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For The Newer Pluspora Folks Let’s Do The Aspects Again :

Folks who are not on Pluspora, feel free to skip this post, this is really just intended for our Pod and not meant to klutter up your reading. Folks who are already being shared with by me are in my Aspects don't need to read this again for the most part (I have a seperate post for folks in my aspects that I'll post up later). If you are not on Pluspora but want to share with me that's fine, note my cautions about myself and who I am willing to share with.

I haven't done a public one of these since the end of G+ and I figured there have been a few new folks added since we now have
13,352 User Accounts on Pluspora.

I am one of the many #GplusRefugees that came over early (6 months before the close of G+) and helped nudge a lot of folks to join us here as the leadership team set up this platform for us as a non-commercial refuge for civil and friendly conversation, sharing and interaction on the internet where some of the values we created our circles of friends over there could again meet up (as well as new folks who wanted to avoid the hatemongers and overly commercialized sites like Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, etc.

If you have seen and/or interacted with any of my posts, article links etc here on pluspora then you might want to know that just as on G+ I actually post a LOT more than what you see in my public posts. If we are not sharing with each other and you are not in my aspects, you only see 5% of what I post, discuss and get involved in.

I put a lot of what I write behind Aspects, which act as private posts. These let me avoid flooding the stream and let folks see posts on specific subjects that they are interested in, as I have a lot of interests and at times can be verbose, opinionated and eclectic.

Aspects work like Circles or private communities. Those not in them do not see what is posted in them. In addition they act like Email Sharing trees, you won't see old posts that were shared in them previously, only those things posted from the moment you are added in.

It also means that we can keep things mostly troll, spam and neo-nazi free. AND that if you see replies/comments from someone in my aspected posts you know that they are also interested in that subject and might be a neat person for you to share with as well on that subject. And probably a generally decent person to know. By sharing aspects we get to know each other and connect up with new people.

Building up private aspect sharing this way allows an emulation of some of the controls that many of us were used to on g+ and other platforms. There is a problem from specific problem pods (what some folks here call the #RudePods or #NaziPods or #TrollPods) on the Diaspora Network. Mostly these are pods filled with MAGA types who have been tossed out of the civilized pods (though some keep multiple sock puppet accounts like they do on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc). Their numbers are few and small and they hate Pluspora for its founder's insistence of maintaining civilized and polite discussion and not allowing members who use anonymous posting to commit what is considered in some states of the USA as hate crimes or libel. Oh and they hate the fact that we are outnumber them considerably in reality, not in fake accounts. Unlike Twitter or Facebook they are a minority on the Diaspora Network that Pluspora belongs to..

If you are not currently sharing with me, and not a troll, Anti-LGBT, or rampant neo-nazi/alt-right/fascist kind of person you might want to considering connecting up this way (reply if you are interested in specific aspects).

My aspects lists are also a way to find others on pluspora or the diaspora who are not fundamentally rude, crude, blatantly evil or purposely cruel. I don't get along with those types and won't share with them when they are encountered. I am also actively trying to connect up folks with matching interests to develop their own aspect collections with private sharing to shut out those sort sort folks.

If someone in my aspects turns out to be such a problem person they get removed (let me know if someone is offensive elsewhere and we're not seeing it in commentary/posts I can see). If someone is a severe problem it is recommended that we report them to the Pluspora officers (ex: we've reported some blatant anti-Vaxers, anti-semites and other hate types that were running multiple accounts on pluspora and elsewhere), don't share with them and ignore them on your account. If no one is sharing with them on Pluspora then there posts will not be delivered to our server.

The Leaders of our Pod are responsive, efficient, understanding as well as fair on how they handle problem people, bans and working as best they can with the technology. BUT the software only allows so much control, and persons NOT on Pluspora but one of the other pods are not something that they can directly deal with easily. Only by community action and choices (like not sharing with undesirables and ignoring them) can we deal with outsiders from other pods that try to be disruptive, destructive etc.

One small thing… if all you post is in a non-english language in your own posts, then please don’t share with me. I am monolingual for the most part and find that generally automatic translations (via google etc) don’t work well here on diaspora. I wish neither of these things were true, but I'm too old to learn more languages. If you dual post in multiple languages or primarily posting #Art

So, reply and let me know where your interests are (and add me to any of your own aspects in these categories) :

#Art (visual, audio, and sometimes performance; includes photography and other art)
#Biography (that is biographic pieces on other people, not mine)
#Cambridge (That would be Cambridge Massachusetts USA)
#CurrentEvents (includes politics, world events, news)
#FictionBooks (I read things that are not in SF/Fantasy)
#FilmAndTv (may include spoilers, criticism, reviews, theory etc.) #Film #TV
#Food (#cooking, eating out experiences, recipes, etc.) #Recipies #Cooking
#Gamers (tabletop, rpgs, role-playing, computer, online, design projects, tools & techniques)
#History (includes archaeology etc)
#Humor (comedians, funny life things, memes)
#Life (My personal life; I’m very careful as to who can read these as I do one daily)
#Pagan (neo-pagan etc. Things not in mainstream religion, including mythology)
#RadioDays This is for links and info on radio shows, audio dramas, sound theater and comedy from the 1920s to modern BBC radio shows. Things ranging from The Shadow or Nero Wolfe to BBC shows like 'Just A Minute' etc. Sound Entertainment.
#Science (includes space, medicine, environment, physics etc.)
#SFAndFantasy (books and other fantastic literature media)
#Technology (includes computers, the internet, AI, robots, etc.)
#Webcomics (not just the funny ones)
#Writers (Includes How to, format, plotting, characterization, world building, criticism/reviews, spoilers, tools)
#Zibaldone (language, culture, mathematics, strange things, philosophy)

There are days where I will only read/post based on my aspects, to avoid the stream firehose, so being in my aspects is more likely to get my involvement in things that you post…

When posting and using hashtags, always Capitalize the first letter, this is so folks with visual impairment who use screen readers can use search aspects effectively on them.

Resharing links of articles from elsewhere on the web that I have posted about is fine, if you want to do so in your circles or even in public. Do not do this with my own commentary or discussions of them or anything I have marked with the hashtag #myownwork please, marked that way consider them to be under copyright protection at this time as works in progress.

All posts with the #Life Tag are to be considered confidential within the confines of that Aspect, if you have access.

Note that Videos on Youtube that I link to in my posts can be accessed long after the posts by going to the appropriate Aspect Play List on my channel:

My You Tube Aspect Play Lists

If you pull up my profile information I also post links to things to other things I am involved in.

This Post made on 5/27/2019.
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