... Happy 7th Anniversary, community-run diaspora* ! ! !

August 27, 2012 - August 27, 2019

diaspora* celebrates one year as a community project (2013)

The good news is that the diaspora* network is healthy and growing in the hands of its community.








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Seven years and still feels like beta. No editing of posts, comments, liking of comments, other types of reactions to posts, yada yada yada.
@Adrian Knoth So, if you don't like it: get your hands dirty and start coding for the features you think are lacking... yada yada yada
Sorry to jump in it. Several people made an effort already and I did read editting is done already but some final stuff needs to be done. However, this is years ago.

People have been donating money over the years for this and we are still not there with this very easy function. It is nothing more then a new post but with an extra option to replace the older id (or save a new version of it). If they would even agree within the federation to update these to where it was published then all would be done.

So yes, yada yada yada... the efforts have been made, result is still null. Throwing money at a club that states they have no time will not help to be honest