh, OK, well it's the weekend! Right? That's good! (hopefully)

So I think it's time for this. Let's drink to the hard-working people...

The Salt of the Earth

Happy, safe weekend! #musica #music #musique #rollingstones #tribute #StaySafe #classicrock

He did it!! Thank you #RandyRainbow!

Another Fiddler classic here, and oh so perfect. Perfectly horrid & true.

To the tune of Fiddler on the Roof, "Tradition"...


#MakeAmericaSaneAgain Stop #trumpvirus #music #theatre #parody #satire #news #corruption #sedition #StaySafe
And now, in my safe, non-toxic bubble still (music and photography)...

Zaz @ Montmartre - "Les Passants"

Un deux trois!
This here is the second song ever placed into my bookmarks, going back a gazillion years. I came across it the other day & intended to revisit and re-post. Since then a voice from Morocco reminded me of this fun song & voice.

Grrr... I see it was been removed (the original) and made private, but... this works just fine! Enjoy. Stay safe. Good weekend.

#Zaz #musique #francais #chanson #music #musica #French #singer #scat #staysafe
And now, today's reality-TV version of America.... Buckle up.
Stay safe. Stay (or get) sane! (Speaking to you, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, crazies on the streets)

Series finale has begun.

Protesters swarm to Capitol, halt session on Biden victory

#TrumpVirusDeathToll360K (and skyrocketing, due to a policy of having no central policy)
Stop the #trumpvirus and the tinfoil-hat-wearing superspreaders
Well, I've just learned something special about 31Dec-1January ---

Hope everybody had, or is still having a

Happy Hogswatch....

(But #staysafe and respect the wildlife in THEIR home!)

Inspired by a rave review about a Christmas/New Year's story, via the 20th Discworld novel, Hogfather
Confession. This was/is new to me. But I happen to have a fitting post for the day, a tribute to a hog family who made my day.

That 10:30' rave review by Shanna Kay is at: https://youtu.be/W7_KV8ULwWg

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take it safe, slow, and sane.

#myphoto #myvideo #hogswatch #discworld #hogfather #shannakay #nature #photography #hogs #pigs
I looked for the traditional Christmas message from the U.S. President... Why am I not surprised? (There was none)

So Trump, the purveyor of all things corrupt, selfish, and destructive, did not surprise (and we're far past "disappointed").
In a prepared video the day before, as he prepared to retreat from his WH bunker to his home swamp, he did not mention COVID.
Or any reality. But that is to be expected. The incoming President, of course did.*

"Donald Trump Gets Scrooged"

As the people of America are dying of #trumpvirus at over 3000/day, and skyrocketed upward as the country's "leader" does NOTHING at all except brag, lie, blame dead people and everyone alive but himself... Pretty much summarized by Trump being "scrooged" while We the People get screwed. And what does Trump focus on? Denial of reality, revenge, & rewarding the most vile.

* Meanwhile, from Joe Biden, a heartfelt message and abeyance to reality

#trumpvirus #Christmas2020 #LordStablegenius #StaySafe
Donald Trump gets Scrooged
Rest in Peace

My name it is Matthews, and I've got it made
A memorial maker - it's a profitable trade
I don't solicit business; there's no point in trying
What I like about my customers - they just keep on dying
Here lies Frederick, mourned by his wife
He lead a blameless life
He couldn't win the way she treated him
His gravestone should have read
Here lies Fred - he's better off dead

Rest in peace, rest in peace

My name it is Matthews, and I've got it made
A memorial maker - it's a profitable trade
They bring the names of husbands, they bring the names of wives
They want me to perpetuate their awful, dreary lives
Here lies John, run over by a bus
He was loved by all of us
His time on earth, what was it worth
When all is said and done?
Here lies John - we're rather glad he's gone

Rest in peace, rest in peace

They come to me and spend all they've got
'Cause it costs quite a lot to be remembered
They think it is the only way
What would the neighbors say anyway?
It's so prestigious, even though you're not religious
Maybe one day I will carve a stone
Big enough for everyone
And written there for those who care
In letters ten feet high:
"Here they lie who were born to die"

Rest in peace, rest in peace
Rest in peace, rest in peace now my friend, it's the end
Rest in peace, rest in peace now my friend, it's the end
My name it is Matthews, and I've got it made
A memorial maker - it's a profitable trade

Rest in Peace Chad Stewart. Ironic timing. #StaySafe

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Although many are seeing more holiday celebrating on Zoom, TV, and phone screens... Still...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Blanketed in white in many places, as many hoped.

This is featured on my 2018 online greeting card. I am not sure if I ever posted to Pora* (as I did to Google+ and my own site).

#merrychristmas #christmas #christmastree #NY #NewYork #rockefellerplaza #holiday #staysafe #angel #myphoto #fenfotos
Me neither. Neither weather nor other bad news :(

Just begun here a few hours ago. Maybe an inch and just starting to come down hard. Now warning of 8-14 inches and at the moment it is 27 ℉, so… snow here and North, and plenty of right-at-the-freezing line icing Bad. As they say/said #STFH #StaySafe

It is what it is

Mini-spoiler: In the city life goes on, if altered and unevenly. This is the week of Chanukah and Christmas shopping and celebrations. Or not. Distance. Masks. Here a long line for a food store as a blizzard ("Noreaster") approaches. In a pandemic (did I mention?) Sigh. Enough 2020.

#StaySafe 😷 🎢 🎶 #myphoto #newyork #NYC #pandemic2020 #fenfotos NYC: Pandemic 2020 | To a happier, healthier 2021
Just in time, a new Christmas song. About Rudolph. (That one.)

RUDOLPH THE LEAKY LAWYER - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

New, from Randy Rainbow. Classic (ish). Funny. Some nice comments by YT viewers too. Hot of Santa's press...

#christmas2020 #corruption #randyrainbow #slime #Giuliani #trumpvirus #StaySafe
Meanwhile... for the hamster lovers: (you know who you are!)

Mister Hamster

This is right up there among today's "Break the Internet" posts...

Already nominated for "best action film of the year"
and certainly in the running for "most intelligent onscreen persona"! :))

#humor #humour #hamster #maze #pets #parody (possible #metaphor ?) #staysafe

And more...

We still have work to do in order to heal and define reality of now and common goals for a better future post #trumpvirus.
First step: #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll303K in US, and skyrocketing. Elsewhere too. #StaySafe
So.... what else is a poor lame-duck devil-in-chief to do?

Trump Tries to Kill Covid Relief

Of course. #TrumpVirusDeathToll303K and skyrocketing (up!), at a rate now of over 3,000 day! (One 9/11 disaster every day!) - with no effort and management beyond bragging and spreading hate & distrust, lies and #trumpvirus .... To EmperorStableGenius, it's a 'hoax'. Which he has saved us from with "his" vaccine against the imaginary pandemic he allowed to blossom. 3000+ die each day.

Random find (&/or YT algorithm-gods)

New York in the mid 1930's in Color!

Not as exciting to me as a 1911 film I'd seen, with more scenes of daily city life, and the sounds (street cars, etc.)...
[https://youtu.be/hZ1OgQL9_Cw ]

But this is also interesting. Documenting a historic time, towards the end of the Great Depression.

Not much skyline, visually ("sky scrapers") other than Empire State Building, lots of flat land still, and big ships in the ports... but ah, the music here made me stay. Almost klezmer/big band.

Good weekend. #StaySafe

#music #musica #musique #NewYork #1930s #1910s #historical #history #documentary #NYC

Happy Holidays, Diasporians and Diasporings!

My 24th annual online greeting card. A little different this year. ;)

#StaySafe #Holidays2020 #2021 #Christmas #Hanukkah #NewYears #Kwanzaa
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #communication, #cyberpsychology, #photography, and #psychology. Thanks for the invite, @Tursiops!

Thanks, @Tursiops, for the invite and your active role in keeping things smooth.
I've been "Federated" since just before the demise of #googleplus /#gplus
So I guess I might tag #gplusrefugee . But I've settled into pora* via pluspora, and have many acquaintances now across pods/instancies/geography.

So this is my effort to stay both on and off the grid, should my existing pora* instance go down, as it sometimes does. I hope to "cross-connect" with others already in my aspects, and have another way to stay connected across the Fediverse. (I'm on Flickr for photography as well.)

Enough. Hi. Happy to be "here". #StaySafe (my preoccupation, here in NYC, since around March)
My Holiday/New Year's card... Almost here! Meanwhile, stay safe! Happy Holidays, and much happier New Year 2021!

#Christmas #Chanukah #Hanukkah #NewYear #NewYears #2021 #card #xmas #myphoto #StaySafe #HappyNewYear
"Who knows?" "A lot of people say..." "We'll see what happens."
I miss reality. It's making the rounds now, in Karma-friendly ways.
Elves and other essential workers first! :))

One of each Holiday lost per lifetime. This year.
Stay safe and next year we may doubly enjoy each holiday we lost in 2020.
And each and every person still with us.

"Got a feeling '21 is going to be a good year" - The Who: Tommy

#21 #2021 #1921 #Tommy #TheWho #COVID19 #coronavirus #vaccine #Santa #Christmas #2020 #StaySafe
I'm thinking (here in NYC) it will be 10 days/2 weeks now until hospitals feel/know the load.
Suddenly our mayor has decided to ignore his guidelines and re-open schools, saying on local TV it's the safest place kids can be. So, a prisoner here since March myself, I'm thinking the massive in/out Thanksgiving mass spreading will be fully developed just before Christmas, at which time the "spike within the spike" will spike once again.by New Year's. Unless we... #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

Nice overview on the global perspective. (My mantra, you know: "Context and perspective") :)) #StaySafe
Maybe it's all a hoax? A lot of people say.....
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