Was there any advancement in the #Twitter import, in order to import tweets (excluding mentions/replies) without that embedding style? The goal would be to mirror a Twitter account to look like an original #Friendica / #Fediverse account.
I can use nitter.net instead, but then the feed import would have to be tweaked.

Isn't it possible to just retrieve a tweets text and media? That pretty much sounds like a scraper job, but maybe the API allows this too? I think #IFTTT can get the Tweets text, not sure about the media.

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@utzer What about to disable OEmbed and not allowing Twitter as exception? I do run it this way and the imported Tweets look like normal posts.
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@Steffen K9 🐰 can you give me a link of such an imported message?
@utzer I don't think so. Twitter imports aren't public.
@utzer Ich habe einen Screenshot gemacht...

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@Steffen K9 🐰 ich muss mir das nochmal anschauen bei Gelegenheit. Danke.