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We're closing out the year with a final one page adventure. Well, not so much one page adventure as a short adventure. What started out as a simple short evolved into a full rescue scenario. Before we get to the adventure, a bit of background. Metahumans Rising has a full setting developed for it. Unfortunately, a lot of the content moved to stretch goals help keep our Kickstarter goals manageable. Now, don't think that just because we missed those screen shots the original setting for Metahumans Rising is lost forever. As we develop new content, expect to learn more of our in house setting. So, why is this important?

Some fans of Metahumans Rising may have noticed a few references to the Eisenreich that snuck into the core book. So, who are the Eisenreich? Nothing short of modern day Nazis who survived World War II by going underground, literally. And, who better to try and kidnap and attempt to usurp the power of Santa? So our Christmas adventure also includes a brief introduction to one of the factions we wish we could have included in the core book.

Without further ado, we offer you Stille Nacht – The Iron Santa Initiative a Silver Age inspired adventure.

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Stille Nacht – The Iron Santa Initiative