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#Patreon Early Access: Playing Jacks, Page 9: Back To The Beginning


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[Spoilers]Steel Aces, Extras: War Dogs in Metahumans Rising

With today's conic update the comic and game meet again. #Patrons add the War Dogs to your Metahumans Rising campaign!


Behind the Panels: Playing Jacks, Page 9

Enjoying the Steel Aces Comic? Check out Jake Perez's newest video!


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Metahumans Rising's November Adventure Seed Poll
Each month House Dok creates a unique one shot adventure, using the Metahumans Rising RPG.

Our Patrons can now vote in this month's poll. It's November and that means Gobbler's back! Vote for the next One Shots.

Foulest Kaiju Fight, Gobbler V Butterball (Seriously, who doesn't want to play out two giant birds fighting over a city?)
For the Horde, Gobbler returns with a new army of turkeys (It's like Gobbler II, but with a twist....)
Gobbler Park, A private corporation is offering tours in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (home of Gobbler)

Metahumans Rising is small press #TTRPG, join our #Patreon to support us & the Steel Aces #WebComic. Support starts at $2 dollars a month and gives #Patrons access to exclusive content like: early access, behind the scenes videos of the Steel Aces comic, the Beta Bullpen, and the Campaign Vault.

Curious but want to try things out first? You can pick up a Metahumans Rising Core Book PDF for free on Drive Thru RPG. (Actually, all our PFDs are free! We want to encourage activities that can be shared with friends online while we still need to physically distance.)

Steel Aces 4: Dangerous Thoughts

#Patreon early access.
Bonus video content, of @JakePerezArt creating this week's #webcomic update.
Patrons get more than early access, help support the Steel Aces, and gain a ton of extra perks from the #comic & #TTRPG
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