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Diversionary Tactics: Backlash is targeting infrastructure throughout the city, causing blackouts and chaos. This is way outside his M.O; until you consider there's not a paycheck he didn't like. Who's really behind Backlash's attacks? What are their goals? And, can you stop them in time?

Legacy of C.A.I.N.: In 1996 an android was created to explore the harshest environments on earth. Something went wrong and CAIN became self aware. After years of terrorizing the corporations that made him CAIN disappeared. A recent break-in at a XST Research Facility indicates someone is trying to recreate the android.

Party Crashers: The first international space elevator is nearing completion on the island of Kiribati. However, a local extremist group doesn't want their home turning into a colonial outpost. The heroes have been asked to show support and prevent anything from going wrong. While the militants have their muscle, Chimera is also watching the orbital launch platform for their own goals.

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