Seven-Wide RPG Challenge

Someone approaches you and says that they want to read and play seven roleplaying games, but want those seven games to cover the widest possible range of the #rpg experience, design concepts, play styles and so forth. They need you to pick those seven games. What list do you give them?

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I think for the most part, I'd go with those games that have proven to be the foundation of other games.

1. Fate Core (I would go with FUDGE to go further back, but I don't think it is accessible as Fate Core.
2. Apocalypse World (PbTA)
3. Deadlands (Savage Worlds)
4. Vampire (Storyteller)
5. Star Wars (d6)
6. Call of Cthulhu (BRP)
7. Dungeons & Dragons 3rd (or 3.5)

Those aren't necessarily my firrst choice of game- I just think that they represent what is being asked.

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