Michael Fenichel diaspora
Gallows humor is what it is. ;)
It's all a stretch, of course... but perhaps quite suitable.

Most of what can be found on Amazon in guillotines are those made for slicing bagels, and Craig's list didn't have a list of suitable tools for #trumpvirus ...

I know just the thing, should justice be served & you-know-who gets his.
Very nice, @Michael Fenichel! We can use that to lengthen anyone not tall enough to reach the "you must be at least this tall to be Guillotined" line.
A guillotine is so sudden. How about a Catherine Wheel with the opportunity for a coup de grace at a suitable time?
Oops, I forgot the tag markup.
@John Hummel LOL... perfect. One small step at a time!
@Brian Fitzgerald All good. He should have "only the best".
tomgrz diaspora
This method of execution was used in 18th-century North America following slave revolts. It was once used in New York after several British citizens were killed during a slave rebellion in 1712. Between 1730 and 1754, 11 slaves in French-controlled Louisiana, who had revolted against their masters, were killed on the wheel. [19]On June 7, 1757, Jean Baptiste Baudreau Dit Graveline II was executed on a breaking wheel in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana by authorities in French-controlled Louisiana.
I know just the thing. The 100 had such a thing as death by 400 cuts.