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Super Cats Review!

Check out my review of this evolution of Rock/Paper/Scissors by a plethora of well-known designers and published by @TheOpGames

Will the Super Cats defeat RoboDog? Determine the fate of every belly out there at your game table!


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Board Game Review: Super Cats from The Op, An Evolution of Rock Paper Scissors with Awesome Artwork
#Unboxing - The Fox in the Forest from Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games

Thanks to a friend I got my own copy of The Fox in the Forest and took the time to record an unboxing video so that people can see what they get in this two-player trick-taking game.

Check it out:

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Arboretum Deluxe Edition Card Game Actual Play

2 play live play as part of Renegade Game Studios #WorldWidePlayDay yesterday.

In this AP, my wife and I play through a game of Arboretum using the shiny Deluxe edition of the game. We also use the worldwide events that Renegade was sending out as part of the event.

Check it out:

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Review - The Fox in the Forest from @PlayRenegade

Check out The Game Room segment from our last live show where we take a look at The Fox in the Forest a two player trick taking card game.


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Card Game Review:

Fox in the Forest, a trick-taking card game for only two players from Renegade Game Studios

I admit that I was skeptical of trick-taking working with only two but that was unfounded. This has quickly become one of our favourite two player games.

Check it out:

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Review of The Fox in the Forest, a trick taking card game for two players.
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