How can you get a fair shake when the Cop Gang has all the authority?

Andres ran down the driveway, got on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Then 1 Cop shot him in the back 7 times. They broke all the cameras and took the DVR, which they pulled a warrant for after the fact.
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Yeah, here in the Southwest, BLM could stand for Brown Lives Matter. One question asked was "Where is Raza?" I'd like to see the Hispanic population stand too. I think they are, just not as loudly. They may not want to steal the spotlight on BLM.

Hey @Chuck Dee, I watched "True Justice" on HBO last night. Very much on point for our discussion the other day. But so sad. The man (I can't remember his name) is still fighting for justice. Excellent movie if you get the chance.
I wish that we could abandon racism at all so that this would apply to everyone, and we could appreciate color without the baggage.
Exactly @Chuck Dee. Me too. I would also like to rid myself of some of my identified "white allergies." Although I have learned how not to say it, sometimes the N word comes to mind or the insult "for a Black." It is from many years of thinking that way and meaning it. I was never an overt racist, but I did have the tendency. The thought still comes but I don't mean it anymore. I have learned to love and respect all humans.
And I think that though it is true that people that are hurt tend not to react at their best, from the other side people can be more understanding of the process. Admitting who you were and having the desire to change should never be discouraged. I remember Liam Neeson's confession and his shame at the man that he used to be, and how he was dragged for admitting how he used to be. That's a part of the process, and needs to be recognized as such, and people shouldn't be degraded for that.