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WTF Patreon

is that an acceptable list of permissions just to verify my patreon name?

Read all my tweets including the private one, access my contacts, follow or unfollow people for me, write or delete tweets with my account... the list isn't even over! No, hell no!

Let's do a bad buzz here, shall we? Retweet this: (as patreon is obviously not on diaspora\*)


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Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-11-18

#Venleitche weekly tracking sheet at https://bit.ly/2r2DJc3 has this week's wordcount, todo list, and changelog for my Dynamic Balances #patreon game progress. The game itself is restricted to the patrons but the spreadsheet is public in the interest of transparency. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Venleitche: Progress Report 2019-11-04

Venleitche, my #patreon game, has posted its weekly tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/32isskF - no page count increase this week, but significant revisions to the character build system, sample characters rebuilt to the new rules, and revisions throughout the book for terminology. #ttrpg #venleitche #writing #amwriting

Venleitche Beta Testing Open!

Beta Release: The Venleitche / Dynamic Balances character build system is now open for testing! Development tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/2Nk1l3l has wordcount, page count, changelog, & ToDo for this week's compile. Patronage starts at US$1! #patreon #ttrpg #rpg #amwriting #writing

Venleitche Progress Report 2019-10-21

The weekly compile of #Venleitche, my #Patreon #ttrpg, has been released to the patrons. The dev tracking spreadsheet is public at https://bit.ly/31yyzRJ in the interests of transparency. The game is now 113 pages, 93% of original targeted wordcount. This is likely to expand from 128 pages to 192 pages to allow for sample adventures and characters. One dollar gets you access to the dev compile. Higher tiers get to playtest and get printed copies of the final work. #amwriting #writing

RIvenWord, the Bringer of Secrets

New post on #Itch delving Further Into the Darkness of the #Venleitche gameworld, brought over from my #Patreon. Meet RivenWord. #ttrpg #rpg #indie #monsters #gamedev #games

Click here: https://bit.ly/2VXTso8

Venleitche: The Honesty of the Blacksmith

Here's a public post from my #Patreon that shows how the Dynamic Balances game mechanic reinforces the legend in the Venleitche game world that blacksmiths cannot lie. https://bit.ly/2VHddAa

Patreon Report Released

Report released: the word-count by chapter tracking spreadsheet for my #patreon system, Dynamic Balances, and its first game, Venleitche, has been posted at https://bit.ly/2IOz4AH . In the interests of transparency, I've made this spreadsheet public. It now includes a changelog, a step forward in treating my #patreon as a code project. I'm already delivering a weekly pre-release compile to my patrons. Ignore the Tiers, I made a rookie mistake with them. All patrons get the weekly compile. Higher-paying patrons will have dibs on playtesting. Anyone at a higher tier, or at a lower tier for a long time, will get a printed copy of the final product. #ttrpg #rpg #roleplaying
Jason Robinson - 2019-05-30 00:07:51 GMT

Patreon funding

Should you want to support #Socialhome with cold hard cash, we'd be ever so grateful, and you can now do so via https://www.patreon.com/jaywink

All donations will go towards making https://socialhome.network run smoothly and to keep the author supplied with #beer and #coffee 😀

#patreon #funding
Jason Robinson - 2019-05-30 00:07:51 GMT

Patreon funding

Should you want to support #Socialhome with cold hard cash, we'd be ever so grateful, and you can now do so via https://www.patreon.com/jaywink

All donations will go towards making https://socialhome.network run smoothly and to keep the author supplied with #beer and #coffee 😀

#patreon #funding

Venleitche: July Update

It's the 1st of the month, so patrons just got the latest alpha version of Dynamic Balances: Venleitche, the sliding-stats #ttrpg I'm independently developing on my #Patreon. There's a lot of older public material if you want to see what the game is about. Click through to https://www.patreon.com/wanderingbeekeeper for a game driven by player agency in a world with four physical genders, Neopagan religion, and permaculture principles that have teeth both in-game and in the mechanics. #fantasy #rpg

Wandering Beekeeper: The Reality of the Divine

Patrons of The Wandering Beekeeper just got a new post on coming-of-age rituals, inheritance, and blood pacts in the Venleitche game world. The public thus gets an older post from 28 May talking about how a culture works when the reality of its Divinity is undeniable. Want to see the new material as it happens? Want to see the game in its entirety, which is patrons-only until it's playtested and released? Want to support a mechanic driven by player agency? Follow the link!
#ttrpg #patreon #fantasy

Venleitche Patreon: New patron and public posts!

My patrons just got the section on Cyclical Observances in the Religion chapter. Everybody else now gets the early draft of the History section, talking about the fall of the Northern continent, and why the Southern continent people live the way they do, originally posted on May 22nd. Want more? Want to see the compiled system as it stands each month? Those posts, with attached PDFs of the development version of the game, will never be made public. Want to help get this game up to playtest level, and take it to Discord? Click through.
#ttrpg #fantasy #patreon #playeragency

Wandering Beekeeper: The Current Situation of the Kingdom of Uster

This post https://www.patreon.com/posts/26738054 on my #Patreon just went public, and a new post went out to my patrons. Find out about the current situation in the kingdom of Uster, where the action centers. Want to know more about the classless, levelless #ttrpg I'm developing, with a mechanic driven by player agency? Visit https://www.patreon.com/wanderingbeekeeper to see more! #amwriting

Wandering Beekeeper: Venleitche Dice Mechanics

The patrons got to see the first entity of the Darkness today. In turn, this older post has been made public, containing thoughts on the dice mechanic for the game. There's been some revision since this post.
#patreon #ttrpg #mechanics #GameDesign

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Vous avez pu le constater, le développement de diaspora* stagne ces derniers temps. Cela est principalement dû à un manque de temps de la part de l'équipe "core" derrière diaspora*.
C'est pour ca qu'il y a quelques temps, j'avais posé la question "Êtes-vous prêt à donner un peu d'argent pour aider le développement de diaspora* ?" (message que je n'ai malheureusement jamais pris le temps de traduire en francais, désolé !). Il expliquait que potentiellement, une donation mensuelle permettrait de dégager du temps à un des mainteneurs pour mieux faire tourner le projet.

Bonne nouvelle ! @Dennis Schubert s'est lancé et a mis en place un patreon où vous pouvez donner mensuellement pour lui permettre de travailler sur diaspora* !

Donc, si vous voulez que diaspora* avance plus vite, vous savez ce qu'il vous reste à faire ;)

#diaspora #diaspora-dev #patreon #contribute
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