Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-28

Borrowing from the idea of the Pluspora Check-in get some tabletop conversation going. If you have any questions that you want to get on the list to be asked, let me know. Also, if you'd like to be added or taken off the list of participants, let me know.

Have Virtual Conventions made it convention-going more accessible for you? Or are you just not interested?

I used to go to multiple conventions every year, because they were local to me and it was easy to pop down for a day or go for the whole weekend without breaking the bank. The local cons were pretty large too, and I even had to work the dealers room for a game shop that I worked for in multiple years.

Then I moved.

Since then, I've only made plans to go to one, and that was spoiled by the pandemic, so I didn't get to go to that one.

Then I found out about virtual cons. I've gone to two that I've never been able to attend- PaizoCon and FnordCon. I'll be attending GenCon this weekend. And I'm looking at going to conventions from my old hometown online.

It's a different experience, for sure, but I don't think a lesser one. And considering the fact that I'd not been able to go to conventions for the past 10 or so years, it's a lot better than the experience that I've had as of late.

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I expected it would, but I work in the social sector (i.e. for the government, working to help people get the support they need). I don't work on the front line, but I provide data that helps the front line workers, they're supervisors and managers, and up to the the executive layer that does policy analysis.

The demands have changed, and I"m swamped. I've even gone on hiatus from our regular Saturday night games because of it.

So... in principle it should have, but I'm too tired to take advantage of it.
I haven't done a convention in many years I think the last one I attended was back in 2007 or so. When I did do conventions it was as a panelist or game presenter/GM in most cases, and local (furthest I ever went was to NY for a convention, the rest were all in Boston/Cambridge area). I lost interest as they became repetitive and the stairs became too much of a problem for me physically, as did the schedules.

I considered the virtual conventions this year but passed on them all so far. I can't justify the costs to myself, and I am not interested in what most of the mainstream is doing. DnD is having its big new commercial era and I don't fit in there, no more than when it was the lead in the D20 craze.
@Joseph Teller - so far, I've spent a grand total of $2, and that was for a gaming session that I'm having on Thursday. I think because it's a new frontier, there aren't as many costs associated with these Virtual Conventions as of now.
@Keith Davies - that really sucks! I've had more demand, but have taken measures to keep it in check, and my employer is supportive of that, even giving extra days off for rest and recharge, so I know I've had it better than others. People tend to schedule meetings earlier, and though there's no commute, that extra time does translate into more time in mental full throttle. Annoyingly, they also schedule meetings during lunch, though I've tried to quash that where I can.

I hope things get better for you soon!
So let me wander a bit.

Some people are extroverts. They recover energy from being around other people, and being alone for them is exhausting.

Some people are introverts. They recover energy by being alone, and other people exhaust them.

I'm a gametrovert. I'm an extreme introvert, unless games are involved, and I find games to be more invigorating than being alone. Conventions, for me, are a constant energy high. I love them with every fiber of my being.

But not digitally. That connection just isn't there in the same way it is in person. In fact, I find real-time online socializing to be more tiring than spending time with my family.
@Chuck Dee It's mostly not bad, my boss is working on getting me to take the time off I'm entitled to, especially when it's time I should have taken off (I'm very flexible about working late -- part of my job involves systems migrations and software deployment, so we often have work we can't do during office hours). Day to day I do okay, but I find on weekends I am more dedicated to my Me Time.
I had more fun than expected at the two virtual cons I "attended" but all I really did was have a couple streaming services open while I was working from home.

While I did have a couple of con moments like doing a demo game and running into an old friend in chat, in no way did it feel it replaced a physical con experience.
I find virtual conventions non starters. I'm a member of this years Worldcon but finding how to attend anything is painful. I have to use Grenadine which is a horrible piece of software. I mostly go to conventions to catch up with people an go out to meals and none of this comes over in the virtual versions. :(
Currently taking part in Gen Con online and actually learning lots. I've got four copies of twitch open and the only real problem is I can't listen to more than one of them at once. So you definitely get the real con feel of wanting to be at two places at once.
I'm taking part in GenCon online and finding it really good! My line up:

Thursday, 30-July-2020

SEM20188883 (World Building (GM Mastery Series) on Thursday, 1:00 PM EDT)
SEM20188886 (Creating Memorable NPCs (GM Mastery Series) on Thursday, 3:00 PM EDT)
RPG20186949 (Altered Carbon - Lost & Found on Thursday, 7:00 PM EDT)

Friday, 31-July-2020

SEM20190757 (Gumshoe - Sword of the Serpentine Q&A on Friday, 12:00PM EDT)
SEM20186837 (Freelancing 101: Writing and Illustrating for TTRPGs on Friday, 1:00 PM EDT)
SEM20186160 (Designing Better Character Sheets on Friday, 4:00 PM EDT)

Saturday 01-Aug-2020

SEM20184865 (Agile Worldbuilding for Game Masters on Saturday, 10:00 AM EDT)
SEM20189422 (Freelancing 101 on Saturday, 1:00 PM EDT)
SEM20184516 (DIY 101: Self-Publishing for Beginners on Saturday, 2:00 PM EDT)
SEM20184219 (The Black Book v2 Launch Party (w/ Lovecraft Virtual Tour) on Saturday, 6:00 PM EDT)
Huh. Some of those do look interesting.
And the only one I actually paid for is the Altered Carbon session. I wanted to get a feel for the gameplay, and at $2 it was an easy choice.
I've never been to real GenCon. But the online GenCon didn't wow me. I guess I miss the experience of actually BEING at a con -- seeing the cosplay folks, browsing the endless stuff I'll never buy in the vendor room, etc.

Plus, there weren't enough games, causing a lot of competition for slots, so I ended up only getting to play 1 game.