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"Polarizing?" You think?

The most divisive U.S. presidents, ranked by political scientists

Either for or against the #trumpvirus so it seems. Science or magic.

For or against reality. Die of self-inflicted delusions about COVID, or #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

Sorry to be US-centric - it's not only here that people have lapsed or tired in being safe, cautious, or "inconvenienced" by rules.
The U.S. is but the poster child for intentional self-infection, with a super-spreading policy of denial, contagion, hate, & lies.

U.S. #TrumpVirusDeathToll227K - and climbing towards 1/4 million, with 48 out of 50 states now rising in cases, as scientists and grieving "real people" can see, but non-existent in the magical thinking of Lord #Stablegenius, King of #SoMuchWinning .. and Fox. :(
Coming up momentarily, FYI:
Real-time fact-checking by "Truth" during the debate, as neither moderator nor candidates feel it is their role.
Journalists? "We'll see". ™️ #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #TrumpVirusDeathToll205K in US - 1 Million (+) globally.

On Twitter (if you wish) @Truth

Reality matters!

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:)) So true, months ago seems like a lifetime ago.
The skies in NY today are white.
The country is burning, but the trees are to blame. People dying, must be someone else's fault for not addressing a public health crisis. Economy dead too.

So there is, and will be, no shortage of new and "interesting" new books. Call it TRUTH, historical fiction or non-fiction, whatever.
But Truth is Truth. Words have meaning. Actions have consequences. Including an explicit decision to just let the citizenry die (for him).

'Play it down': Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book

Why am I picturing Sarah Cooper while listening to the babble here, from Emperor Stablegenius?!

Stop the #trumpvirus** #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #Somuchwinning #TrumpVirusDeathToll193K #LowBarr
Ah the good old days...

If mail still works, perhaps deJoy of the moment might receive one or more very soon.
Another storm of BS today, it's all good he says, no more plundering until after "election".
But still, the mailboxes and sorting machines (essential links in the system, w/personnel...) gone.

Love the day's mail or not - bills, medications, checks, wedding invites, merchandising, whatever...
Created before, and enshrined in the Constitution. America's most beloved institution, we have always taken on faith...

Until America's least-favorite phenomenon: #trumpvirus

#USPS #MakeAmericaSaneAgain #corruption #likeweveneverseenbefore #somuchwinning #IIWII
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