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Maîtriser uMap avec des tutos !... :)

Comment utiliser uMap par une série de 12 tutoriels répartis en 3 niveaux.
C'est fou, tout ce qu'on peut faire (voir les exemples de cartes). :)

#cartographie #cartes #uMap #OpenStreetMap #alternatives #Libre

Maîtriser uMap avec des tutos !... :)

Comment utiliser uMap par une série de 12 tutoriels répartis en 3 niveaux.
C'est fou, tout ce qu'on peut faire (voir les exemples de cartes). :)

#cartographie #cartes #uMap #OpenStreetMap #alternatives #Libre
Minetest is a free open alternative to Minecraft, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Android:


You can follow the project and make suggestions at:


Minetest has many modes and lots of mods. It supports online multiplayer servers, and there's a particularly well-developed world called Illuna which you can see in this excellent video:

You can follow Illuna at @illunaminetest

#MineTest #Minecraft #Alternatives
In case you missed it...

If you're looking for a free open alternative to Amazon's Goodreads, there's a project just started called #Readlebee. You can follow them at:


You can help out with feature suggestions and code at:


Readlebee uses a wikidata-based book database maintained by @inventaire which you can contribute to:

#GoodReads #Alternatives #DeleteAmazon #Books #eBooks
Good day, my name is #FollowFriday 🍜 🥤

🌍 @greenfediverse GreenFediverse: Encouraging environmentally friendly hosting

📱 @tuxdevices TuxPhones: News about Linux-based smartphones

🐧 @tuxedocomputers Tuxedo Computers: Selling PCs with Linux preinstalled

✅ @LimeSurvey LimeSurvey: Free open alternative to Google Forms

🚀 @MicroSFF MicroSFF: Single toot sci-fi/fantasy stories

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If you're interested in alternative social networks, you might want to check out Manyverse:


You can follow it at:


It has no servers. Instead, connections happen peer-to-peer with user data stored on the user's own device.

It's still early days and tricky to use, but it's had lots of updates.

If server-based networks become compromised due to bad tech or bad laws, this could be an important "lifeboat".

#Manyverse #Scuttlebutt #Alternatives
Do you like Mastodon, but wish there was a privacy option to only post on your home instance without federating?

There's a fork of Mastodon for that called Hometown:


You can still post normal posts that federate, but Hometown also lets you post non-federating posts if you prefer.

It also has other differences such as rendering full articles from Write Freely (and other federated blogging services).

It's by @darius

#Mastodon #HomeTown #Alternatives
Do you want to see a free open alternative to Goodreads? (Goodreads is owned by Amazon btw.)

There's a direct alternative under development by @Alamantus , and you can help out at:


#GoodReads #Alternatives #DeleteAmazon
Are you looking for a free open alternative to Google Keep?

Do you want to sync your notes/to-do lists etc on your phone with your cloud?

There are a couple of good options:

Follow them at @Carnet

Follow them at @joplinapp

They work with personal clouds such as @nextcloud and @ownclouders , and Carnet has its own public cloud too for those who don't have their own one.

#GoogleKeep #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle
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📰 @wallabag Wallabag: Free open alternative to Pocket

📄 @libreoffice LibreOffice: Official account for the free open office suite

🔍 @Qwant Qwant: Alternative search engine based in France

🔎 @Mojeek Mojeek: Alternative search engine based in the UK

💻 @librelounge Libre Lounge: Podcast about libre software and hardware

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Amazon's attempt to control the book world extends everywhere, they own the following:

Librarything (40%, through Abebooks)

You don't have to get your books from Amazon or use Amazon book services. There are much more ethical alternatives available:


Some of these alternatives are also on the Fediverse:

#Amazon #Alternatives #Books #eBooks #DeleteAmazon
Ethical alternatives to Amazon Books, Kindle, Audible and Goodreads
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🐧 @Linux4Everyone Linux For Everyone: Less techy podcast about Linux for a wider audience

🚚 @unklebonehead Unkle Bonehead: Trucker who does a podcast about self-hosting and the Fediverse

📆 @mobilizon Mobilizon: Upcoming federated open alternative to Facebook Events/Groups

🐧 @gentoo Gentoo: Official account for the Linux distro

🚪 @rodserlingzone Twilight Zone Intros: Episodes you might have missed

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⛰️ @codeberg Codeberg: Free open alternative to Github

:ubuntu: @ubports UBports: Continuing development of Ubuntu Touch OS for smartphones

📖 @kiwix Kiwix: Browse and search Wikipedia, Stack Exchange etc. entirely offline

❤️ @indie Ind.ie: Makers of @better and other pro-privacy initiatives

🐢 @Koopa Koopa: Following the life of a tortoise

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Something often requested is a libre alternative to Google Translate.

There's a site called Apertium which is a free open translation system:


It's still under development, you can help out at:


#GoogleTranslate #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle #Translation #FLOSS
There are a couple of free open Notes / ToDo apps you can follow on the Fediverse:



(This came up in another thread, thought it was worth repeating in a post.)

#Alternatives #ToDo #Notes
Some were asking whether there is a Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events/Groups.

There is one on the way!

It's called Mobilizon, and it had a successful crowdfunding to cover development costs. The beta version is due out in October.

It will be free, open and federate with ActivityPub.

You can follow it on here:


The website is here:


You can follow and help development here:


#Alternatives #Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook
Reminder that you don't need to use link shorteners like bit.ly etc on Mastodon.

All links on Mastodon count for 23 characters no matter how long or short they actually are.

More #MastoTips:

#Mastodon #LinkShorteners
What do folks use for lightweight photo editing software? I need to do some simple cropping, file size reduction to make thumbnails. I've used gimp in the past... #floss #alternatives @switchingsocial
Do you wish the Fediverse had a Reddit-style link sharing and discussion system?

There are two in development, Prismo and Lemmy:


Prismo source:

Prismo demo instance:


Lemmy source:

#Reddit #Alternatives #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Federation
Just a quick reminder:

If you're posting a link on Mastodon, remember to put "https://" at the beginning, otherwise it won't work as a link.

This also applies to links in your profile.

More #MastoTips:

As you may have noticed from recent boosts, @pixelfed now has "remote follows".

In case you're wondering what it is, #Pixelfed is a free open alternative to Instagram, designed for privacy-friendly photo sharing.

You can now follow Mastodon accounts from Pixelfed, and Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon.

Some good servers to sign up on:

Remote follows mean wherever you sign up, you can follow people from other servers 👍

#Instagram #Alternatives
Hello, this is #FollowFriday! 🍹 🏝️

🔄 @EteSync EteSync: Privacy-friendly libre encrypted syncing service

🐧 @tuxdevices TuxPhones: Blog about linux on smartphones

🕵️ @OCCRP OCCRP: Investigative journalists going after organised crime

🖼️ @glimpse Glimpse: Fork of photo editor GIMP

🎨 @NSobolewArt NSobolewArt: Low poly CGI artwork

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An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:


You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice
The /e/ foundation has started selling phones with their own version of Android preloaded on them:


The /e/ version of Android is aiming to be de-googlised, but there are still a few remnants of G on them:


Just wondering what people think about /e/?

Should I list it as an alternative to Android? Is it degooglised enough to consider as a "least worst" option?

#Android #Alternatives #EFoundation
The free open pro painting software #Krita has a PeerTube channel which has just become active :blobaww:

You can follow Krita's official PeerTube at:


You can follow their official Mastodon account at:


You can download Krita from their official website, it's available for Windows, Mac and Linux:


(NOTE: PeerTube is part of the Fediverse, so you can follow its channels and comment on its videos from Mastodon etc. 👍 )

NextCloud is a really good privacy-friendly alternative to Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Calendar and many other online services.

You don't need any tech knowledge to use it!

The easiest way to sign up for Nextcloud is to use their official "Simple sign-up" page, which directs people to their preferred providers:


(Of course, if you are good with tech you can self-host if you prefer 👍)

You can follow them on here at:


#Nextcloud #GoogleDrive #Alternatives
Simple sign-up for hosted Nextcloud
Some nice hashtags on the Fediverse which are worth browsing and (if your platform allows it) following:

#Florespondence - Pretty pictures of flowers 🌷 🌻 🌹

#SFFBookClub - Reading and discussing Scifi/fantasy books together

#Introductions - People telling the fediverse a little bit about themselves

#Alternatives - Ethical/open alternatives to popular apps, sites or pretty much anything

#FollowFriday - Recommendations for interesting accounts to follow

Any other good tags?
Time for #FollowFriday ⌚ 🍩 ☕

🔍 @exodus Exodus Privacy: Analysing privacy of Android apps

📚 @libreture Libreture: Online ecosystem for DRM-free eBooks, incl. storage and bookshop list

📝 @dev Microblog.pub: Lightweight single user ActivityPub blogging system

⛏️ @Minetest Minetest: Free open alternative to Minecraft

🍿 @ScreenTestOfTime Screen Test of Time: Podcast discussing every film nominated for Best Picture Oscar in order

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Many thanks to everyone who collaborated on the "alternatives to recaptcha" thread a couple of weeks ago.

I've now added a recaptcha alternatives page based on people's suggestions in the thread:


Feedback welcome 👍

#Google #recaptcha #captcha #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle
Thank you to everyone who took part in the google fonts thread last week:


I've published an alternatives page, feedback welcome:


#GoogleFonts #Alternatives
I've updated the "Alternatives to Amazon Books" page to make it clearer.

If you're looking for alternatives to Amazon Books, or Amazon's book-related properties (Kindle, Goodreads, Audible), here are some suggestions:


#Amazon #DeleteAmazon #Books #eBooks #Audiobooks

More #Alternatives:
Ethical alternatives to Amazon Books, Kindle, Audible and Goodreads
Did you know you can subscribe to #PeerTube channels from #Mastodon?

Just paste the PeerTube channel's address into the search box on Mastodon, click search, then click follow.

Here are some examples:

@chrisweredigital - Popular tech-themed video blog by Chris Were

@animation - Creative Commons Animations

@documentaries - Creative Commons Documentaries

@blender - Official Blender channel

@ajroach42 - Old public domain films and serials

More #MastoTips:
If you want people to find your public posts on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, there's something important you need to know:


For privacy reasons, the only way to search for posts on here is by hashtag. If you don't include tags, no one will see your post in searches.

Hashtags have to be spelt exactly, so #MastoTip and #MastoTips would bring up two separate sets of results. Include multiple tags if you're not sure.

More MastoTips:

Goodness what a week... ☀️ :blobmelt: ... time to cool off with #FollowFriday 🍹

:ubuntu: @omgubuntu OMG Ubuntu: Web's largest Ubuntu Linux news site

🌐 @manyver_se Manyverse: Free open peer-to-peer social network without any servers

🎮 @godotengine Godot Engine: Free open game engine

🎥 @apertus Apertus: Creating free open camera hardware

🕹️ @GIbiz GamesIndustry.biz: Web's largest gaming industry news site

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Just working on the Google Fonts alternatives page.

-Does anyone know a good tutorial on using system fonts on a website?

-Also, can you recommend a website for downloading free open licensed fonts?

#GoogleFonts #Alternatives
Did you know you can follow Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon?

Just paste the Pixelfed account's address into the Mastodon search box, click search, then click on the follow button.

Alternatively, if an account is already connected to your instance you can @ it directly.

A couple of days ago Paula shared her excellent #Pixelfed account:


Are there other nice Pixelfed accounts people would recommend following?

More #MastoTips:

#Mastodon #PixelFed
#Blender is a free open tool for creating many kinds of 3d and 2d animations. They are on the Fediverse! 👍

You can follow their Mastodon account at @Blender

They have a PeerTube channel which you can follow at @blender

They also make free open movies, the latest of which is "Spring" (2019). You can watch it here:


#Alternatives #Animation #Movies #Films

PeerTube: Spring - Blender Open Movie (blender)

If you're using Mastodon on a computer, did you know you can drag and drop files to attach them?

Start writing the toot, then drag a file into the box to attach it.

More #MastoTips:


Messaging alternatives: Jami

I've lately been \~insufferable\~ exploring other options for instant
messaging now that Google Hangouts is going into that grand Google
product limbo in the

(Or is that cloud? Who can say?) I've been looking at alternatives for
instant messaging that aren't SMS for keeping in contact with folks. One
of those platforms that I've been playing with is
Jami. Jami is an implementation of the Tox
which means it's
a decentralized messaging platform. What that means is there is no
server used for communicating between devices; each device becomes part
of a larger distributed messaging platform. This is kind of cool because
it means there's no servers that get all of the traffic on the network.
The only "centralized" piece is a Etherium blockchain piece as a lookup
for which usernames have been taken on the network and what addresses
they map to. That's it. It's rather clever how they managed this. They
have documentation on the protocol and the

I've been playing around with it and I have some thoughts about how it
  • Getting set up is really easy. Since there's no centralized server
    your device acts as the location for your account and credentials.
    This means it's critical to back up your file or at least
    synchronize your account with multiple machines. If none of the
    machines have your account credentials your account is essentially
    terminated and you'll need to create a new one. The upside of this
    is if you're sure you no longer want to use Jami just delete the app
    and you're done.
  • Your devices need to be on in order to receive messages. Messages
    have a Time to Live (TTL) where they will no longer be propagated on
    the network. Once the TTL expires so does the message.
  • File transfer needs direct access between both machines, which can
    get a little tricky with NAT and what-not. We haven't been able to
    successfully do a file transfer yet.
  • Since Jami is always on it requires more battery than most messaging
    applications. And since it's distributed it also requires more data
    than most messaging applications. And since it routes traffic to
    other Jami participants you'll want to be aware of your data usage
    should you decide to use this on a mobile network.
  • It doesn't support group messages, nor does it handle chat history
    between different clients. Consider your Jami conversations
  • It's released under a GPLv3 license and is part of the GNU project.
    For me that's a huge win.
Overall I'm quite impressed with Jami. I hope it continues to grow and
become more reliable, and gains more participants so that running it on
a mobile device is more gentle. It may not be for everyone but having a
distributed platform or messaging folks without the need for servers is
something to consider in this age of surveillance and corporate

If you decide to check it out feel free to let me know.


#Adayinthelife #Skype #Hangouts #Alternatives #Jami
If you're using a computer, did you know you can control Mastodon through your keyboard?

You can find a list of keyboard commands by pressing "?"

Also, an additional command not listed there: you can use emoji by typing ":" and then a keyword (for example ":smile") and then selecting the emoji with the arrow keys.

Previous #MastoTips:

#Keyboard #Mastodon
If you want to have your own #PixelFed instance but don't want to do any of the technical stuff, there's a managed hosting service you can use called #Spacebear:


You can follow Spacebear on here:


(They also provide #PeerTube instances.)

#Instagram #Alternatives
Woohoo! It's #FollowFriday! 🍩 🍻

🔒 @protonmail ProtonMail: Encrypted email provider

:tor: @torproject Tor Project: Makers of the Tor Browser, which aims to maximise privacy

⚙️ @kde KDE: Development community, makers of the Plasma desktop

👕 @plusea Plusea: Textile-based wearable electronics

🍄 @NintendoLeSite NintendoLeSite: French language news about Nintendo

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If you're looking for an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly alternative to Microsoft's Skype, you might want to try Jami:


You can also follow them on here at:


It's free, open and distributed, and available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has no servers, calls are connected directly peer-to-peer over an encrypted connection.

#Jami #Skype #Alternatives #VOIP #DeleteMicrosoft
#Inventaire is a free open site which lets you easily catalogue, borrow and lend physical books:


You can follow them on here:


It's useful for cataloguing collections, sharing books and keeping track of private libraries.

Inventaire's title database uses Wikidata to help find a book's details automatically.

#Inventaire #Alternatives #Books #Libraries #Wikidata
Do you like Mario Kart? Do you like Libre software?

Then you might like #SuperTuxKart, which lets you race as various FLOSS mascots:


It includes story mode, time trial, local multiplayer, online multiplayer and lots of mods too.

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android.

#MarioKart #Alternatives #Gaming #FLOSS
Wow 😮

Libre activists in Albania 🇦🇱 are doing their own version of switching.social (see photo) 👍

Switching.social is available under a CC By SA licence, so if you want to do your own version in your own language, please go right ahead!

There are already versions in French, German, Italian and Turkish:

#Albania #Albanian #Alternatives
By far the most common request I get is for alternatives to Google's Re-Captcha.

The situation is so unclear that I haven't done an alternatives section on the site.

Do you have suggestions for re-captcha alternatives?

(I know this has come up before, but the discussions are scattered across many threads which people are failing to find.)

#Google #Captcha #ReCaptcha #Alternatives #DeleteGoogle
Adobe Creative Cloud holds creative works hostage: if you stop paying the monthly fee or if Adobe's servers go down, you can't edit your work. Once you buy into the Adobe ecosystem, you're stuck there and forced to pay rent.

There are many free open alternatives which give you full control over your work without locking you down:


#Adobe #CreativeCloud #Alternatives
Salut! C'est #FollowFriday 🥐 ☕

💻 @PINE64 Pine64: Makers of libre computers and phones

📝 @Diffu Diffu: Blogging system for the Fediverse, under development

🎨 @ubuntustudio Ubuntu Studio: A version of Ubuntu for creative people

🦋 @freedomboxfndn FreedomBox: Making it easier to run a home server

🎮 @gamingonlinux Gaming on Linux: Linux games news

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