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Poll: Dec Adventure Seed
It's that time of year again, sleigh bells ringing, the Nazi's are scheming, and the Krampus's eyes are gleaming. Help support indie roleplaying games by becoming a #Patron & vote for your favorite tory idea!

Option 1: Stille Nacht II: Holly Has Fallen: This adventure follows the events of Stille Nacht with the Eisenreich's new plan to coopt Christmas into a sign of Nazi superiority. Using their Iron Sleigh led my a cybernetic monster thought to be long dead, the Eisenreich will unleash terror across the world. For those who want to catch up, here's a link to the original adventure: http://housedok.com/stille-nacht-the-iron-santa-initiative/

Option 2: Naughty!: For years the power of the Krampus has been contained, but he has stolen brother's sleigh and will soon bring justice to the world, for there are no good children left! If the heroes cannot stop Krampus, every living being will be caged, thrashed, and cooked down into coal.

Option 3: Unholy Knight: While people around the world celebrate, the Queen in Red has other plans. Crafting a ritual that taps into the spirit of the season, the Queen will open a portal to the Outer Realms, resurrecting Mordred, the Hell Knight once more and warping the lands around them to their image.


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Stille Nacht – The Iron Santa Initiative
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