Character a Day 2021: Ashen Stars – Day 2

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Name: Kira Ivanov

Step 1: Choose Species

I wanted to choose a mixed race, but decided instead of hacking together something (an option in the system), I'd just go for human dominant for simplicity's sake.

Suitable Drives: Any Non-Unique
Unique Drives: None.
Species-Specific Abilities: None
Cybernetic Compatibilities: None
Cybernetic Clashes: None
Viroware Affinities: None
Viroware Susceptibilities: None
Special: Dauntless

Step 2: Assign Crew Packages

Warpside: Strategic Coordinator

General: Athletics: 4, Naval Tactics: 6, Scuffling: 4, Sense Trouble: 4, Shooting: 4

Groundside: Security

Investigative: Cop Talk: 1, Interrogation: 1, Evidence Collection: 1, Kinetics: 1
General: Athletics: 4, Scuffling: 4, Sense Trouble: 4, Shooting: 4, Surveillance: 4

Step 3: Choose Investigative Abilities

For all crew member figures, I'm going to go with 3 crew. This gives 28 Investigative Build Points. The crew package has 4 build points required, leaving me with 24.

Forensic Psychology: 2, Cop Talk: +1, Interrogation: +1, Evidence Collection: +1, History, Combine: 1, Law: 2, Linguistics: 1, Bullshit Detector: 3, Downside: 3, Intimidation: 1, Respect: 2, Reassurance: 1, Forensic Engineering: 1, Explosive Devices: 1, Bio Signatures: 1, Bureaucracy: 1, Inspiration: 1

Step 4: Choose General Abilities

Each player gets 75 General Build Points, and my packages account for 40, leaving 35.

Shooting: +3, Naval Tactics: +2, Ground Craft: 5, Health: 5, Helm Control: 3, Infiltration: 4, Medic: 2, Preparedness: 6, Battle Console: 3, Shuttle Craft: 2.

Step 5: Choose Drive

Though she'd deny it if questioned on the point, Kira has something to prove- that half-breeds are not a mistake.

Step 6: Choose Ship

We'll skip this portion, without a crew.

Step 7: Choose Tech Enhancements

With three players, she'd get a budget of 84/3 = 28.

Internal Headset
Mr. Gray
Disruption Pistol
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