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Good morning ❤️, You have mentioned so many films I enjoy in this thread!

I may not have internet access later so I'll pop in my second day #20moviechallenge here - Gandhi

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@Carsten Raddatz (劉愷恩) #20moviechallenge why not?

Heh heh then I can get away with just one today- Mamma Mia (I and I )). 🤣
Heh, with this QOTD we might all go the route of #20moviechallenge - that is, one post per day (public, or in a #checkin aspect if you have it, choice is yours), featuring a still of the movie to make others guess. No title, no text, no hint allowed until the day after. on day 21 then, ideally, a list to allow for that a-ha! moment.
A fun project to help us learn about each other.
20 films that had an impact on you, for the next 20 days.
Only post a pic.No film title or comment.
Number them and use the hashtags below.
#20MovieChallenge #movies #film
Maybe you were around on pluspora* when that last wave was on - I then was on g+ mainly. Who's in for it?
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