OMG - I'd just posted a shot of "the tweet of God" on Twitter, suggesting that people chill out, put on headphones and listen to "Here Comes the Sun". Later I returned to the 'puter, which had been quiet, but now from one of the open tabs suddenly this started playing. I've never seen/heard this particular performance before - but hey, perfect timing!

Here Comes the Sun / Homeward Bound - George Harrison & Paul Simon

Wow.. So.... thanks, YouTube &/or Twitter gods... and all those hoping to #MakeAmericaSaneAgain

#HereComesTheSun #HomewardBound #GeorgeHarrison #PaulSimon #music #legends #musica #musique
We all need a day of peace before we pick up the gauntlet again.
....agreed, totally...I've been listening to Will Ferrell's Happy an awful lot this weekend....
Evil Never Rests! sorry...
No, but even evil plays golf @Kenny Chaffin
LOL! I Can't Argue with that!
:)) "A lot of people say" (and believe) "On the 7th Day G-d rested"....
Well deserved, after a week where the Devil gave it a good shot. /theology

Evil just works harder, and in darker spots (Trump's head, under rocks, etc.) Never heard anyone say evil takes a rest, @Kenny Chaffin. ;)
Only when it's consigned to # 2 spot (like Avis to Hertz), "evil tries harder".
And thus is borne a need for constant effort to keep it at bay. Or something...