Tabletop QOTD 2020-07-20

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What's the most you've spent on a Tabletop Gaming item?

I can't find my copy of the Supernatural RPG- I just purchased it on ebay for a reasonable price, so figured at worst I could replace it. The only one I see is $186(!). I started delving into the prices, and saw a game that I have (Dune- Last Unicorn Games) listed for $1200(!).


I have only paid higher than retail for a few games that I lost during moves and they were out of print. But Shogun was $60 which isn't that much higher, and they came out with another version of Twilight Imperium so I was able to find it for $75 even after that second version was OOP. The same thing happened for Talisman after I lost my copy in the move. A few of the more obscure expansions still elude me, but the most I've paid for anything was about $10 over retail.


I've actually never paid higher than retail for any of my games- and in many cases a lot lower. It's one of the eason

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Honestly if the game is out of print, I would try to reach out to the creator(s). Check in with them. Research if they are still doing things. See if they have copies. Show your fandom.

Find a way to support them. ...and if the copies aren't out there and you have done some kind of due diligence in showing support, then "acquire" it via some other means. People posting ridiculously expensive copies are looking to profit from collectors. RPG books should be for USING.
I'm a bargain shopper, so I hesitate to spend more than cover price on a lot of things. I have a Grail List, and I have spent more than cover price on some things - but not much, and I don't tend to go nuts.

The expensive things I have game-wise tend to be because I'm paying for shipping from Europe or Asia, not because the thing itself is particularly expensive.
I spent $450 on a copy of Steampunk Rally (because it was designed by a friend of mine)
I've definitely spent over $100 on RPGs because I wanted them and shipping from the US is basically hell on earth, I don't think I've gotten over $200 but the ~$100 range is all too common
I've spent $5000 on RPGs once - though that was buying the stock of a going-out-of-business game store

I... have a problem
All in on Rising Sun on Kickstarter is probably the most I've spent at one time and that was at about $230 Canadian.

Over time though I'm certain I've spent more than that on games where you buy additional stuff for them. Warhammer, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, etc.

For RPGs it would have been the Numenera Reqilary box, again off Kickstarter. A box totally replaced a couple of years later when they put out Discovery. I don't remember the price on that since my wife technically bought it and paid for it.
@Moe Tousignant I'm also all-in on Rising Sun. And on Siege of the Citadel.

One of these has delivered.
I've bever paud through the nose for old items. I did get the fancy (faux?) leather bound core books for GURPS 4. WFRP 3 wasn't exactly cheap. I've been considering ordering the collector's version of The Enemy Within Director's Cut.

If I were to pay a lot for an old RPG item, it might be the original Realms Of Chaos books for Warhammer.
Though I back many Kickstarters, my all-in limit is rather low. I spent $150 to get the Rifts books in the pledgemanager, but that was for 6 books, so falls well within my threshold. But I couldn't imagine spending more than $100 for any one game- one of the reasons I'm not out that much on Siege of the Citadel. I couldn't stomach giving them that much money when nothing was completed, no matter how good the supposed deal was.
@Martijn Vos - I had Realms of Chaos at one time. The binding was so bad that it actually disintegrated, and I bound the individual sections into their own books. I still have a few sections- at the time, I got it because I thought there were RPG elements the way it sounded reading about it. Little did I know it was about to plunge me into a rabbit hole of miniature gaming...
"I've never paid through the nose", I meant. I really want an edit option. Now I sound like I was talking through a clogged nose.
@Martijn Vos - Friendica has one, but I've never really checked what happens to Federated posts when you edit...
I think Ogre Kickstarter was the most I've ever paid, though I shudder to think what could top that.

On top of it I never opened it. It's available at the FLGS if anyone wants it.
I have never been a big spender on games. Although I wound up with a large collection of pewter figures. Even those weren't terribly expensive, even the big dragon I had.

I don't buy any now. If I met some players, I would.
Apparently the Fate More Kickstarter topped this, but I consider those separate items so it's all good. :)
I may also have paid a bit more than I should for some of those Reaper Bones kickstarters, but how could I not, for such an amazing deal?
Realm of Chaos books falling apart is a thing along with the original Rogue Trader rulebook. Those books were horribly bound. My Slave to Darkness basically doesn't have a spine anymore.
I'm quite a cautious spender, and I'm not much of a collector. I don't own many games, and the ones I do own have been payed their retail price. The most expensive game I own is probably Mechs vs Minions, or maybe Descent 1ed with Road to Legends expansion. Which I actually never played ç__ç
@Moe Tousignant - I had that one too, and it held up a bit better. At least well enough for someone to make off with it at a game. I really liked the older W40k books as they interspersed RPG-like background information with the miniature rules.
Even individually, Dwarven Forge sets were quite expensive, and I've purchased a lot of those. I don't recall how much the Glorantha kickstarter was, but I picked up the two very nice hardback volumes from that. Normally I just buy a lot of reasonably priced stuff.
I don't usually go deep, but there have been a few that were awfully spendy. I've dodged most of the crazy ones, though.
I think the most I ever spent for a single book was $49 (I've got like 5 or 6 books on the shelves that cost that much).

But my annual budget has been about $100 a year for the past 10 years for gaming books including PDFs.