I really need to de-Google

I had a problem with Gmail... I sent an e-mail to myself years ago (2007) with some code that I'd created attached to back it up. I tried to download it today, and couldn't download it because they said that their AV had detected a virus.

Ignoring the problems implicit in that scenario...

Thankfully, I have another backup, but for grins, I posted to the Google community. With an hour, I received this response from someone on the community question:

They seriously can't police their own communities well enough to keep scammers from trolling people needing help?

#Google #GoogleMinus #GoodbyeGoogle
#Google #GoogleMinus #GoodbyeGoogle GoodbyeGoogle (x) Google (x) GoogleMinus (x)
Protonmail so far looks like the best alternative. I've been testing an account there for a few months,