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Tonight I dreamed that I and another player were playing a #ttrpg called #Pikachu, where the players all play Pikachus. @What Rough Beast was the GM. The game had individual scenes (much like #trollbabe), and in the first scene, played by the other player, he wanted to enter some guarded place, was stopped by two guards and...made them explode into tiny, bloody bits.

I don't know what I should think, but I like games that have a different approach to known tropes and settings, and that game seemed cool xD

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@Craig Maloney I've been on Friendica since the closure of G+ and I still feel very disconnected from all the people I used to follow, added over the course of years. Friendica is able to connect both to mastodon and to diaspora, but it's difficult to discover where all the other people are...
The italian story RPG community recently launched a new site to keep people connected but for now there's no activity there :(

The great #markrosewater talks about good and bad reasons to design a game. He talks about #mtg of course, but the advice is solid for other games too, afaict.

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Who wants to come up with a magic item description for this? #DnD #Pathfinder #ttrpg
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Visst skulle det vara praktiskt att ha hela universum i din hand? Det är möjligt med denna tyska 1500-talsring som går att fälla ut till en astronomisk sfär! När du är klar med dina planetstudier fäller du bara ihop den igen.

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3 most recent RPGs:
•To Tread the Spiral Path
•Dog Eat Dog
•Czege House Rules

3 favorite RPGs:
•The Beast

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
•The Wizard's Grimoire
•Harlem Unbound
•Czege House Rules
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3 most recent RPGs:
•Immortal Beloved
•For the Queen
3 favorite RPGs:
•With Great Power
•Serial Homicide Unit
•My …
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7. How to increase accessibility?

I never really thought about accessibility until I saw Jacob Wood's Accessible Guide to RPG Layout. I still don't think about it as much as I probably should, but since that was one of my firsts texts after I started laying out my own games, I keep a lot of it in mind- especially in regards to font choice and colors.

Fun quiz on class and stats

You Are A:
True Neutral Elf Monk/Sorcerer (3rd/3rd Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 15
Constitution- 14
Intelligence- 18
Wisdom- 13
Charisma- 13

From http://easydamus.com/character.html


Hashtag to discover G+ refugees of the RPG community

So, I've been around for a few weeks now and IMO the fediverse/federation isn't very good at letting people discover each other. So I want to try something: let's use the #gplusRPG hashtag to find people coming from G+ who landed on diaspora, friendica, mastodon or whatever.

If you are interested in tabletop RPGs and come from the Google+ RPG community, and if you want to find like-minded people on the fediverse/federation, share a public post with the #gplusRPG hashtag, so that others can find you easily!
And so yesterday GPlus died.

I wasn't engaging with it a lot in the last month, but I had already felt that what I've found interesting, motivating and empowering for me as an individual was moving away.

When I first met people from the #RPG communiy in #GPlus I was in a time and mood where I was thinking about quitting RPG as a hobby.

What I was able to do through GPlus and Google Hangouts ignited back again the passion in me about games and telling stories. It is strange how a social media platform changed my life, but I cannot think about the connections I've made and mantained during the last years without GPlus. It allowed me to be exposed to a world of active, interesting and motivated creators, players and enthusiasts.
Without the connections that GPlus made possible for me, I'm not sure I would be where I am today. For sure I would not have been exposed the way I have been to some people and concept that allowed me to view the gaming activity with different eyes and perspectives.

The point is, GPlus was not perfect, but it did a simple thing: It allowed me to know people and communities. Some of these people are now close to what I would define family for me, others are good friends, the ones you want to talk to, share quality time with and that you care about. Some of these communities are now my communities too.
It allowed me to be exposed to a lot of interesting posts and conversations from brilliant people I learned from.
Whitout GPlus I would not have ever tried to write and run games, nor games in the #LGBT space at all.
Games have been a great way to explore and become aware of my identity.

This is something I've not yet found in other social media platforms. Facebook is only noise, echo chambers and advertising. I cannot really relate to people by interests there. I've never got to be engaged in Twitter. Instagram maybe is nice, but it is another thing.

In the end, GPlus was a tool. I hope to find another good tool here in the Fediverse.

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