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Had the opportunity to speak with Mildra the Monk. We talk a about the influences behind Metahumans Rising, both role-playing games and comics. Then we dive into topics like avoiding analysis paralysis in a Superhero RPG and how the system handles balancing different characters and building trickier character concepts.

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Why racism hurts everyone and how we can fix it, according to author Heather

Do white people actually gain anything beneficial from racism? In her new book, “The Sum of Us,” author Heather McGhee writes about how racism has detrimental costs for everyone and why coming together across lines of race can lead to real social and economic benefits.
Interview With the Author

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Beatles Lovers' Mana from Heaven: Straight from the Source: Ringo Starr with Colbert (3 parts)
I'm as big a Beatles "fan"/historian as anyone. Lived it, followed the bootlegs, trivia, interviews...
This. RINGO STARR: Ides of March (15th), 2021.

Pt 1: Ringo Starr Says "Peace And Love" Every Day And Still Believes In The Message

It's YouTube so their algorithm may or may not take you to part 2 and 3 "automatically" (with autoplay). But if not, in one place, here is the rest. To me, this was amazing and joyous. Ringo, of Fab 4 fame, interviewed by one of the best. For the benefit of Mr. Kite.... :)

Pt 2: "We Were A Little Worried" - Ringo Starr On The Beatles' First Trip To The U.S.

And relationships within the Beatles, both in early days and towards the end. "How often do you think about them?"

Pt 3: Peter Jackson's Documentary Captures The Fun Of Being In The Beatles

So... Who was "the hardest-working Beatle"? Playing live or not? Fights? What was it like in the studio?

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