Joe Biden Gains Big With Swing Voters After Debate, Trump's COVID Diagnosis, New Polling Shows

... Biden also appears to have the advantage in the key battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to the polling averages compiled by Real Clear Politics. Trump trails the Democratic nominee by 5 or more percentage points in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Florida and Arizona, the president is down by more than 3 percentage points. Although the margin is narrow in North Carolina, Biden leads by an average amount of 1.2 percentage points. ...

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Makes sense to me as both social scientist and son of a very senior voter in the South.
I was surprised to hear that suddenly, all the die-hard Trump loving, libtard haters in one senior community were aghast at Trump. Why, I asked? The way he ignored, disrespected, and/or infected people, at both the debate and his joy ride antic...

And then I saw on tonight's news shows, across the spectrum, polls showing a drastic shift not anticipated, among seniors.

Perhaps with the wisdom of age comes some ability to reconsider or some limits at tolerating pure evil by a conman.